Meizu MX3 can run Ubuntu as well, leaked images and video show

by: Chris SmithJanuary 10, 2014

Meizu MX3 Hands on

Meizu’s Android smartphones are already popular in China and at least one model will be launched in the U.S. later this year, but the MX3 may become even cooler in the near future in case it will indeed run Ubuntu as it’s apparently capable of doing (see following images).

Meizu MX3 Ubuntu

Canonical’s mobile plans haven’t been a secret for a long while, but the company is yet to actually launch its first Ubuntu handset. However, the Meizu MX3 has been spotted running Ubuntu in images and videos.

Meizu MX3 Ubuntu

Images and even a video showing the handset in action with Canonical’s mobile OS on top have been leaked on Weibo from an official Meizu account, PocketNow reports. However, that doesn’t mean the phone will become the first Ubuntu phone, or one of the models expected to launch in the next months, as Canonical is yet to say anything on the matter. Check out the video below to see Ubuntu running on the handset.

Furthermore, you can check our hands-on with the Meizu MX3 (running its default Android-based OS) from CES 2014 in the following video.

After failing to meet its crowdsourcing goal with the Ubuntu Edge, a more than interesting mobile device that Canonical tried to have manufactured, the company is apparently in talks with at least one OEM that will produce Ubuntu-running handsets for the company.

Are you looking forward to buying Ubuntu smartphones?

  • Jayfeather787

    This looks pretty cool. I look forward to ubuntu phones. For now though, Android is awesome.

  • Mike Bastable

    too complicated to looks well designed graphically but very BB10 in use. Despite an disappointing time recently with Android (whatever happened to our hopes and dreams of KLP) it will just continue to dominate with short term fluctuations every time apple releases a new product.
    the meizu looks awesome though, as always.

  • MasterMuffin

    Ubuntu Touch just isn’t ready yet, it’s missing so many features and apps (I don’t mean Angry birds, but some apps that come by default in for example Android)

  • dieki3

    Hope that guy have small fingers and this more like a 4.3″ Screen than >=5″

  • dieki3

    Now I watched the video. 5.1″
    pffff :-/

  • lorenzo woodley

    Would love to by an Ubuntu phone …I supported android and ios in thier early days and look what they have become …but ios became worse after it got better …….as for what it means ..I don’t recall seeing the miezu on. The list of devices with. Ports made by the Ubuntu community so if this is official porting in progress we’ve got a phone

  • heldeman

    Cool I want one. No make it two, one for my wife.

  • KillEmAllx

    I love Ubuntu on my new Asus laptop (yes, got rid of Windows 8), and Ubuntu Phone looks awesome! That said, it is still new and the number of apps should be bigger before it really hits release. That is one thing I hate about Windows phone (besides that it is windows), the app store is garbage. If they get a Play Store-alike app store, then you have my support and money!
    The dream would be, if Google buys Canonical and makes a Ubuntu desktop, Ubuntu phone and Android all-in-one OS.
    The other thing would be the breakthrough of Chrome OS, and if Google made Chrome OS and Android the same OS, so that when you plug in your phone into a bigger screen it becomes a fully desktop, just like Ubuntu is trying to approach with Ubuntu phone.

  • Cal Rankin

    I think it would be cool if this comes with the option to boot Ubuntu. I would be okay with three approaches.
    1. The phone can be ordered with a choice of having Ubuntu Touch or Android installed.
    2. In a similar fashion to the Oppo N1, the phone runs Android, but is able to have Ubuntu installed instead by booting into Recovery Mode.
    3. The phone could dual-boot Ubuntu and Android,

  • Andrew White

    The ideal device to run Ubuntu?….probably.
    The price point is about right, particularly with 8 cores on board.
    If Android is Linux based, why is Canonical having such a hard time getting at least one manufacturer to get one handset that ‘dual boots’ onto the market?
    Sell it on-line in each of the major markets with LTE capability and unlocked of course. Forget the local telcos who ‘know better’ and only promote proven popular phones.