LG mimicks Samsung Galaxy S4 Times Square ad campaign, makes it about the Optimus G instead

by: AdrianMarch 14, 2013

LG Times Square

It was pretty bold of Samsung to pick New York City as Galaxy S4’s debut stage, but after the booming GS3 and Note 2 hits we expected nothing less. Sammy is going after Apple again and what better way to start a global charge than subduing the “enemy” on its home turf?

You’d think the entire NYC was drooling over the S4 prospect by now, given the mighty ad campaign kicked into gear a while ago in Times Square. However, if Apple doesn’t usually like to engage in bitter anti-competition marketing, someone else does – LG.

And you know what they say, it’s all about location, location, location. Case in point, even if LG is the one mimicking Samsung’s ads, the Optimus makers might look better in the eyes of unsuspecting New York locals just by having their billboards placed on top of the competition’s.

Of course, the increased brightness also helps, making Samsung’s “Be Ready 4 The Next Galaxy” message look old and dusty. It’s almost like the below ad is on the verge of being removed, while the one on top is flashy and shiny enough to make you think of the future.


Now, don’t get us wrong. We’re not defending LG. In fact, that “LG Optimus G is here 4 you now” message is pretty bland and unoriginal. We’ve also stopped caring for this kind of trolling marketing a while ago (unless Apple is the one being trolled, in which case all bets are off).

But will it be effective? Most likely, yeah. Even if we’re talking about no more than a dozen people who’ll be seeing both ads and think “hey, how about I look into that Optimus G some more?”. Or another few hundreds who’ll simply miss the S4 ad because of the shinier LG one.

And at the end of the day that’s all that matters in this “take no prisoners” smartphone war. It doesn’t have to be elegant or classy if it works. Agreed? Is LG a clever or a lame troll?

  • Bill

    I feel bad for those who look at the LG Optimus G ad and decide to buy it instead of the GS4.

  • MasterMuffin


  • DQ

    I hope to see a big suprise comeback by Samsung later on during its revealing.

  • Bone

    It’s hliarious. The G Pro looks EXACTLY like the Note II, it’s size and battery is exactly like the Note II’s, it has similar system sounds like the Note II, similar multi-view function like the Note II, similar eye-tracking soon introduced like in the Note II, handwriting recognition (without sylus) like the Note II, similar cover like the Note II with a similar name (Quick Cover :D ). The series copies the Name Letter Number system (Optimus G / G2 / G Pro (like S Plus) and now they are copying ads.

    I guess Samsung reached Apple’s status after all. :D

    • I’m sure LG would love to be the next Samsung, but they really need to sort out their update schedules if that’s the case. They make Samsung look like Apple when it comes to updating their flagships :P

    • No One

      I think you forgot one, LG is using the same ads Technic that Samsung has used to against Apple. “The next big thing is here”

      • Bone

        The Next Same Thing Is Already Here. :)

    • nebsif

      If theres one thing other companies shouldnt copy from sammy, its the design!!!


  • S4 is way better

    • Anothor Samsheep making presumptions without even seeing an S4 let alone using one!

      • Oh so you now an lg fan

        Even the I sheep we made it first and now you copy it as always

        How sad

      • Jaime Larios

        Raj! Where is Howard?

  • jandarr

    Lg is genius. In the vast smartphone competition, innovation + guts is the formula for success. Keep it up LG!

  • Good! LG are doing a Samsung on Samsung! Let’s see how plastic Sam likes it! All the recent LG phones look like Samsung ones!

  • Why? Samsheep why? Pot kettle black!

  • yungqb7

    LG go home, you’re drunk

  • M.Beg

    LG does make better phones than Samsung king of plastic.

    • Seriously people the material surrounding the guts of a smartphone is not what makes a good smartphone. I am not saying that Samsung makes a better phone than LG as I haven’t really used an LG smartphone(That is kinda crazy too as I am in IT and support the smartphones of hundreds of users and not one of them owns an LG). However I can assure you that the exterior of the phone has nothing to do with how well it performs and that is what matters. Everything else is cosmetic and comes down to preference. Every single phone I have owned even before smartphones was made of plastic.

      • M.Beg

        Thats a long essay. Samsung lags and made of plastic, there is nothing else to it.

  • harrold


  • On a Clear Day

    In the picture here the LG billboards look both smaller and less polished and less elegant than the Samsung. What the big brains at LG don’t seem to get – while lost in there rush of gleeful delight to try to undercut Samsung’s debut of the Galaxy 4 is that this type of “advertising” backfires on you. Their hope in putting it there was to sour the emotional reaction of people seeing the Samsung ads and dilute the power of Samsung’s ads.

    That does work if you are stupid enough not to see through it for the transparent, ineptly psychologically oriented Hail Mary effort it is.

    Instead of causing me to think, “Oh yeah, I should remember that LG is out there.”

    My natural response is the to think, “It would appear that LG is showing its true colors – and they are not very pretty.” It creates an immediate negative dynamic in me that I then am forced to direct at the source – LG, which until I saw this ad, used to be a phone I was considering for purchase.

    Doesn’t pay to NOT play nicely when you are in the big leagues, because unlike when you are in the bush leagues – people are actually watching and care!

  • jeremy

    I actually prefer LG and anyone who thinks Samsung is all that with updates is trippin!! Do any of you own a GS3?? Jellybean update is the worst update ever there is soo many problems with it and nothing has been done to fix it. Would have been better off staying on ICS. My optimus G on the other hand has no problems and is a much sexier phone. That being said I still love Samsung, but there NOT the only manufacturer that can make an amazing phone!!

    • Jaime Larios

      Eeeeeeh NO. I have a S3, and is way better than a Optimus G. Jelly bean is an awesome update. You don’t know what you’re talking about.

      • jeremy

        Its is not. Maybe in your opinion and um yes the update is severely flawed. I don’t know anyone who is not experiencing the random slow downs and lags when using simply flicking through home screens. Also strange keyboard behavior, unusual battery drain and others. Don’t get me wrong I love Samsung a lot, but after using both the Optimistic G is a much better phone at least for me.

        • Jaime Larios

          Ok. That is you opinion then. All good. I don’t have slow downs and I love Multiwindow, smart Stay, and the swipe like KB functions great to me. I’m on 4.1.2, maybe you are talking about 4.1.1? That one wasn’t as good.

          • jeremy

            Well see. I’m in Canada and we do not have that update. We have been on 4.1.1 since the end of December. It really is a super buggy update. Guess i should have been more clear Lol.

          • I experienced a strange battery drain a handful of times on 4.1.1 but since the 4.1.2 update I haven’t seen it.

  • raison

    oh. my. god.

  • Well done LG, they are usually not the first to bring new features to the market but when it comes to design, they easily beat Samsung.