Google’s Material Design wins award for best contribution to UX

by: Edgar CervantesSeptember 16, 2014

Google IO 2014 brought a multitude of new devices and services. Among them was Android L, the upcoming version of Android. With Android L, Google introduced a whole new design language – Material Design. One that not only makes the UI more fluid, good-looking and simple, but also blends the experience across all devices and screen sizes.

It’s truly a first-of-a-kind and an innovative design that will change the future of the industry. It’s so great that it has actually won a gold award for the best contribution to UX. The UX Awards have been going since 2011 and only the best software of the year gets to be part of it.

material design (1)

Of course, Google goes over on all the Material Design advantages and the changes they are introducing. Its multi-platform flexibility and dynamic UI are a huge focus, as are the new design guidelines. These open the door for a future where a smaller screen doesn’t have to mean less… it’s just smaller.

Mobile devices have been evolving and now we can have a full experience even in a 1.5-inch smartwatch display, jsut as we can on a 50-inch TV. Material Design will make this possible and the industry recognizes that fact.

  • crutchcorn

    Well deserved!

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  • Kevin Kuo


    • Anonymousfella

      No. Adding another row of icons is innovation.

      • RarestName

        Never underestimate the power of an extra row of icons. Imagine what we can achieve with four more app icons in one home page!

        • ed

          What about a bigger screen with the same amount of rows and columns? Am i doing it right?

          • RarestName

            Image what we can achieve with all of the icon gaps!

          • ThunderCrackR

            It is iAchievable!

      • Kevin Kuo

        Nothing can top that!

        • Anonymousfella

          Until Apple adds another row next year. Now that be the next level of innovation..

    • Ever

      Better than the “new” iphone 6, that they just added a bigger screen and NFC!

  • Mohammed Barzeen

    This should put end fragmented Android numbers… Need to be more fluid and app launch with ART has get better in future updates… This will L version of android will make Apple ios run and spin for money…. ios is toy os… Thank you

    • Mozaik

      Yet kitkat is at only 25% over a year , wheras ios 7 has 90% installbase , goodluck with that , atleast ios users will get ios 8 , i hope ur OEM will give you updates fast ;)

      • Mozaiks mom

        Dumbass, 90% of iOS 8 updates will be nothing more than a version number change in settings to appease morons like you. Lol.

        • Mozaik

          Wow a dumbass troll with idiotic comment , lol do you have a life or still live your mom ;), i hope moderators banned you .

          • Anish Patil

            Learn to write English with proper spelling and grammar please.

          • Mohammed Barzeen

            Yah maybe iphone auto correct… He s inerd

      • ThunderCrackR

        iOS users? 4 phone models? Android has tens of thousands! If you want guaranteed fast update buy a Nexus 5, 4, Moto G, Moto X or one of the upcoming Android ONE phones. And this is still more than 4 devices! You have the option to choose. This is Android. Sorry!

  • Ishaan Malhotra

    Dint apple introduce something like this in ios 7? The status bar style and all? ( dont hate just because i mentioned apple. Just correct me if i’m wrong)

    • me

      Arrrrhhgg you swore! How dare you? (Say apple) lol

      • Ishaan Malhotra


    • Usha Kiran

      well that was a flat UI , this one here.. my friend is a metaphor.. it’s 3d the way we never saw it..
      this is dimensional.. that was layered// differences are minimal but different in perspective..

    • ThunderCrackR

      Yeah, Apple was really innovative with the iOS 7!

  • Dimitrios Pandioras

    I hope to see more app in the play store follow this design. Coming from iPhone, that’s the one thing I missed. The unification.

    • YETI

      Something tells me that this time they really will! I mean Android L isn’t officially out yet, nor most of the APIs (as far as I know), yet there are apps already in this style, I cant wait to see them with all the animations and I really can’t wait to see the Google apps updates

  • Anonymousfella

    A cohesive design is great for Android!

  • Fabian Taveras

    Google definitely did a good job with material design.

  • Andre Superville

    wait, what’s an apple? isn’t it a fruit? lol……… android

  • Luka Mlinar

    I’m not a fan of the retro ’95 look.

    • Anonymousfella

      Your main issue is with these pastel colors(they remind me of the 80s), right?

      I believe there is also a Dark Material Theme(similiar to Holo). Now it remains to be seen if the developers use the darker theme…

      • Luka Mlinar

        I get that we did aero to death but glass is still worth exploring. I want the future to look and feel like the future and not go back because 1 guy run out of ideas. Material Theme looks like a retro take of most 1995 web designs.

  • This is why we love Google and android…keep em coming goog.

  • Preben Nielsen

    Niiiiiiiiiiice. Much deserved.

  • AbbyZFresh

    I like the design but i don’t see much innovative about it. It looks like it took a page from Windows 8 Metro UI.

  • namesib

    Ruined by the virtual buttons.

  • McLaren F1P1

    Quoted from AA: “a smaller screen doesn’t have to mean less… it’s just smaller.” EPIC! Z3 Compact ftw!

  • ThunderCrackR

    Yeah, they deserve it! Android L is the most beautiful OS I have ever seen. It is just what I was praying for in the last 3 years!

  • Harry

    Love material design but a “full experience even in a 1.5 inch smart watch display, just as we can a 50 inch TV”… uhm no.

  • DarceyBeau