July 8, 2009
T-Mobile myTouch 3G

T-Mobile myTouch 3G

I took some time to get a few live photos of the new T-Mobile myTouch 3G at T-Mobile USA’s launch event in New York city.  This is the first time I’ve seen the phone in merlot or black in person, and I have to say that I like both colors much better than the white that it will also be available in.  The merlot in particular was quite pretty, and the black made the device look even smaller – which ain’t a bad thing.

While the email client on the phone lacked Exchange support, I did get a chance to see the “Work Email” application on a personal myTouch 3G belonging to a T-Mobile exec.  I couldn’t show photos of the system in action since it was filled with personal info, but I did snag a photo of the Sync Issues folder just to show that it was there.  Folder support on the Work Email program seems good on a basic level, at least, but I didn’t get to see if the user is notified of new messages delivered directly into a sub-folder via server-side filters (a problem I personally have to deal with on most mobile Exchange clients).

In any case, I will post a video of the device in action when I get back to the office in a few hours.  The full gallery of photos is available after the jump.

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