MG Siegler praises the Google Nexus 7. Waaait, what?

by: Bogdan PetrovanJuly 16, 2012
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MG Siegler praises the Google Nexus 7. Wait, what? Scott Beale / Laughing Squid

We do not usually (OK, never) do posts when a reviewer, regardless how influential, gives his or her opinion on a device. That’s what they are supposed to do, right?

But today, we’ll do just that. Why? Because the reviewer happens to be a big, big Apple fanboy enthusiast. When MG Siegler, self-confessed Apple lover, self-confessed Android hater says that the he really likes the Nexus 7, we take notice.

Quotes from his piece in TechCrunch:

with the Nexus 7, Google has, for the first time, created an Android product that I would buy for myself. And I wouldn’t have an issue recommending it to anyone else.”

“I didn’t think it would be possible to build a great tablet at such a low price. But I was wrong.”

“with the Nexus 7, I actually find myself wanting to use it.”

“If you’re an iOS person like myself, you obviously have to think about Apple moving into this space as well.” (they most certainly are, by the way)

You get the point. There’s a love story in the making. MG Siegler really likes the Nexus 7.

But wait a second. Read the last paragraph: “If you’re an iOS person like myself, you obviously have to think about Apple moving into this space as well. And I think the Nexus 7 shows a few places where Apple can improve the 7-inch tablet space — namely in making a device just a bit larger so it’s easier to hold with two hands, and using their existing pay-as-you-go carrier deals to offer up 3G/4G connectivity. We’ll see.”

To me, that reads like preparing the ground for the 7.85-inch iPad mini. What do you think?

Anyway, maybe I am reading too much into it. And it’s good to see that even the stalwarts of the Apple camp appreciate the beauty of the Nexus 7 and the smoothness of Jelly Bean…

  • Keith0606

    Agreed. I got the same feeling when i read the article earlier today. Specifically that he’s just setting it up for the iPad mini to get a glowing review from himself. A year ago he’d have probably said horrible things about the nexus 7 and that 7″ is way too small not worth using, and how Apple is too smart to make a 7″ tablet, etc.. But since the ipad mini is coming out he’s got to begin justifying the form factor. At least he said something nice though and some hardcore apple fanatics may actually try it out b/c of it.

  • druter

    Android surpassed apple a long time ago. We don’t really care what apple fanboys think. We know for what faults Android has it beats anything and everything apple has. If the fanboys for the evil fruit company are only just beginning to realize this well at least they are waking up to reality. But don’t think for a minute that matters one bit the the rest of us who figured out the superior product long ago.

  • Anon

    If you read his previous articles, he’s full of bullshit. Blames Google for talking about Android as an open platform.. in 2010. Let’s face it, Android is more open than iOS ever will, and the carrier situation is pretty much coming to an end with Google starting to sell its devices on the Play Store.

  • Kindroid

    Pompous, Self-Indulgent Ass

  • Chris Quin

    This little troll is just part of the the effort to justify the Apple u-turn on tablets smaller than 10 inches. They are obviously very worried by the Nexus 7 and are now going to try to play catch-up

  • Nicholas Layton

    i love his line ”
    For a long time, Android needed far more than polish.” Is that why, for a long time, Apple has been playing catch-up to Android features?