Meizu MX2 goes on sale in China, Hong Kong and Russia starting at $387

by: AdrianDecember 20, 2012


Although it may not be as exciting as Oppo’s Find 5 or ZTE’s Nubia Z5, the Meizu MX2 is still one of the coolest Android smartphones to come out from someone other than the well-established names in the industry.

We’ve seen the MX2 get its formal introduction about three weeks ago, and now, right on schedule, the “beast” is up for grabs. As expected, China gets a front-row seat at this big guy’s launch party, but the largest country in the world is not alone, being joined by Hong Kong and… Russia.

Wait, what? Russia gets the MX2 already? But that means the rest of Europe might get a piece of the pie too and maybe even the US. Well, it does and it doesn’t, because it’s not exactly unusual for Chinese phones to reach Russia, which is a part of Asia as much as Europe, but not other countries outside the world’s largest continent.

You may not be too happy to hear about MX2’s Russian price either, which is a lot heftier than the one in China or Hong Kong. The 16 GB version goes in the “Federation” for no less than 17,997 rubles, or around $585. As for the 32 GB model, that’s 2,000 rubles more, or $650 in total.


Meanwhile, Chinese tech enthusiasts can get the MX2 for as little as RMB 2,499, which translates into around $398 based on today’s conversion rates. That’s the 16 GB model’s price, while the version with double the storage goes for RMB 2,999, or $477.

Meizu’s MX2 is even cheaper in Hong Kong, where it starts at HK$ 2,999 (US$ 387). The 32 GB variant is only HK$ 3,299, or US$ 425. No words on the 64 GB version’s price in any of the three countries, but we should probably hear something on that soon enough.

Now let’s recap the spec sheet real fast, try to collect our thoughts and see what would be a fair price to ask in the West. We have a 4.4-inch “gapless” display with a 1,280 x 800 pixels resolution and 347 PPI, a quad-core 1.6 GHz “MX5S” CPU (based on ARM’s Cortex A9 architecture), 2 GB of RAM, an 8 MP rear-facing snapper, a 2 MP front-facing cam, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth 4.0, 3G, GPS, a 1,800 mAh built-in battery, and Android 4.1-based Flyme 2.0 OS.

Enough to be worth $585? Don’t think so. How about $400? Hells to the yeah, though we’re still a bit worried about the non-removable battery, lack of microSD support and the tainting with the “pure Google experience” of our beloved Android. How about you, would you pay 400 bucks for this? 500? 585?

  • The price difference is caused by our russian certification procedure, which is rather expensive (and in my own opinion it’s a total robbery). But for this price we will have at least normal tech support, service centres and so on, which is totally unusual for the china-based products.

  • And as far as i know, it’s “MX5S” cpu is Samsung’s Exynos 4412

    • njren

      Yes, the same tweaked 4412 as in the Galaxy Note 2 and soon the Lenovo K860i.

  • isn’t oppo a branded meizu phone ?

    • nren

      No, it’s not. Different companies, no business relationship. Outside China, Oppo is quite famous for their DVD & Bluray players but in China they’ve been making phones longer than Meizu. It was only in 2011 that they started focusing on higher-end Android devices, though.

  • Twisted247

    this thing dominates the Antutu benchmarks, although the Gn2 is on top. its at a tweaked resolution something like, 729×14 or some crazy crap. Not even a resolution you can run with, while the mx2 runs at full res and is only down by a little bit, the top ranks are all in 22k realm.

  • njren

    The 64gb versions do have prices: 3999 RMB in Mainland China and 4099 HKD in Hong Kong. Meizu isn’t producing them at the outset because they know most people will go for the 16 & 32gb versions and they need to meet initial demand given their smaller production capacity.