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After the Scroogled campaign and after the botched attempt to turn a #DroidRage Twitter campaign viral, Microsoft is back attacking Google in the public. And again, Twitter was used.

This time around Microsoft’s head of PR Frank X. Shaw took it upon himself to attack one of his Google equivalents, Jill Hazelbaker, by way of sending out up to 140-character messages from his Twitter account.

While the two giant corporations are fierce rivals in various businesses, including online search and computer and mobile operating systems, to name some of the most important ones, this particular fight between senior PR execs was the result of a New York Times piece talking about a recent Microsoft hire, “Mark Penn, head of ‘strategic and special projects,” who’s in charge of campaigns such as the Scroogled one.

Shaw was particularly annoyed by a Hazelbaker quote from the story, and decided to fight back on Twitter, so everybody can follow:

In the NYT story, Hazelbaker said that Google also spends money on lobbying, but that it is different than Microsoft because “our focus is on Google and the positive impact our industry has on society, not the competition.”

So what did he write in return? Here are some of his best quotes:

So, @jillhazelbaker how about a little light? So far this year, Google has outspent Microsoft by a factor 2.3 to 1 lobbying.

@jillhazelbaker says Google not focused on competitors. She better let @ericschmidt know so he stops blaming us for all their problems.

Turns out if you shine a light on Google like we did via Scroogled, Gmail man, putting privacy first, they run for the shadows.

Want to talk about privacy? Name the time and place. And don’t sent the NYT next time. Or BusinessWeek. Use your own voice.

These tweets, and a few others, were published on Friday, and since then Google has not officially responded to them.


Is this fight important for Android or Windows Phone? Yes and no. Shaw only attacked Google’s search business and related practices in his tweets, but Search happens to be Google’s core business, which is therefore related to all its products, Android included. And it’s probably a matter of time until we see Penn come out with Windows Phone vs Android ads.

From the looks of it, at least according to NYT, more Microsoft campaigns will target Google in the near future. Apparently, Penn’s job is to target Google every which way possible with negative ads to convince consumers to choose Microsoft’s products over Google’s. But hey, that’s the game, and we shouldn’t be surprised to see the main players get rough with each other from time to time.

“Google should be prepared for everything but the kitchen sink thrown at them,” said a former colleague who worked closely with Mr. Penn in politics and spoke on condition of anonymity. “Actually, they should be prepared for the kitchen sink to be thrown at them, too.”

Hiring Mr. Penn demonstrates how seriously Microsoft is taking this fight, said Michael A. Cusumano, a business professor at M.I.T. who co-wrote a book about Microsoft’s browser war.

“They’re pulling out all the stops to do whatever they can to halt Google’s advance, just as their competition did to them,” Professor Cusumano said. “I suppose that if Microsoft can actually put a doubt in people’s mind that Google isn’t unbiased and has become some kind of evil empire, they might very well get results.”

This is certainly not the last episode in the Microsoft vs Google war – and the two are also engaged in some important patent-based lawsuits too – but the conflict is definitely on an escalating path, as the two giants fight for profit and market share some lucrative niches.

  • Zero0

    I eagerly anticipate their anti-Android ads. One can only wonder what they will say.
    “Windows Phone. All the apps of Android, except those ones.”
    “Windows Phone. Some of the features of Android, none of the openness.”

    Either way, the Evil Empire we’ve all loved to hate is bracing for an all-out offensive, with more fallacies than Windows can have tabs open before running out of RAM. It’ll be a heck of a ride, for sure.

    • “Microsoft Surface. Larger screen than the Nexus 10, half the pixel density.”

      • Microsoft Surface, the best looking tablet out there. If the Surface fails it will solely be down to marketing at MSFT. Because feature and quality wise it’s by far the best tablet out there.

        • Not sure what market you are looking at. Feature and quality wise, the Nexus 10 is by far the best tablet out there.

      • MH Maun

        Windows 8 is bull..t, so Surface too!!!

  • Evan Wickes

    Does Microsoft really think Google is evil?? I guess no one Microsoft owns a mirror.. What hypocrites??

  • GoogleFTW

    LOL everyones jealous of Google

  • YYC81

    I was going to buy windows 8, but now I’m leaning toward not buying it. I hate what Microsoft is becomming.

    • APai

      they ALWAYS were.

    • QwietStorm

      Lol this is nothing new by any stretch

  • All hail Sir Microsoft, latterday, gallant defender of all what be not evil – and who is hoping the goode people, in ye olde towne of Interwebs, have forgotten his own career as a Black Knight.

  • Ivan Budiutama

    I miss the day when advertising your product or company didn’t equal to badmouthing others.

    • RarestName

      Samsung, Amazon, Apple, LG, Motorola etc.

    • melody

      like old man said, finding other’s fault is always easier than knowing yours :)

      they don’t realize that badmouthing others is the same as humiliating yourself in the process..

      hopefully in future companies will focus more on innovation & improving their own product.

    • DefaultUser

      Indeed. And i don’t recall Google ever badmouthing MS or Apple. The other way around though…

  • The pot calling the kettle black.

  • hohopig

    … if only they will get along and team up against Apple :) sigh .. yes its a dream, a dream, nothing but a dream

  • DrCarpy

    Apparently no one at Microsoft has ever heard of Apple….

  • uio

    this is getting immature

  • D…

    So Microsoft-ish.

  • th3

    Yes google is evil and created android for the sole purpose of pushing adsinto our mobile devices, as google early discovered mobile was going to grow at an ever increasing pace.

    That does not stop android from being the best, and it does not make MS the consumers best friend. On the contrary, i think MS should follow googles example and try to make money from open source projects. MS has grown to heavy and is now stuck following its own track, they refuse to try anything new and original, no visions, as Bill Gates proved on oh so many occasions (640kb RAM would be enough for ever, The internet had no future, and so on, was he EVER right about anything? He didnt even create MSDOS, he bought it).

    Now MS is trying to copy Google and other successful web services, and i am happy to say they are not doing well, Googles response to these tweets should simply be “You are doing it wrong”, that way they could highlight Apples arrogance at the same time, from a far-away context.

  • Microsoft has been on Google’s back for years now and the one thing we should always remind ourselves of, is how Google co-founders have raised their (“garage-baby”) into a fully flegged mature company! This really sets itself as the Giant of profitable Industries that leaves others, trembling!

  • HellG

    This company picks the most childish people to hire them, this guy should be fired he makes the whole company looks bad…oh wait their crazy CEO is already doing that…

  • DefaultUser

    It’s not to stay relevant. I hope Google doesn’t even bother responding officially.

  • Windows 8 sucks and JellyBean 4.2 RULES!

  • Microsoft is old news…just sore losers.

  • Every time I buy a new laptop with Windows 7 plus on it, the first thing I do, is erase the hard drive and put XP on instead? Don’t you realise that past XP, you can’t use older software and for every consumer on the planet, (“That Sucks Big Time”)! For all of our hard earned cash we outlaid for software, surely we have a right to use and have the enjoyment of using such.If people choose to continually go with the newer versions of Windows, that is their ultimate choice and I have no quabble with that.

  • APai

    Hahahaha! these guys are funny! not only they are bad losers, they are terrible at coming up with anything new even – like their devices or their “new since 2 years” OS!

  • Microsoft > Google

  • Oh, and Android’s UI design looks like one of those Leap Frog kids phone. Can’t understand why anyone would buy an Android. iPhone has the best performance and build quality, and Windows Phone has the best UI.

    • Its clear that you havent used Android anytime recently.

      • I have an Android right now. Can’t wait to be rid of it.

        • “Can’t understand why anyone would buy an Android.”

          That is interesting considering the quoted statement above.