Well, that didn’t take long. If you’re interested in checking out the new LG Watch Style but aren’t so keen on the $250 price point, we’ve got a deal for you.

Right now, Best Buy is selling the Watch Style for just $179.99 in Titanium, Silver and Rose Gold color options. Normally, the Titanium and Silver variants are sold for $249.99, while the Rose Gold version is sold for $279.99. So depending on which color you choose, you’re saving $70-$100 with this deal… not bad!

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February 23, 2017

Interestingly enough, there are no strings attached with this deal. These are all brand new, non-refurbished watches. If you’re looking to save a bit more cash though, it’s worth noting you can also buy an open box LG Watch Style in Titanium for around $150 at the link provided below.

Interested in grabbing this deal? Head to the Best Buy link attached below!

Jimmy Westenberg
Lover of all things Android, Star Wars, dogs, coffee, and music.
  • Cecil Hardwood

    Wow. That didn’t take long. But this version is a half ass attempt at a smart watch and it shows.

  • Agreed. Article should specifically note that it does NOT include a heart rate monitor, a GPS, a speaker, an NFC module, or cellular connectivity. I hope people factor in those omissions before adding it to their cart haphazardly.

    • dizel123

      Why stop there? Why not just include every article that they’ve done that has specs or reviews?

      • chris.braswell

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  • tiger

    Android Wear and its failures are becoming epic….

  • S.L Jones

    I’m sorry sir, I would tell you the time but my LG watch is stuck in a bootloop…

  • Player Slayer

    They need to do the price down to $150 for that watch to be worth it. Poor battery life, no heart rate monitor, no GPS, and no NFC make this thing a bar smartwatch.

  • yankeesusa

    lol. Yea, cause missing specs on a watch is android wears fault, right

  • yankeesusa

    You are better off buying a zen watch 2 on swappa. Great battery life, speaker and android wear 2.0 incoming.