Microsoft is still on this ‘Scroogled’ thing

by: Nate SwannerApril 9, 2013


The hits just keep on coming.

Just when you thought they’d give up, Microsoft has begun another round of ‘Scroogled’ jabs aimed squarely at Google. We’d hoped that those seemingly light-hearted April fools day shots aimed at one another were a sign this one-sided blood feud had ended, but it most certainly has not. Well, at least not for Microsoft.

What does this round of barbs bring us? More of the same, really. It’s more Microsoft claiming that Google is just downright evil, or otherwise ‘nefarious’. Stealing information, reading your emails, giving your information out… the normal stuff we’ve grown accustomed to in desperate marketing ploys.

Microsoft is relying on scare tactics to gain customers. They’ve lost a lot of ground since the likes of Google came around, and Apple began taking itself seriously again. Long gone are the days when Microsoft could simply strong-arm the competition into the abyss. Now they must rely on what they consider cunning, though it simply smacks of shame.

What is Google doing in rebuttal? They’re loading up nicely, really. Google Glass is set for release later this year, and the rumored Android-powered Smartwatch seems to be a strong possibility as well. Their Babel chat function is taking shape, finally, and the Play Store is seeing updates roll out as you read this. The Motorola X devices are hopefully still set for Google I/O in May, and we also expect to see a fresh version of Android at that time. The Chromebook Pixel is a monster, and both Chrome browser and OS are seeing rapid growth.

That’s called innovation. That’s how you get ahead, Microsoft. The jabs may keep coming, but those haymakers are missing.


  • Larkhillv

    I like Bill & Melinda Gates, but Microsoft as a company has been pretty petty with this campaign lately. How about improving W8 instead of making these ridiculous jabs.

  • Xoria7

    I have a joke, guys.



  • aholsteinson

    Microsoft is such a lame company. I am personally glad to be “microsoft free”. Don’t use a single one of their software or hardware offerings.

    • Microsoftjunkie

      Ppl still use the word lame…dam no wonder you’re a fan of Google.

  • Microsoftjunkie

    Everyone that diesnt like Microsoft, fine, give todays reasonings why you hate Microsoft. Google is the Microsoft of old. they utilize their position somewhat like old Microsoft while they push their spyware and countless ads on everyone. I’m glad i don’t use any Google crap services. Sold my shitty Nexus’s and S3, deleted all Google accounts and tied accounts.

    Hope Microsoft/Nokia/Oracle, etc put the burners on those sleezy MF’s.

  • nishantsirohi123

    you know what is evil

    killing support for properietary operating system altogether(windows mobile and windows xp coming up)
    then launching a new platform and culling them under some sort of planned obsolescence(wp7.x devices)
    Favoring one vendor over others (nokia over all other wp devices, most dont get turn by turn navigation while nokia devices have that for free)
    and lets not even get started about the license costs and the new license plan of windows 8 are simply horrible

  • I really hate Microsoft. Granted, their desktop operating system (at least, until Windows 7) and office suite is great, but these shameless marketing just makes me sick and not use any of its products.

    Microsoft had been a step behind since the beginning of this new era (of cloud computing, if you might say so). Microsoft wanted people, including students, to buy Office suite while Google offered it for free and accessible from anywhere. Google acquired and improved Android so much that Windows Phone now lags far behind it. Microsoft is definitely jealous of Google even though they followed Google’s path and brought the office suite to cloud.

    And now all they’re doing is telling people that Google is bad. Seriously, even if Google has some serious privacy concerns, I don’t appreciate it coming from a rival company. When a human rights organization talks about Google’s policies, it’s acceptable. When Microsoft does so, it’s not. Because in the end, Microsoft is just trying to promote its products, not make public awareness.

    It’s a shame that such unprofessionalism coming from Microsoft’s shameless marketing in a series. Go home Microsoft. You’re drunk. You thought you’d always sell Windows and Office in crappy DVD box. And Google changed all that making our life more easier. Now you’re complaining about Google. Bitches.

    • Rob

      Have you tried windows mobile? I have had about every leading mobile device out the and go back to my lumia. I don’t knock the other and often recommend ithers bases on where they get their content. But i love the interface of my phone and the integration across PC, laptop, XBOX and phone. My 2 cents.

      • Yes I tried and I will give MS credit for the outstanding interface. I believe it’s growing. But it’s not anywhere near Android yet so making fun of Android (or accusations to claim that theirs (MS) is better, even if the accusations are right) is what makes me hate Microsoft.

  • DoctorWho

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