Linux to add support for ARM Architectures

by: Varun RajDecember 14, 2012


Are you an Android kernel developer? If yes then we have got great news for you. Those who develop kernels for Android devices know how frustrating porting a kernel to a new device has always been. Well if you share that notion and would like this process to get easier than it is right now, you will be pleased to know that Linus Torvalds has announced ARM support in Linux.

Linux is following Microsoft, which already offers support for ARM architecture in Windows RT.

The first list of supported ARM architectures includes some server SoCs and development boards. Although the list is short at the moment it’s expected that more consumer oriented SoCs found in Android devices will be added soon. While we are going in the right direction, don’t get too excited just yet as Android is a few versions behind the latest stable Linux kernel and it might take a while for it to get in sync.

While this step by the Linux kernel team will make it easier for developers to port Android ROMs on new devices, the news is just as good for average Android user like you and me, as we will now see quicker ports of popular ROMs to our devices.

If everything goes according to plan we will start seeing the effects of this step in 2013.

  • Peterson Silva

    Guys, hasn’t Linux supported ARM for like, forever?

  • Dick MacInnis

    Linux has had ARM support since the 90s. Way before Microsoft or Apple. This story is pretty confusing, especially since it has no references. Also, if Linux support for ARM were a new feature, how would Android ever have been born? It uses Linux, and runs mostly on ARM. In fact, Android running on other architectures (as in the android-x86 project) is where the real work needs to be done, though that has everything to do with userland and ZERO to do with the Linux kernel.

    • MasterMuffin

      And even if they ment Ubuntu which is designed for x86, there are phones that can run it (really badly though)

      • Dick MacInnis

        Very true. I’ve been fooling with Ubuntu’s ARM port as a chroot on my Incredible S for well over a year.

  • lycan codex

    This article has been copied word by word from XDA portal which was again copied blatantly without checking first.

  • stepet

    What a disgrace.
    Even google themselves communicate quite transparently that android is based upon the linux arm kernel. And there have been enough news in the last couple of months about how google failed to mainstream (-> put back into the mainstream linux kernel) their andoid extensions and ports. For example, I see the “OS family reunion: Android part of Linux kernel again” on this very site.
    Sorry, but snafus like this can not be toleated from a site having “Authority” in their name. “Dabblers” may be more to the point.

  • Christoph M.

    Someone mixed something. Linux has ARM support since the 90s and ARM64 support since Linux 3.7. ARM64 is the new 64-bit ARM architecture. It is that new, that not even chips are existing (exept some prototypes).

  • Premek Paska

    this is sh*t

    …linux 3.7 comes with “universal kernel build for ARM” so that it can run on multiple ARM architectures (like x86 can for ages)

    ARM support has been there for looong time