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by: Joe HindyApril 8, 2014

Live Backup indie app of the day review

What is Live Backup?

indie app of the day
Any experienced root user will tell you that you should have a Nandroid backup no matter what. Even if you don’t intend on doing any of the fun stuff like flashing ROMs, mods, or installing Xposed modules, you should still have a Nandroid prepared just in case. It can help fix any number of problems and backing things up is just a good idea. Live Backup helps with that.

Here’s how it works. Live Backup is an app that allows you to create Nandroid backups without rebooting into recovery. It is not the only app that lets you do this but it is one of the easiest to use. Essentially all you do is open the app, select your type of recovery, select which partitions need backed up, and hit go. From that point, the app will create a Nandroid backup which you can then use in your recovery to restore if need be.

That’s really it. It’s a simple app that performs a simple task. The main claims to fame are supporting both of the big recoveries (TWRP and ClockworkMod Recovery) and allowing you to create backups without rebooting into a recovery first. Given that Nandroid backups can take quite a long time to create, this can help prevent you from missing a potentially important phone call or text message.

So what’s wrong with Live Backup?

In terms of functionality, there isn’t much wrong with it. The backups that Live Backup creates do actually work and aside from an excruciatingly long finalizing period at the end of creating the backup, it’s all pretty straightforward. There could be a case made that charging $2.00 for an app that performs only one task that you can perform for free in your custom recovery may be overdoing it a bit. That’s up to individual interpretation.

Also, Live Backup specifies that you need Stericson’s BusyBox to be installed for it to work but doesn’t really specify why it has to be that particular version of BusyBox. Lastly, the interface is a little boring, but it’s not like you’re going to spend that much time using it.

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Final thoughts

All in all, this is a pretty good app for root users. The experienced root users probably don’t mind booting into the recovery to create their own Nandroid backups and there will be people who can’t justify paying $2.00 for such a simple app. However, there are hoards of lazy people and beginners who could probably get a lot out of an application that does all the hard work for you and doesn’t force you to boot into recovery. Especially people who are new to rooting and don’t yet understand the importance of having a Nandroid backup waiting and ready for them. If this looks like your cup of tea, the button below will take you to the app in the Play Store.
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  • Guest123

    $2 isn’t bad, though it should be $.99 but android devs like to get a little more form those who root and rom. . . . however, no trial version? I’ll pass thanks. I’ve had enough pain with recovery apps to know they rarely work properly, and there is no way to test this in 15 minutes. . .

    • Bret Zamzow

      Jmz Software will gladly refund your money if you have any issues.

  • tibcsi

    Have a look at ‘Online Nandroid’ on Google Play.
    Basicly is free and does the same job as this one.
    There is also a Pro version,its cheaper than this one – my currency is not USD, can’t say for sure.

    This app is just using the free ‘onandroid’ script (see the link in the app description).

    • Guest123

      nice find. only needs busybox. will have to check that one out — said to work with my device, prefer using nandroid for backup vs TB. . . maybe hangover from windows lol

    • Bret Zamzow

      This app does NOT use the free script. It is actually a complete java implementation. Please understand what you are talking about before making claims that are not true.

  • Mark Dickerson

    “However, there are hoards of lazy people and beginners…. ” What an unnecessary and arrogant thing to say! What if you’re like me and love to flash and move back and forth between multiple ROMs? It’s great to be able to do multiple Nandroids in the same day! It takes 20 minutes to backup a S3 Touchwiz ROM. What’s lazy about wanting to continue using you’re phone instead of being out of commission for up to an hour a day?

    Thanks for the review, however. I use Online Nandroid Backup to great effect and I can’t see any reason to do it the old fashion way now. But it’s good to know that there is another solution in case I need it.