Verizon LG Spectrum 2 Jelly Bean update on its way soon

by: Andrew GrushApril 23, 2013

LG Spectrum 2

Owners of the LG Spectrum 2 have something to be excited for, Jelly Bean is just around the corner! Verizon has now officially approved its latest update for the Spectrum 2, build number VS93021B, which includes an upgrade to Android 4.1.

Outside of the expected Jelly Bean improvements like notifications and Google Now, Verizon is also bringing plenty of their own software changes and fixes that are specific to the Spectrum 2. Some of the changes include Bluetooth optimizations, the ability to back up contacts when a SIM is swapped, and the removal of several preloaded widgets such as Social+, Finance and Power Control. The Weather app and widget also receives an update.

Alright so this is great news, but when exactly can we expect the rollout?

No official day is mentioned by Verizon, but typically Verizon releases this final information just days before the rollout begins. In the meantime you can always start manually checking for the build’s arrival by going to Menu>Settings>About Phone>Software Updates>Check for Updates.

Keep in mind that in Verizon’s usual fashion, the rollout will likely happen in phases and so it could take several weeks before it actually reaches you.

  • John kuchta

    I guess us owners of the original Spectrum are left in the lurch. No Jelly Bean for us? I will be sorely disappointed in LG and Verzion if my device is never upgraded again.

  • KC

    I received this update today and so far there are two annoying things which have been added which I cannot seem to remove. The first is the annoying ‘Tap the “+” above to customize home screen.’ which now appears dead center of my home screen. I cannot remove it. The second is that when I am entering text messages, it automatically makes sounds each time I select a key, though I had disabled this particular sound when I first got my Spectrum 2. I sincerely hope they fix these things.

    • KC

      Scratch the second one – the update automatically adjusted the Touch feedback & system volume. I turned it down again and the text message sounds are gone. Yaaay!