September 24, 2010
LG Ally shazam

LG Ally shazam

Shazam is one of the original music identification applications. I’m sure you use it, or have heard of it, but for the sake of those who have not, this application allows you to hold your phone up towards a speaker and have it report to you the name and artist of a song or piece of music. Shazam has been around the block and as such, it is arguably the most accurate recognition software for music available for any mobile device. It turns out that LG know all this too, and have decided to pre-load Shazam on all of their forthcoming Android handsets. The first of which will be the LG Optimus GT540.

LG are biggin’ this one up a little bit, but in truth there is no big deal here. Only the free version of Shazam is heading to these devices. If you want to get your hands on the full version you will still have to pay the full whack for it ($4.70). Boo!
[Source: Business Wire Press Release]

James Tromans
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