Microsoft’s Terry Myerson calls Android “a mess”

by: Nate SwannerApril 16, 2013

Terry Myerson All Things D

Oh, Microsoft. When will you learn?

Today, at All Things D: Dive into Mobile, Microsoft’s head of Windows Mobile, Terry Myerson, had some choice words for competitors. Among his statements were his musings on Android, which he refers to as “a mess”. He also mentions “mutiny” in reference to the Android landscape, claiming Samsung is really the only profiteer in the Android world.

He would go on to point out a Chrome-Android merger would take away from the open source nature of Android. He may be right… but nobody has said a merger will actually happen. Even within Google, it’s all speculative. Terry Myerson, though, is convinced… saying the talk of the two platforms remaining separate is “all b.s.

Mr. Myerson also pointed out that he feels “there are probably a whole team at Google right now trying to figure out how to lock out Facebook Home”. I’m not sure if he caught Eric Schmidt’s talk earlier, but when one of the most outspoken Googlers endorses Facebook Home wholly, it doesn’t seem to be a company bent on locking anyone out.

That seems to be just it, though… Terry Myerson, and Microsoft, are just not listening. The video is HERE, so please feel free to watch for yourself. In watching the video, it seems Terry is hell-bent on pointing out that Google is built on lies, and that Microsoft has the consumer’s best interest at heart.

I’ll bite my tongue, now.


  • TechGuy

    Best example I’ve ever heard of “the pot calling the kettle” – Has he tried Windows 8?

  • No operating system will ever work 100% correctly, 100% of the time. But if Microsoft wants to get technical, Windows 8 has a ton of problems, WP8 while visually appealing is functionally lacking, and IE is just crap.

    • OmarioAmriky

      Did you just say IE is crap?
      My crap finds that extremely offensive.

  • williamworlde

    It’s a war for your minds – and your dollars – people!
    That’s all you need to keep in mind. Let them go at each other. And remember to
    thank AA and the other forums for bringing us the “news”.

    As long as the technology improves and becomes cheaper, and stays relatively
    safe and reliable, I’ll be voting for that manufacturer’s product with my

    Really, it’s that simple!

  • Hey Terry, them grapes just keep getting sourer, do they not?

    • Jason Bailey

      Seems that way doesn’t it. Especially when the “mess” that is android is pissing all over the MS offering.

  • Ivan Myring

    What a fucking cunt. Who the fuck even uses windows phone? It is crap compared to android.

  • juan lopez

    theres a guy at my work that asked me what would be a good phone to get I told him android phone and any brand depending on his budget.. the moron bought a windows phone, showed it off to me being so proud and two weeks later i saw him and he had a samsung galaxy s3 in his hands . I asked him “wheres you windows phone?”. right away he blurted out ” its a peice of crap, and theres no apps for it .. so i exchanged it.. That says it all to me.. Windows is becoming a has been and fears being irrelevant ..

  • hh

    windows phone is not eligible to be compared with android.!

  • OmarioAmriky

    Microsoft should focus on improving their product rather than bashing others. Prove yourself and people will by your product. Android started shitty but what did the devs do? They bled to improve it and now Android is unrivaled (iOS fanboys, just shut up).
    OMG That guy just insulted Android I’m totally buying a WP8 device; said no one ever.

  • I watched the video and that MF said we are watching out problems of those OS and trying to divert customers…. so they are not gonna do anything new to attract us anytime soon.

  • Poonperm Vardhanabindu

    the only products I use from Microsoft is Words, Excel, and PowerPoint. The rest of the products suck terribly especially IE, other Office products, Windows OS, and a lot more

  • i think you’re making a mistaking on insulting the android

    “the power of android is yours”

    technically you are a windows user

    so we have the power :P

  • mohdamr1

    We all have android smartphones (Samsungs and HTCs) and one family member decided to give the Windows phone 8 Nokia Lumia 820 a try. lets just say it has less options and features than an old gingerbread os android.

  • Jon E

    I no longer have any respect for MS. It’s an outdated company that can’t even write decent software any more. I use Win 7 and Visual Studio 2008. Both great. Everything since from MS is just money making garbage. So for some hack to criticize Android, well that’s rich.

    I so hope that the next xbox follows the dismal failure that is windows 8!

    Oh and Office, well what’s the point in paying so much for something that is worse to use now than 10 years ago!

  • Nizo

    Microsoft has always had it’s own profit margins in mind, not the consumer’s best interest. They haven’t slipped far enough into obscurity for most people to have forgotten the past 20 years of getting fleeced by them.

    Honestly it sounds like Terry is just hating on what is obviously a superior mobile platform. Doesn’t help that the Chrome OS is looking better to a lot of folks who hate Microsoft – but also hate Apple even more. A secure OS that doesn’t break the bank? That’s right MS. Go ahead and hate.

  • Just stop Microsoft, you are embarrassing yourself. Signed – Everyone with a brain

  • Rogered

    He’s right. PreferenceFragment.