LG shows off the G3 in promo videos. Last minute leak confirms removable battery

by: Bogdan PetrovanMay 23, 2014

lg g3 video leak

With days left to the grand unveiling of the G3, LG seems too excited to properly keep it under wraps. Following the Quick Circle announcement from yesterday, LG’s Korean branch has now put up a microsite for the G3, complete with three short promotional videos.

Two of the videos, which appear to be commercials for a Korean launch event scheduled for May 28, tease the G3’s camera (rumored to feature a laser assisted focusing system) and Quad HD display.

The third video, focused on design, gives us an unobstructed look at the phone, though sadly it does not contain any clues on whether the G3 will be made of metal or of plastic textured to resemble brushed metal.

Moving on to some good old fashioned leaks, @evleaks strikes again with a look at an alleged “lunchboxed” version of the T-Mobile Developer Edition of the LG G3. (Lunchboxing is the practice of disguising a phone into a temporary shell, in order to avoid design leaks.)

We get a couple of close shots at the phone’s display, which unsurprisingly show no trace of pixels. More interesting, we get to see the phone’s microSD card and 3,000 mAh removable battery, which appears to clarify one of the last points from the G3’s specs list we weren’t sure about.

So, who’s excited for the G3 launch next week?

  • MattHail


  • Xavier_NYC

    What a tease… But I want more….

  • finally a worthy opponent to the z2

    • gwrgwrg

      mmmmm did u forgot the one plus one

      • TMOTECH

        He may have meant worthy and available.

      • AndroidBoss

        One plus one are a fail company. They made fun of other companies, well their phone is full of bugs and isn’t even available. Such trolls.

        • Yersinia pestis

          Maybe their reputation will improve if they actually start selling the phone without invites.

        • Adon

          Oh,come on now Androidboss. :-) I think Oneplus and their One phone have REALLY hit a nerve especially with (AKA Power users (geeks,nerds,techs and the others) especially with Cyn OS. Anyways,my point,in my opinion i think OnePlus GREATLY underestimated themselves,hence all the crazyness promos and procedures,which have worked (good and not so good),to keep them in them in the spot,especially with the HTC One,LG G3 and S5, (Especially the HTC One and S5 and all the Versions they are producing) . For a startup to produce a phone that Good first time out,at that price its a first. I having a feeling they hiding/have much more bring forward. As for the bugs,they aren’t many,bugs aren’t VIRUS’s,they are easily fixed a updates. THUMBS UP PLEASE lol.

          • The problem is they are too overconfident for a startup!

          • thelastguyX20

            I thought the invite system was reasonable until their “Raining invites” BS was just an attempt of marketing the product in the most terrible way possible ie. spam your friends’ Twitter / Facebook feedback?

            All for what? An insane lucky chance to get one out of the 150 invites out the 2 million entries… not a person, an ENTRY.

            I think this could have not blown over and started to die down if they just called the invite system a closed beta to test their software and keep the hype from not dragging down, rocketing up, and crashing terrible down.

            The double irony is that I’ll actually plan to buy this phone if and when it comes up for purchase but will root it and install a stable functional ROM. The developers of this ROM are probably not paid or not smart enough being that the last I heard that they didn’t want to mess with programming using the MicroSD slot with the phone because “it’s a nightmare”, hence why there’s no MicroSD slot… no because of cost of in RD or engineer, it’s just the developers being rather incompetent. So people creating ROMs at XDA can’t do it, let alone every other competitor but a development company? But I digress at that part because the 64GB almost makes up for it.

            Point of the matter, it was cool but now, unless they start doing something about catering to people who actually want the phone or AT LEAST a release date of when people can buy it freely (rumor says late June but that’s just rumors), it’s going to crash and burn.

          • Adon

            Agreed,i planed on buying 2 of them ,i sold my Samsung S4 (Red) and my LG Optimus Pro G,waiting for Samsung S5 but i just dont love it,and the G3 is only being launched now. Am just using a Blackberry 9900 (white) right now,tried the Q10 i didnt like it that much.
            Anyhow,the Oneplus invite system is a bummer WAYYY to many procedures,the lottery (whatever they call it),than the invite,posting on their forum,like facebook etc blah blah. So fingers n toes crossed that the G3 is not too expensive.

      • Ishaan Malhotra

        In my opinion, one plus one is a phone I would buy only if I had a limited budget. No doubt its a brilliant device but i would prefer a Sony or HTC!

    • but yet,brace yourselves for Z3 this august,lg,shamesung,htc about to get steamrolled.

      -A sony fanboy

      • Jesus

        Not really. Sony will continue its tradition of using very angular design (making it almost painful to handle), and one of the fattest bezels around.

        • sony has stated in mwc that they are going to change the design and anyways according to me it’s the best design one can get on a mobile

          • Jesus

            So then, they’ve yet to prove themselves with this ‘new’ design… And if sharp angles and fat bezels are your thing, no worries for you.

            (I prefer minimal bezels with curves… more comfortable on the hands)

        • Adon

          If you love holding you phone for a long time,it box design is not very hand friendly. Its looks nice though.

      • Adon

        Sounds great and all,BUT there are regions where SONY is still selling the Z1 as the flagship or they are not getting the Z2. Then again,who know what they are planning ,maybe its because they would rather wait for the Z3,and have a worldwide launch. Anyways,LG G3 is killing. G3 Mini/Compact (lol,now that would nice,it would saleeeeeeee).

    • Joe J

      g3 crushes the big block phablet z2. besides the size nice phone

    • AndroidBoss

      Although the phone is not out yet, but according to the leaks, it seems way better than the Z2…

  • MasterMuffin

    Who’s not excited??

    • Xavier_NYC

      • MasterMuffin

        No seriously :)

        • BehelitOutlaw


          • MasterMuffin


    • Damon Salvador

      Me !!

    • Joe J

      Feels nice to be this excited for a phone again!

  • The G3 is looking like a pretty cool device right now… :D

  • wgwrg

    whatever…one plus one is better

  • suzane carter

    whatever but one is better then another ……

    • Joe J

      Hahaha oh please. one + none non existent phone.

  • Android Developer

    What does the words in chinese/japanese (or whatever) say on the videos?

    • kleinerSK

      None of it, it’s Korean :) but I can’t translate either…

      • Chris

        The photo one: “For a smartphone, the best picturing taking method”
        The display one: “For a smartphone, a method for seeing 4x the sharpness”
        The design one: “For a smartphone, the most cool dream method”

        • Android Developer

          cool dream method?
          does it make your dreams better? :)

  • Cole Raney

    If they announce this phone is plastic, then this device is as close to perfect as we can reach.

  • Corbin Crutch


  • suzane carter

    well as compare to Z2 LG is nothing worth competitor to G3 http://j.mp/Z2vsG3

    • Joe J

      what lol?

  • kleinerSK

    A removable battery and thus a removable back cover makes sense because of the flip case supporting Qi charge.

  • Aki I.

    Can’t wait. Too bad oneplus doesn’t want my money

  • Sal

    Me want this phone so bad! lol

  • The Wasp


  • din gul


  • Adon

    The design video is a real teaser, the G3,its a Gorgeous piece. The specs are great too.

  • K2

    Its nice that atleast one thing remains a secret (in this case the build material). Companies should keep some surprise for the launch. Leaking everything early will take the fun out of a product. This is why apple does it too.

  • Zachary Vincent Manning

    The z2 is the only flagship in my eyes, but LG is hard to ignore. They always add a comparable amount of uniqueness. I was a G2 fan before it was cool, and i think i might be a g3 fan as well. If i bought this phone and the z2 came to verizon shortly after i wouldn’t be too mad because i get a removable battery. The smartphone game is just really a game of how much patience do you have. Wait, wait, and more waiting

    • kg2128

      There is nothing hardware/software wise that separates the Z2 from other flagships, except for the huge bezel/angular design.

  • Eddy

    I know what I want to accomplish with my device, I just need it to be ready to accept commands and process them quickly. The G3 has performed that role as well as any handset I’ve used in the past year and, a few cosmetic issues aside, is my favorite phone of 2014.

  • Eddy

    LG has impressed us with the G3 which comes in at under £500 but packs amazing features including that Quad HD and a camera with a laser auto focus. The device is surprisingly small considering the 5.5in display and we like the more premium design. It’s another winner from LG.

  • Eddy

    Its size won’t be for everyone, and we do wish LG would take a closer look at the audio side of things, but there’s no denying that its high-res capabilities, mixed in with a stunning video performance, great design and superb user experience make it a very tempting choice.