Marshmallow is going live for NVIDIA Shield TV

by: John DyeFebruary 22, 2016
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Nvidia Shield Android TV-1

When Marshmallow rolled out for NVIDIA Shield Tablets earlier this month, that thunderous roar you heard was the sound of thousands of NVIDIA Shield Android TV owners tapping their feet impatiently and checking their watches. In spite of an initial hiccup that left many tablet owner dead in the water when it came to wifi connectivity, the rollout to the Shield Tablet is complete, and NVIDIA set their sights on Android TV users to receive the next marshmallowy blessing.

To upgrade, simply boot up your device. A pop up dialogue should appear that asks if you want to install Experience Upgrade 3.0, and part and parcel with this upgrade is the OS update to Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow. You’ll also receive a handful of UI updates that make navigating your Android TV a much cleaner, smoother experience.

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Probably the first thing you’ll notice that’s different about Marshmallow is the live Permissions feature, which lets you determine which Permissions each app has access to as the app requests it. You’ll now also be able to setup your account using only your voice, which is a pretty slick addition. In terms of UI, a handy menu on the left makes swapping between apps and accounts much more natural, and the categories for browsing content have been made much more logical and navigable.

This update also brings Vulkan API support to the Shield TV, but currently the only things you can really run with this API are demos showcasing how much better it handles graphics than existing APIs. However, we expect more Vulkan-powered content to start arriving on Shield devices over the course of 2016.

All in all, the hop to Marshmallow for the Shield TV is more of spring cleaning than an overhaul. The interface you know and love is still right there in front of you, it’s just been decluttered and tidied up a bit. Power up your device to grab the update today.

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  • Jerry Black

    Got my update early this morning. I’m just happy of the new storage options cuz I got the 16gb version.

  • Exare

    Any idea if this update will come to the Shield Portable?

    And seriously, fix that unbelievably irritating auto-playing advertisement that forces your browser to scroll down to it. That Nature Valley ad. I can’t read your articles because it loops every 15-20 seconds and scrolls me away from what I’m reading!

  • Orionsangel

    Warning if you’re using the Gamesome app. After the update It messes up your configuration because it changes the folder location of your USB stick. It can’t be fixed either because Gamesome crashes when you try to go back to the parent folder. Hopefully when Gamesone updates it’ll get fixed

    One other I don’t like is that you still can’t move data to the SD Card. So if you sideload an app with data. Especially large data. It still goes on the Internal HDD taking up storage space. You can move the app to the SD Card but it only moves the tiny portion installed from the apk file. Data will not be moved to the SD Card.

    • dubs

      Use adoptable storage. This makes the HDD and SD/USB essentially a single partition, alleviating the need for distinguishing between them.

  • Raw T

    Updated my Shield TV 500 GB last night to Shield Experience 3.0.
    Now the Android Version became Marshmallow.

    I don’t see any difference in experience it is still the same old crappy UI.

    I search apps on Shield Games and try to download and it takes me to Google Play store where i have to search again.

    Not easy to search Multi Controller Games not much free games.