Just as Samsung unveiled the Galaxy S3 in front of a huge online and offline audience, LG made a similar announcement that for some reason, went unnoticed. LG wants some attention, folks.

The Optimus LTE2 is the most recent monster phone to come from one of Samsung’s longstanding competitors and, while some technical details about the device are still blurry, what we do know makes us think that this could actually be at least as powerful and cool as the Galaxy S3.

Set to hit Korea in just a matter of weeks, the Optimus LTE2 will be the world’s first ever smartphone to feature 2 GB of RAM. Samsung, Apple and HTC have all stuck with 1 GB of memory for quite some time and appeared hesitant to go to the next level in this area, so it’s sure nice to see someone not afraid to push the envelope.

Unfortunately, we don’t know what processor will the Optimus LTE2 pack under its hood, so we can’t say if this will actually be the world’s most powerful smartphone. Rumors point towards either a dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 chipset or a quad-core NVIDIA Tegra 3 proc, but we should wait and see.

Other known features include LG’s own “True HD IPS” display (unknown size, though), as well as a 2,150 mAh battery with 40% longer life compared to the first-edition Optimus LTE. Other known details include Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, and support for wireless charging via a separate dock. Nice move, LG.

There are a few rumors going around about the phone’s screen size, with the most reliable pointing towards a 4.7-incher, but, once again, we should wait for official news and confirmation. What we do know, however, is that the display will use a full RGB matrix, which might make it brighter and crisper than the pentile screen sported by the Galaxy S3.

As for the phone’s design, this looks very similar to the first-edition Optimus LTE and this year’s L series smartphones. The case is rectangular and elegant, and might actually draw the attention of people who don’t dig the Galaxy S3’s “curves”.

The new Optimus LTE will hit Korea in mid-May (the exact date is still unknown), while other availability or pricing details are being kept under wraps. There’s no way to know, therefore, if the phone will ever see the light of day in the US or Europe, but, considering that it could be a real road-opener, it’s safe to assume that it will enjoy a worldwide release sometime soon.

What do you guys think? Could that extra 1 GB of RAM make the LG Optimus LTE2 rise to the top of your shopping lists? Could this become a more powerful and popular phone than the Galaxy S3? And finally, what’s your view on LG’s marketing abilities, considering the fact that this unveiling pretty much came out of the blue and was almost about to get completely ignored?

  • Amin Zameel

    more RAM sucks battery more fast .That’s why I am thinking most of them are hesitating to upgrade from 1GB .Poor LG .I am thinking they are trying to attract customers by a foolish move.

    • Paul Kim

      More RAM doesn’t necessarily use more battery.
      Especially so when most of the memory isn’t occupied.
      The reason most manufacturers aren’t using 2GB is because it will never be used and thus, it is pointless.
      However, in the future mobile gaming will require more memory but the OS will most likely never require that much RAM.

      • Except if you load UbuntuonAndroid and use it as a full desktop in your pocket.

    • Android323

      You have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. More ram will actually conserve battery life, because it is much more efficient to suspend programs into memory than it is to run them from scratch.

  • Gdhdh_hdhs

    Well in the future pepole will not use computer they will use there phone as there desktop and so 2 gig of ram will be a most

  • Ann

    can somebody explaine me the difference between RAM and CPU. please, i`m not very keen in this stuff, but i’m interetsed in a new phone, so id really like to kno the difference :) thanks

    • RAM = Random Access Memory
      CPU = Central Processing Unit

      Basically, the processor accesses the data, and it uses energy to do so. The faster the processor (Ghz), the faster it does so, but the higher the clock speed, the more energy consumed.

      RAM is where the data is stored once it is loaded. If the device has more RAM, it can hold more data on the fly, and requires the CPU to use less power, as it stays in a dormant (or sleeping) status if it is not being actively used.

      While 1GB is more than enough for all but the most demanding of smartphone users, we are going to see 2GB be a must-have for superphones over the next 6-9 months, as these devices are only going to get faster and faster.

      This device by LG is the world’s first smartphone to have 2GB of RAM. Many tablets are in the process of being released that will have 2GB of RAM on board.

      Hope that helps! Make no mistake though, 1GB of RAM is plenty (for most), unless you’re really into modding, or unless you want to install UbuntuonAndroid (like Windows) on your portable device, and connect it to a larger screen, and to essentially use it as a pocketable computer.

      • Ann

        thanks for this great answer. i’m sorry for the late answer (our internet was down.) so a big RAM might be important for graphic intesive apps? greets from germany :) Ann

        • Hi Ann,

          It’s no problem. Truth is, there is little in the way of anything out there that could take advantage of such hardware. That being said, that doesn’t mean there wont be something in the future.

          You build it, they will come. Most smartphones out there in the world today have between 512MB – 1024MB (1GB) of RAM. 2GB is set to become the standard for high end devices in the future. If anything, we are just beginning the mobile revolution. The smartphones of today are equivalent to the performance of a good computer of about 4 years ago. The gap is set to close even further to the point where eventually, our smartphone could be our primary computer, where we just dock it to have a larger display, at our home, for our office, and in our car.

          ASUS is one company to watch in this area, as they have some very innovative designs. You should check out the ASUS Padfone – very cool.


          Also, Lenovo has a tablet set to be released soon that has 2GB of RAM on board as well: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ZS9sJrgj3M

          Anyway, truth is, as good as all this hardware is – it’s nothing without great apps to take advantage of it. Developers are growing in number, and are just beginning to learn how to take advantage of all of this. Hope that helps!

          • Ann

            i’m looking forward to this future when the phone will get the primary computer.
            (I love the imagination of having a smartphone i can use as a remote for everything and more. )

            And i like the idea of the padphone but 699$ are too much money for me.
            but these mobile revolution makes it quite hard to buy a new device if much better phones are coming up just a few month later. ;)
            I hope that now that Android is an etablished operating system for smartphones there will be more devices compatible to it ( just like the music player you can stick the iPhone to ).
            thanks for your answer
            (and to google translator for helping me using new words as ‘operating system’ :D)

  • LG Electronics has quietly announced its formal response to Chamberlain as a Smartphone Optimus LTE2.

  • Ansh Prajapati

    This is really great news. I got the same information from here http://forums.techarena.in/web-news-trends/1463428.htm

  • Techvet66

    I this will crush the S3 so bad :-) Lifes Good.

  • Techvet66

    Wow I got a little carried away there because I hate a guy I know who has nexus and thinks he is so special and if this phone dose not crush the nexus then I will do so myself with this phone.