There are already a number of companies that produce smart lightbulbs with Belkin and Phillips being two of the bigger names in the space, but now we can add one more major player to the list: LG. Although the Korean-based company has yet to reveal exactly when its new “LG Smart Lamp” bulbs will ship, it does say they will cost 35,000 Korean won (roughly $32).

As you might expect from a ‘smart’ bulb, LG has packed in quite a few features that can easily be controlled by your Android 4.3+ smartphone or tablet using a special app. Aside from turning the lights on and off, the app will also allow you to vary the lightbulb’s brightness, and there’s even a “security mode” that will let you schedule the smart lights to turn on and off at specific times. Additionally, you can make it so the lights gradually turn on at a specific time in the morning.

LG’s lights are designed to last “more than ten years when turned on for five hours every day” and are said to save energy by 80% when compared to an incandescent light bulb. At least initially we can expect the light bulbs to be available only in Korea, though we wouldn’t be surprised to see these bulbs arrive to other markets in the months to come.

What do you think, like the idea of smart bulbs or do you feel that the extra cost isn’t worth the added functionality when compared to other types of light bulbs?

Andrew Grush
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  • Ganesh

    I think it should involve mapping abilities.
    For example, the light bulb could detect if the user was in the room or not and then switch on or off accordingly.
    If it had a 3D virtual map of the house.
    Very hard tech to acheive but possible.
    Hope LG does it.

    • rubber chicken

      er or you could use a bulb with a simple ir detector built in available from ASDA for £6.00

  • AndroidBoss

    I need a smart toilet so I can communicate with it from my phone.

    • Andrew Grush

      Might sound like a joke now… but you never know the way technology is heading… :)

      • AndroidBoss

        I know right.

      • loloyd

        You mean technology is heading to the toilet?

    • rubber chicken


    • bakakun028

      Haha. Share your stool contents on facebook and google+

      • makayli verran

        my uncle recently got a nearly new black Volkswagen Touareg
        SUV by working off of a pc… blog link C­a­s­h­F­i­g­.­ℂ­o­m

  • Konrad Fraczek

    And let it have few different colours, just for fun (and to show off to my friends)

  • rubber chicken

    wtf? why??

  • loloyd

    It’s about time appliances converge and meet at the smart phone level. I also want my phone to grow arms and feet so it can fetch beer from the fridge for me. That’s a true Android right there.