MediaTek tries to pretend that the Exynos 5420 doesn’t exist as it launches world’s first true octa-core processor

by: Gary SimsNovember 21, 2013

mediatek-MT6592-graphicIn a brazen attempt to look better than its competition, MediaTek has unveiled the MT6592, a processor which it is claiming is the world’s first true octa-core mobile platform. Ignoring all the fluff in the release information like “premium gaming performance” and “perfect balance of performance and power consumption” the MT6592 does look like a rather special processor, all I object to is MediaTek’s insistence that the Samsung Exynos 5420 doesn’t exist!

The eight-core MT6592 is built using 28nm HPM manufacturing process which has allowed MediaTek to ramp up the clock to 2 GHz per core. The MT6592 features what MediaTek are calling a “world-class multimedia subsystem with a quad-core graphics engine,” which is actually just an ARM Mali-450 MP GPU clocked at 700 MHz. However, MediaTek says it can handle 4Kx2K H.264 video playback and includes support for new video codecs such as H.265 and VP9. Interestingly the SOC also features MediaTek’s ClearMotion technology that automaticaly does frame-rate conversion for 24 or 30 fps video to 60fps video for smoother playback.


[quote qtext=”The MT6592 delivers longer battery life, low-latency response times and the best possible mobile multimedia experience. Being the first to market with this advanced eight-core SOC is testament to the industry-leading position of MediaTek.” qperson=”Jeffrey Ju, MediaTek General Manager, Smartphone Business Unit. ” qsource=”” qposition=”left”]MediaTek are making a big thing of the fact that this processor has eight-cores and that the MT6592 can harness the full capabilities of all eight cores in any combination. Something which the Exynos 5420 can do as well, but MediaTek seems to have overlooked that.

For the cores MediaTek has opted to use eight Cortex-A7 cores arranged in a big.LITTLE configuration. Which doesn’t make much sense as big.LITTLE is meant to be for a true Heterogeneous Multi-Processing design where some of the cores are faster (i.e. Cortex-A15 cores) than others. It seems that MediaTek has arranged the eight cores in a kind of little.LITTLE arrangement. In this arrangement MediaTek is using its own scheduling algorithm that also monitors temperature and power consumption to ensure optimum performance at all times.

The company says we should expect devices running Android 4.2 Jelly Bean by the end of 2013 and Android 4.4 Kit-Kat based devices are expected in early 2014.

What do you think? Is the MT6592 a brilliant new design? Why does the company ignore the Exynos 5420?

  • Rushan

    Hope this will overtake the Qualcomm. Qualcomm has good products not good employees specially their talks.

    • Shark Bait

      Are you serious? Media tek chips are trash!

      • APai

        why do you think they are trash when they are as good as last year’s flagship products ? the mtk6589 is as good as the qualcomm s4. for low and mid range smartphones – they are pretty good choice!

        • He thinks their trash cause their made in China where everything is cheaper and not as reliable. Take for instance a Chinese scooter vs. a Honda Ruckus or a Yamaha Zuma, it’s 1/3 the price for the same size motor. However it’s not as reliable and it won’t last even half the life span of the name brand ones. So I’m assuming, like most others, a mediatek CPU is not going to be as powerful nor have the longevity of a Qualcomm, Exynos, or Tegra processor.

          • Shark Bait

            Yep , pretty much my thoughts !

          • Terry

            Made in Taiwan jackass, not China

          • Shark Bait

            Well i didnt say china…. but whatever,

            Taiwan = republic of china
            and they are made in China and Tiwan and Singapore

          • Ho Ku

            same difference

          • APai

            but that analogy doesnt stick to the mediatek chips. reliability of the silicon is one thing, but reliability of the design ? how does it matter ? the longevity, unless you mean that the chip overheats and degrades the silicon or the the overall SoC is a battery hog. I own such a device for the last 6 months, and I can confidently say that the SoC is just fine (the rest of the phone components are not – obviously due to price constraints). I’ve been pushing the phone hard as its not my main phone – it just handles most games without breaking a sweat. eg- real racing plays just fine on it, it’s a pretty taxing game. it handles it quite well. It’s also been used for heavy duty movie watching and stuff – it’s just motors on fine. the camera sucks (like I said, its built to a particular spec/ price)

        • Shark Bait

          They just don’t work as good. A quad core nvidia or Qualcomm chip will always out preform a similarly specked mediatek chip

          • Ho Ku


            And this is dual core versus dual or quad core solutions. :P

          • APai

            have to disagree. sorry, for half the price – the phone handle most games very well. the games that do not work, need some optimization for the particular phone – but since the developers do not care too much for these phones, games are restricted. but I can assure you that it performs just fine. I own one, I’ve tried hell of a lot of games and it just handles it perfectly well.

        • Imad

          Nah they are not as good as last year flagship models. Until now all their released chips are not that great, the top of the line Quadcore A7 are only mid range, and their biggest disadvantages are the GPUs, a single core PowerVR SGX544 or a dual core Mali-400 MP2 does suck, that might change, hopeful thinking at least.

  • Shark Bait

    Called it

    • Roberto Tomás

      any chance you could use smaller images? I’m just asking as a friendly request.

      • MasterMuffin


  • Dorian Gray

    Just a random guess..but may be they are calling it the “world’s” first because unlike samsungs chip, they actually intend on selling it outside of Asia?? Or wherever else their octa goes, because it sure doesn’t make it to the USA! And yes I know why its not sold here…BTW, you come off like a whiney Samsung fanboy douche in your article.

    • NeedName

      maybe because sammy designed theirs to be a big little, and only four course were to be used at one time — I think an update might allow all eight now, not sure. Whereas mediatek designed this to run all eight at once from the start?????

      Just a guess.

      • Dorian Gray

        Good call, I think you are more correct than I am :)

  • Vesuvius

    Your damn biased opinion, now E5420 isn’t work in HMP mode and never will be as Samsung can’t do power and heat optimization for it.

    • This is not my biased opinion, if you look at the links in the article you will see that both ARM and Samsung say categorically that the 5420 can run in HMP mode. If Samsung have actually implemented that in a device is another matter.

      • KBrown

        The 5420 could do HMP, but at the moment it isn’t, so yes this MediaTek is actually the first HMP processor. They also demonstrated the function earlier this year (end of july), ahead of Samsung. So learn to do some research, cause you’re making a ass of yourself.

        • Hi, I so you admit that the 5420 is capable of doinging full HMP?

          • KBrown

            Yeah, but what’s your point? MediaTek already showed off the function in July, and they are actually releasing a product with the functionality, while Samsung is just bragging without actually delivering.

  • APai

    despite mediatek’s stupid proposition – they are the ones who are truly responsible for democratizing android at the low end. not samsung, not qualcomm. mediatek is only getting better. at least they are better than microsoft running a desperate scroogled campaign!!!

  • Dark Passenger

    This is purely for publicity purpose according to its release statement cortex A15 is four times as fast as cortex A7 so technically this “Octa-core” is as good as a 2Ghz cortex A15 dual core soc.

    PS i feel octa core is itself a gimick(but thats besides the point).

    • Roberto Tomás

      the A15 core is actually about twice as fast at the same frequency, not four times.

  • LinX

    Gary… please get your facts straight before making an article like this. The Samsung HMP update to run all 8 cores have been scraped quite a while ago… so in all fairness… Mediatek has the right to call theirs a true octacore & ignore the Exynos..not siding with mediatek either incase anyone starts firing away…personal experience with past mediatek cheaps wasnt very pleasant

    • Hi… Sorry I hate to disagree but I think it is you who needs to check your facts, please see the links in the article. Gary

      • AsakuraZero

        you are wrong to the boot!, tell that to a samsung Note 3 developer or worst S4, they would be slapping your hand for saying that samsung have a functional heterogenious control, they flopped it!

        THEY CAN implement HMP but they may never release it. so at the moment they dont have a a octacore they a cluster based CPU

        • The confusion seems to come from comments made by
          Meizu and the Exynos 5410, The revised 5420 can according to ARM and Samsung (please see the links in the article) do true HMP. I didn’t mention anywhere in my article which devices have a 5420 working in HMP. However the chip itself can do it.

          • rajitsingh

            5420 maybe capable but there is yet to be an update that makes all the 8 cores work together, so it isn’t true octa yet. Therefore, mediatek are right in calling their soc the first true octa.

          • You mean… yet to be an update for an actual device. I am writing about the chips not the devices using the chips. So you agree with me the chip itself is a full 8 core HMP SoC?

          • LinX

            The chip can do it…at the expense of MASSIVE battery drain & enough heat generation for Samsung themselves to conclude that its not safe

          • So I am glad you finally agree with me, the Exynos 5420 is a true octa-core chip and it was released before the MT6592. I didn’t say it was better on battery life!!!! :-)

          • LinX

            *facepalm* never mind mate…just have a look through Xda…might find many interesting things

          • Roberto Tomás

            again, it’d be nice to see the source that quotes someone from samsung saying that, in this case because that doesnt make *ANY* sense at all. HMP should be just about universally lower power.

      • LinX

        Its been discussed & concluded in xda forums…have a look at the HMP progress

    • Roberto Tomás

      I think you are right, basically, but no one so far has been able to substantiate that HMP isn’t available at the software level for Samsung devices. can you provide a link to something definitive like a statement from Samsung itself?

      • LinX
        • Roberto Tomás

          I’m afraid that article is talking about the 5410 Exynos. I’ve done some research and found that Android 4.3 doesn’t use a kernel that supports HMP. Apparently you would need to upgrade to KitKat to get all 8 cores with a Samsung device.

        • Yes and according to Google Translate this is all related to the 5410 not the 5420.. In his comments Oleg Artamonov doesn’t actually specify which version of the Exynos 5 he is talking about.

  • Chris Quin

    I have a phone with an MT6589 chip and it is utterly wonderful and cost about 40% of its branded cousins.

    Mediatek are doing a great job of providing excellent cost- effective silicon to contract manufacturers. I think we can let a little marketing hype from them go without too much negativity.

    • NeedName

      just wish many of the descent Mediatek devices direct from China would have the necessary radio frequencies for the USA, especially T-Mobile where they no longer subsidize phones. For about $360 or less you can have a pretty decent device direct from China. . .

      • Shark Bait

        Decent on paper. I tried one with decent specs. It’s the slowest quad core ive used and the worse 8Mp camera ! You get what you pay for I’m afraid. Your best off stretching to a nexus

        • NeedName

          you’ve tried one of the new zopo devices, like the zp990? from what I’ve seen on reviews they don’t seem slow.

  • rajitsingh

    This article is rubbish. The HMP update for Exynos 5420 was cancelled because of operational concerns.


    The article linked in the post is outdated.

    • I have checked the article you posted and I think there is some confusion. According to the source article, which comes from a Russian site, the 5410 can’t do HMP, but we all knew that. The revised 5420 can according to ARM and Samsung (please see the links in the article). I didn’t mention anywhere in my article which devices have a 5420 working in HMP. However the chip itself can do it.

      • rajitsingh

        The chip itself can do it, but not without a software update (which is unlikely because it makes the chip heaf excessively).

        The Mediatek SoC will still be the first “True Octa” SoC because it is the first to have all 8 cores working together since no OEM has released the update which makes the exynos in their device true Octa yet.

        • I think you mean a software update for a device that uses the 5420, like some models of the Note 3. But the chip itself and software to run it in HMP all exists.

          Also let us not forget that the MT6592 isn’t actually in any devices yet either, though I have no reason to think that MediaTek won’t keep to their target of devices being released this year.

  • Groud Frank

    As far as I am concerned, the Exynos 5 is not a true octa-core SoC because they aren’t 8 cores working together to execute a task. It just switches tasks between 2 sets of 4 core units. I wonder how many, if any apps at all, are optimised to use 8 of the same cores at the same time.

    • The 5420 can run in full HMP mode, please see the links in the article. Gary.

      • KBrown

        It can, but it doesn’t so the MediaTek is actually the first true octa-core processor on the market. Ask SamMobile if they got a job for you, they like fanboys.

      • Groud Frank

        As I understand it, the Exynos 5 uses ARM’s big.LITTLE configuration. The Cortex A7 handles the lower load while the A15 deals with the stuff. The vast majority of times only one 4 core unit is doing work while the other sleeps. The Exynos 5 just seems like it has 2 quad-core smashed together. It is not homogenous.

        • The big.LITTLE architecture has several different modes that the CPU can use including the mode you describe above and that is the mode used in the S4. But big.LITTLE is also designed to work in HMP mode were all 8 cores are running at the same time.

          Please see the links in the post for more details and links to other posts here on AA (some of which I wrote) about how big.LITTLE works.

          • Groud Frank

            Will do chief.

  • abazigal

    Apps are barely optimised to make full use of 4 cores and companies are still trying to push 8 cores?

    • Roberto Tomás

      Mediatek was able to show specific use-cases, it is in their pdf on 8-core designs. The killer feature for now is HEVC and H.265 decode. Later, it will also be facial/voice recognition, and things like that.

  • KBrown
    • The dignity and regality of name calling always makes me proud to be a fellow human.

      • z0mer

        You are just ignorant and a fool for not admitting your mistakes.

        • How sweet more name calling. If you would kindly read all article fully and follow the links to the other articles you will see that thr Exynos 5420 can work in a fullyHMP mode, that chip is in production. In this article I am only talking about the SoC. Whether or not Samsung has created a mobile device which uses theHMP mode for what ever reason is a very different issue.

          I don’t think I am being stubborn. But since you called me names you certainly thinking about changing my mind… NOT!

          • z0mer

            At the moment the Exynos 5420 can’t run in full HMP mode, that’s a fact. Whether that is caused by overheating or a missing software-update doesn’t really matter, it simply can’t make use of the HMP mode, so at the moment it’s not a HMP chip. Intel isn’t marketing their chips 1GHz higher, because they can be overclocked. MediaTek already showed their solution in July, while the Exynos 5420 has been announced at a later date. MediaTek not only showed it earlier, but they have a working solution.

          • So you are saying the videos that ARM and Samsung posted (see links in post above) are fake?

          • z0mer

            Yeah in September, MediaTek already shipped their chip to OEM’s in july. Samsung announced their HMP mode in september, so they were late.

          • With regards to “Intel isn’t marketing their chips 1GHz higher, because they can be overclocked,” that is actually a good analogy (but the other way around to what you intended). May SoCs can be run at higher clocks speeds than the OEMs use, they are often intentionally under clocked. So if an OEM takes the 5420 and doesn’t want to use the HMP mode because of battery concerns or whatever, that doesn’t mean that the chip can’t do HMP. If an OEM took a Qualcomm and clocked it lower than its highest spec, nobody would say see the Qualcomm cann’t run at X.Y GHz because phone ABC doesn’t support it, that would be stupid.

  • newking

    Don’t laugh Gary, soon Samsung will put this Mediatek MTK 6592 inside all their mid-range phones. Broadcom & Qualcomm should be very afraid. My MTK 6589 running Lenovo P780 is a smooth operator. Running Dead Trigger 2 is easy job. It’s as good as Galaxy S3. No one could beat P780 battery too. (FYI, MTK 6589 seem very efficient with battery usage too)

  • Roberto Tomás

    you all suck. why are you raining on their parade? The Exynos Octa had different releases *all* of which had problems running all 8 cores at the same time. Even Samsung admits the difference between Big.Little and true 8-core design. Why can’t Android Authority?

    • So you are saying that 8 x Cortex A7 cores is better than 4 x Cortex A15 + 4 x Cortex A7 cores running in HMP?

      • Roberto Tomás

        my understanding is that the hardware supports HMP. the driver however, does not, and will not, while Android sorts out how it wants to handle heterogeneous cores.

        • The software exists as well and ARM/Samsung have demonstrated it. The problems that everyone is getting so hot-under-the-collar about is that Samsung have not enabled this mode in the Note 3, possibly due to over heating problems.

          • Roberto Tomás

            Actually, this suggests another article you could write. :) There *is* a lot of confusion about when HMP and even per-core scheduling is available and in what Exynos devices.

            I agree with you that HMP is true multi-core, so they have it first if they have a device that is actually released with HMP. From what you are saying, I imagine that it is actually available in the Note 10.1 2014, even if not in the Note 3?

          • Roberto Tomás

            Hey Gary, I found this:

            Apparently, HMP only got into the kernel at rev 3.8. Android 4.3 uses kernel 3.4.5 still, and Android 4.4 uses kernel 3.10

            So once Samsung upgrades Note 3, S4, etc etc to KitKat, they *will* have HMP. At the moment, they do not.

          • Roberto, that is a good find, but most OEMs don’t ship with a standard Linux kernel, it would be very easy for Samsung to backport these features into the standard Android 4.3 kernel, that is what they had to do with the initial big.LITTLE support for the earlier generations of the Exynos 5. There is a not-for-profit engineering organization called Linaro which does all this stuff for ARM. So while this is certainly a good insight it wouldn’t be the reason for Samsung to not enable HMP in a device.

          • Roberto Tomás

            It is a good reason for Samsung not to enable it, however, because this particular change is very heavy, and wouldn’t simply be a driver in the kernel. Also, there are other changes in the kernel going from 3.4.5 to 3.10

          • Roberto, let’s agree to disagree. I have actually spoken to ARM about this and it is very common for OEMs like Samsung to take Linaro’s work (which includes the scheduler for HMP) and add it to the version of Android that ships in their devices. That is what Linaro exists for. There isn’t a 100% correlation between the main Linux kernel tree and the Android kernel tree, although there are people trying to fix that.

      • Cao Meo

        “So you are saying that 8 x Cortex A7 cores is better than 4 x Cortex A15 + 4 x Cortex A7 cores running in HMP?”

        it depends, for heavy gaming A15 is surely better, but A7 is more power efficient. and A7 is cheaper too.

  • Abbas Mustafa Bhaiji

    garysims it is first true octa core cause it uses 8(cortex A7) cores so no big.LITTLE configuration it’s just 8 homogenous cores running like previous quadcores

    “The company says we should expect devices running Android 4.2 Jelly Bean by the end of 2013” The source doesn’t say 4.2 Jelly Bean just ‘Jelly Bean’

    • Abbas Mustafa Bhaiji


    • Photos from the press event show a demo device running Android 4.2, but yes you are right the press release doesn’t mention 4.2 just Jelly Bean, but neither does it mention the Cortex-A7 or the Mali-450 MP.

      • Abbas Mustafa Bhaiji


  • Roberto Tomás

    does anyone else find it interesting that they have apparently switched from the Rogue Series 6 GPU that was in the dev version a few months ago, to a dinky Mali 450 MP4? They’d lost like 2/3’s of their GPU power doing that.

  • Balraj

    eight cortex a7 processor
    seriously ??? whats the whole point of it

    • Cao Meo

      Have you heard something called multitasking?

      And it also opens door to many possibilities in the future.

      • Balraj

        Actually sammy is ready with eight core processor n so is Huawei
        My point is about cortex a7 dude
        Qualcomm dual core processor can also multitask…
        The device will be priced around 30k +
        For budget user, yes useful but it’s so useless

  • Bern

    Bought one of the first 5000 intnl Zopo ZP998 Octa-Core last night for £184!!! $300!!! for a 2Gb/32Gb FHD 5.5″ phone with intnl wcdma bands (28000 Antutu). There is now a 30 day preorder wait…

    • NeedName

      You’ll have to do a review for us and some real world comparisons…

  • Amine Elouakil

    Really? are you going to learn someday AA? when are you going to stop this kind of Samsung fanboyism articals and get your FACTS STRAIGHTs, I can understand that there are writters with preferences but there must be some chief editor that is there to moderate stuffs, or is it just a clickbait? but lets get to the facts

    The Exynos 5420 IS NOT A True Octacore as in ALL OCTACORE can work at the same time and handle each different tasks on their own, sure it has some major issues solved over the 5410 namely the transition from one pair to another Cortex A7/CortexA15 they used to not understand or share anything with each other despite the shared cache for example) but It is not possible that ALL cores works and share tasks and understand each other results (between A7 / A15) as this does and it was never attended to work in any other way that ! the main goal of the big.LITTLE Architecture is to have use the Quadcore A15 which is way power hungry than any previous generation for heavy tasks while the low clocked A7 as a powersaving engine

    Sure thie MediaTek is based on Cortex A7 but the fact that it is clocked that high and the fact that it is a homogenious 8 Cores that can disabled each core perneed, makes it more efficient in computing tasks (issue with big.LITTLE) and at the same time having a great performance due to clock speed and this way the CPU Part will performance better than any existing Exynos, the only weak link I see here is the GPU side of things, I guess they didn’t bring the big guns to save power, and again with this with should see a performance close of the Exynos 5420 and the S800 easly despite a GPU that isn’t as powerfull as the competition

    • Please read this post: and look at the embedded videos. The guy from ARM clearly says that the 8 core HMP demo is running on a Exynos 5420. So your statement that “the Exynos 5420 IS NOT A True Octacore as in ALL OCTACORE can work at the same time and handle each different tasks on their own” is 100% wrong…

      As in your own words, “are you going to learn someday.”

      Finally, I am not a Samsung fanboy, I don’t even own any Samsung devices.

      • Amine Elouakil

        Please look your stuff, Samsung did say that the 5420 WILL support ARM HMP (which is more or less a kernel tweak) it does support it in available products right now! in fact when the Exynos 5420 was first presented it didn’t have it and coudn’t use all core at the same time and you can check it for yourself.

        The MediaTek product was presented in July using all of it cores as your Intel or AMD 8 Core CPU does which is again the true interpretation of 8 cores.

        And finally, you aren’t a Samsung a fanboy yet, why are being agressive towards mediaTek product? coudn’t you just writte an artical without trashing other brands product, the more the merrier for consumer and this what should be noted yet you go and start mentioning Samsung this and Samsung that, are you trying to please a certain audience?

  • wat

    This stuff was launched BEFORE Samsung said they will make their octo core processors work wtih 8 cores at once so it was all FACT that MediaTek said. Come on AA you should know better than this shit.

    • Errrmmm… No… The Exynos 5420 has been shipping for months now and Samsung announced its HMP mode in September. The videos by ARM clear state that the demonstration is running on a 5420. Also the MediaTek has only been announced, it isn’t shipping yet. However I do agree that OEMs will likely ship devices that use the MT6592 with all eight cores running before Samsung releases/updates a device with the 5420 running in HMP mode.

      • wat

        HMP mode was announced AS A RESPONSE to the MT6592 showing things like this. AA is like 2 months old to show these images. Follow and you will get MediaTek info much faster.

        • What wat? MediaTek’s official press event was on Wednesday, this post isn’t about a previous demonstration it is about the official launch of the MT6592 that happened this week…

          Ding! Wrong again!

          • wat


          • Wow! You are a nice guy! When you can’t articulate your argument or put forward a logical reason for what you are saying you start swearing and write in big scary letters. Are you like that at home or with your friends???

            Here is a link to MediaTek’s website (, that is MediaTek the people who actually make the chip. The title of the press release is “MediaTek Launches MT6592 True Octa-Core Mobile Platform” the date is 2013-11-20, which was, yes, let me check, Wednesday.

            As a side point we also covered the release of that white paper, the link is here: which means we aren’t 2 months out of date, we covered it then and we covered the official launch now. Aren’t we clever!

            In July MediaTek released a whitepaper, which is basically a report or guide revealing what plans MediaTek have. That wasn’t the launch, according to MediaTek itself the launch was this week!

            So Ding! Thanks for playing, but no prize.

          • wat

            Are you borderline retarded? No two ways you cut this you are indefinitely wrong. The title is misleading, and bullshit. Samsung responding to compete with MediaTek is not MediaTek not acknowledging what Samsung will announce it will do TWO MONTHS AFTER THE PUBLISH THE IMAGES. Dumb ass.

          • I love the colorful metaphors! It reminds me of Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home:

            Spock: Your use of language has altered since our arrival. It is currently laced with, shall we say, more colorful metaphors, “double dumbass on you” and so forth.

            Kirk: Oh, you mean the profanity?

            Spock: Yes.

            Kirk: Well that’s simply the way they talk here. Nobody pays any attention to you unless you swear every other word.

            Anyway… Do you agree that MediaTek officially launched the MT6592 this week and that it isn’t yet in production?

          • jackabood

            i’m with “wat”

            garysims ur brought nothing to this debate

          • Oh come now I quoted Spock, surely that means something… plus I also wrote the original article, does that count???


          • wat

            Unless you are genuinely stupid and ignorant as fuck to think that September 2013 is before July 2013, I have proved you indefinitely wrong. ZING ZING ZING

          • Oh dear, you do seem to be having a bad day. I completely understand I have them all the time! According to come comments on this thread, I had a bad day when I wrote this article, but enough of my problems…

            The Exynos 5420 is in production, it exists in phones, the MT6592 is not in production (yet). I can announce that I have a chip that does something 10 years before I actually ship one, that doesn’t make me first. BREAKING NEWS I have just invented warp speed… But it will take a while for me to actually put it into production… Does that mean I will be the one remembered for inventing it????

            But more seriously, the MT6592 has only just been officially launched. The Exynos 5420 is already out there. The 5420 is very capable of running in an eight core HMP mode. But as I said earlier I do agree that OEMs will likely ship devices that use the MT6592 with all eight cores running before Samsung releases/updates a device with the 5420 running in HMP mode.

            BTW, the bad language makes you sound so strong and manly, you certainly have me enamored!

          • wat

            tl;dr; “I am a stupid cunt and I was wrong.” Try apologising some time, it will make you more of a man.

          • wat

            Wow you deleted my link proving you wrong, really? Here again: THE IMAGES FROM JULY IN THE PDF LINKED

          • Hmmm, I don’t have power to delete links and on my screen you link is still there… But as I mentioned in another reply to you, we covered the release of the white paper. The link is in my other comment.

          • wat

            Sorry it disappeared for some reason. This title is misleading. Surely you can see that. Just because they reused their own images from JULY when they were FACT it doesn’t mean they are cheating anyone. Also, as of yet, no Samsung CPU uses 8 cores simultaneously so I have no idea why you are Samfagging and trying to make MediaTek look bad. 8 core MT6592 phones launch next week.

          • As I have said on at least two other occasions to you: I do agree that OEMs will likely ship devices that use the MT6592 with all eight cores running before Samsung releases/updates a device with the 5420 running in HMP mode.

            But the article isn’t about which devices have these processors in, it is about that the Exynos 5420 is a shipping SoC and it has the ability to do 8 core HMP. I didn’t say that Samsung have it in a real device.

            When the 8 core MT6592 phones launch, and I agree with you they will come soon – I have seen pre-order pages on several Chinese websites, then I will happily write an article about the first smartphone which runs with all 8 cores simultaneously and yes it will likely be a phone based on the MediaTek processor.

          • wat

            Whatever are you smoking? NO SAMSUNG OCTACORE CAN YET USE 8 CORES AT ONCE. You are wrong, your article is retarded. Accept it.

          • Please watch this video from ARM, which runs on a Exynos 5420, and tell me how many cores are active at once?


          • wat

            Please look at the date and tell me if it is before July. Please tell me any phone in which this is active.

          • So you admit that the Exynos 5420 can run all 8 cores simultaneously, because your last comment said that no Samsung octacore can yet use 8 cores, but yet that isn’t true.

            I have said, I think four times now, that I am NOT talking about phones which ship with HMP mode enabled. I have already said repeatedly that the first smartphones with 8 cores running are likely to come with MediaTek SoCs, but when the video above was released the Exynos 5420 was a released, shipping product. When MediaTek released their demonstrations their chip wasn’t available. The Exynos 5420 was available at the time the video was made. The same Exynos 5420 that is shipping today. MediaTek didn’t have a shipping product when they made their demonstration videos. I don’t know what is so hard to grasp about this.

  • wat

    These images are from July Cick the PDF link. Samsung announced TWO MONTHS LATER that their newer chips would have 8 full working cores simultaneously and that their old chips would be made to work the same way too. IT WAS A RESPONSE TO MEDIATEK WHO WERE FIRST.

  • Tamas Kr Fodor

    I think MTK chips are great for those don`t want to be noticed.