Lumsing’s Samsung extended batteries on sale for as little as $10

by: Andrew GrushAugust 4, 2014


One of the biggest advantages to Samsung smartphones is the presence of a removable battery, in an era where many manufacturers have moved over to designs that feature non-removable batteries. A removable battery slot means you can not only swap out your dead battery for a backup, you can even expand your phone’s battery life through larger extended batteries.

Extended batteries admittedly can add a little more bulk and weight to your device, but they are worth it when you need a little extra battery power to get through the day. With this in mind, Lumsing is offering a sale on many of its 3rd party batteries for the Samsung Galaxy S4, Note 2 and Note 3. Most of the batteries will set you back $9.99 , though it’s important to note that you’ll also have to pay shipping costs unless you are either a Prime member or have spent at least $35 or more.

Without further ado, here’s the full list of deals available on Amazon:

  • Ihavenewnike

    Not really extended batteries.

    • Say What?

      Never buy a battery unless it says it’s Genuine. OEM does not mean it’s a genuine product. It may look exactly like a Genuine Samsung battery but it’s a cheap Chinese knockoff.

  • swtrainer

    Extended? Isn’t the 3200 the standard battery for the Galaxy Note 3? Andrew, did you do any research before you write your article? Maybe you’re confusing Extended with Extra…

    • George Av

      Typo i’m guessing.

  • KJHernandez

    Not only that, haven’t we had a few instances here lately with purchasing non-oem fire starters?