MetroPCS looking for Sprint, T-Mobile, or Dish to buy them out

by: Joe HindySeptember 30, 2012

MetroPCS is the 6th largest mobile carrier in the United States. It’s also looking to get bought out. Amid rising stock prices and a growing user base, MetroPCS is looking to send their customers to potentially greener pastures. Nothing concrete has been worked out yet. However, word is that Sprint, T-Mobile, and Dish are potential buyers.

It’s quite a range of potential buyers. Of the three, T-Mobile makes the least sense. They operate on a GSM network and MetroPCS uses CDMA. This means that even if T-Mobile bought MetroPCS, it really couldn’t do much with it. The most probably reason is MetroPCS has several LTE sites and T-Mobile may want them.

Sprint and Dish buyouts make much more sense. Sprint is the 2nd largest CDMA network in the United States behind only Verizon. MetroPCS has just under 10 million subscribers and that could help Sprint close the gap with Verizon at least a little bit. Additionally, MetroPCS 4G LTe is in a number of cities that Sprint is not and could help them expand their 4G network faster. Aside from 4G, Sprint could also strengthen its coverage map and gain more of a foothold in prepaid customers.

The most interesting case is the Dish Network. It would not be the first time there was a mobile service that also provided cable service. It’s no secret that Dish has had an above average interest in the mobile world. MetroPCS would be an excellent base for them to start their own network. This would put them in direct competition with carriers like AT&T, which also provide cable, internet, and mobile.

MetroPCS Dish

Will MetroPCS actually sell out?

If they can find the right buyer and the right price, there’s no reason to believe they wouldn’t. MetroPCS is a good carrier in their own right. However, given their size, they can fill a lot of roles in other companies. They would augment Sprint’s network nicely. They would be an excellent base from which Dish can stage their mobile efforts. There’s probably even something productive T-Mobile could do with them.

If any of these companies do buy MetroPCS, which one do you think it will be? Let us know your thoughts!

  • Gary

    Although I would love to see Sprint buy Metro PCS out, imagine what would happen if Google suddenly decides to enter in on this bid and start their own mobile carrier? :O I mean, that event is inevitable, especially with all the frustration that current carriers give android updates. It would make logical sense to enter in on this market as well and provide data-only services with Google Voice as their calling/texting solution. I know I’d be one of the first in line for such a thing!

  • Consumers will lose if MetroPCS sells out. A sell out to a major competitor would not help the customers of MetroPCS, of which I am one.

    If Sprint bought them, they would most likely shut down MetroPCS’s low priced competition in the 4G LTE marketplace. MetroPCS customers would lose out. Sprint would profit.

    MetroPCS has done just fine on their own and I hope they remain independent.

  • whoami

    I hope Sprint pays up, Would do wonders for my sprint stock!

  • Isn’t MetroPCS spectrum starved, if that is the case then it would not make sense to add all these additinal users on the Sprint network until they open up more capacity. Also, I believe, they really want T-mobile but the merging of the technologies is not right at this time. Maybe next year when they may have the LTE infrastructure in place to start considering VOIP over LTE.

  • Droadrunna

    OK i am a metro customer. I like my service alot. My only problem is the lack of coverage in the northern states and gaps in wyoming and utah. they need more towers alot more in areas. I love the fact that i have 4G and im not paying out he butt for it like i would with ny oter carrier. I use over 3gb of data in a week and im not charged an overage rate either. Yes i use my cell as a 4G hot spot. I would be losing out if metro sold out to a bigger company. They need to stay right where they are at independent. Metro can be a major player in the cell market no need to sell out.