(Update: AT&T too) March security updates heading to US carrier Galaxy S7s

by: Robert TriggsMarch 18, 2016

Galaxy S7 Edge teaser

Update, 12:07 PM: AT&T users are reporting that they are receiving the same update. If you have a Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge on AT&T, it may be worth manually checking for an update.

Original post, 6:53 AMT-Mobile Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge owners may have noticed a small update rolling out to their handsets in the past 24 hours. The patch, which carries build number UVS2APB8, packs in a number of security updates, but doesn’t appear to contain anything else.

The T-Mobile update will be making its way out to consumers between March 17th and March 25th. Rival carrier Verizon has announced that a similar security update will begin rolling out for its versions of the handsets from today. Verizon’s update comes with the build number VRS2APB4 and contains the “most up to date Android security” fixes, so that should be the March patch.

Just yesterday, March security updates also began appearing for Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4, Note Edge, and Galaxy S5 handsets in Europe. Samsung certainly seems to be taking Android security seriously this year. I imagine that similar updates from other major US carriers will arrive in the coming weeks, and other updates could also begin appearing for global handsets too.

If you haven’t spotted the small update yet, you can always force a manual check through Settings > About device > Download updates manually. Otherwise, it’s best just to sit tight until the OTA update makes its way to you.

  • Jeffrey

    My Verizon S7 Edge wanted a security update this morning as well.

  • Noah Jones

    I give up. I’ve been waiting for AT&T to release the marshmallow update for the LG G3 forever now. all my Verizon friends have it!

  • Chris

    Darn I was hoping it was the fixes for wifi issues I seem to be having. It seems sometimes the s7 edge doesn’t think I have wifi sometimes and won’t do installs or download stuff [and this is with the screen on and personalized doze(battery optimization) settings]

  • Have anyone encountered any error or bug after the update?
    After updating the phone, every app that was installed on my device is not recognized and I keep getting error messages (example: Amazon prime failed to start). I did a data reset factory and re-installed everything again, yet after a single restart same thing happened again … :/ I have S7 Edge

  • Rafael

    Could you get in touch with tmo and verify why it doesn’t say March security patches?

  • Nicholas Smith

    I have Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge with T-Mobile. Why does the baseband have a Mar 10th date but android security patch level still show Feb, 1. Ive contacted T-Mobile and only received a message they would contact the department that handles updates.

    • Dylan Aarhus

      Mine says the same thing why

  • Hoggles

    This story needs to be edited. Tmo never got the March security update. This update changed the kernel and some other things….but we’re still on the original Feb security patch.