Limited Rogers Moto X stock arriving this weekend, report says

by: Chris SmithAugust 16, 2013

Moto X

Rogers is apparently receiving Moto X stock this weekend, a report says, although initial stock will be limited.

MobileSyrup has received an alleged internal Rogers document (screenshot below), which reveals that the carrier will get Moto X inventory starting today.

However, it’s not exactly clear whether Rogers will start selling the handset in the following days, or whether the document is simply meant to announce employees that stores are starting to receive stock. Here’s a paragraph that seems to suggest Rogers may actually start to sell the handset:

[quote qtext=”The Moto X has begun to ship to select Rogers locations in limited quantities. If an existing customer is unable to locate a device, please direct them to log into the Rogers Reservation System to reserve a device and it will be delivered to the Rogers location of their choosing when it’s available. New customers can register for updates at They’ll receive an email as soon as devices become available nationwide.” qperson=”” qsource=”” qposition=”center”]

We already know that Rogers will be the exclusive Moto X carrier in the country, and that the phone will retail for $189.99 with new two-year contracts or $549.99 outright.

We also known that the mobile operator will only have “basic” black and white models in stock, as MotoMaker customizations are only available from AT&T in the U.S. at this time.

However, Rogers is yet to publicly announce a launch date for the handset.

Rogers Moto X

Speaking about the U.S., the AT&T Moto X will be launched on August 23, with other U.S. carriers rumored to launch it around the same date. It wouldn’t be surprising to see Rogers start selling the handset in the following week as well. But it will certainly be sort-of a surprise to see it become the first mobile operator in the world to launch the device, considering all that “made in America” marketing campaign around the Moto X.

  • David

    Still don’t understand why Motorola couldn’t ship the plain black and white version worldwide. If the user cannot customise it, what is stopping them?

    • billnozick

      exclusivity. hype. marketing. business. consumerism.

  • Aragorn

    Bribe from AT&T

  • n900mixalot

    Can’t wait for people to buy these. Get your plastic bezel on, y’all!

  • ΚωσταΣ Γιαν

    exclusivity. hype. marketing. business. consumerism.

    You are just throwing random words aren’t you? Cause nothing you just said makes any sense.
    exclusivity doesn’t make sense on something like a phone , where you want ppl to BUY it . Its not a freekin Ferrari, its a 500 dollar gadget. Everyone which resides in USA and whats it can propably afford it that doesnt make it exclusive at all.

    Hype my ass, if they don’t launch it world wide they wont be take advantage of the so called hyped. Tbh since i am out to buy a phone soon, i would have prop bought it , newest phones are this and the G2, and well g2 is a horror of a phone.

    Too bad for Motorola i guess .