MediaFire for Android now available, gives you 50GB of free storage

by: David GonzalesJanuary 17, 2013

50GB of free storage isn’t cool. Do you want to know what’s cool? 50GB of free storage that you can access wherever you go. That is essentially what you’re going to get with the latest cloud storage app that became available for download through Google Play. It’s none other than the official MediaFire app for Android, and as you might have guessed, it works pretty much the same way as its original, Web-based version online.

Currently at version 1.0, MediaFire for Android comes with the ability to let users listen to audio, watch videos, and access office documents, including spreadsheets and presentations. It also allows direct uploading of pictures and videos to a user’s own MediaFire account. All devices that are running Android 2.2 Froyo or later are officially supported.

MediaFire for Android does have one shortcoming: it currently does not allow batch uploads (or actions) through the app itself. If you don’t care for that one minor inconvenience, then feel free to head on to Google Play via the link below and download a cope for yourself. Just remember to supply your own Internet connection for it.

  • Rob

    Actually media fire has more than one short coming. Before you sign up you should know unless you go with the paid accounts (meaning if you stick with the whole free thing the article is talking account) they start deleting your stuff after a period of inactivity. As a very short term repository of a large amounts of files mediare is great. As long term warehousing of your precious stuff…forget it.