It’s finally official: LG’s Optimus G Pro has a 5.5 inch 1080p screen, Snapdragon 600

by: ŠtefanFebruary 18, 2013

gpro_verge Image Credit: The Verge

LG has just announced their latest flagship device for 2013, the Optimus G Pro. Chances are you’ve already heard of it because it was launched earlier this year in Japan. That version has a 5 inch 1080p screen. This new variant, which will land in Korea and North America, has a 5.5 inch 1080p screen. Why are there two versions of the same phone? We don’t know.

As for the guts, this is the first phone to use Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon 600. The S4 branding is dead, so you’re going to be hearing a lot about the 600 from here on out. It’s basically an improved S4 Pro that’s clocked slightly faster. We’re talking an extra 200 MHz, bringing the total to 1.7 GHZ. The rest of the phone isn’t too shabby either: 13 megapixel camera, 2 GB of RAM, 32 GB of memory, and a 3140 mAh battery that’s not only removable, but it also charges wirelessly.

We’re going to have to get our hands on this thing before we pass any judgements, but here are our initial thoughts: The G Pro looks exactly like a Galaxy Note. The phone, no matter how good it is, will still be the last phone we would consider buying. In less than 72 hours we’re going to see the HTC One. In four weeks we’re going to see the Galaxy S4. In a little over a month we’re going to be able to buy Sony’s Xperia Z and ZL. Those four devices have so much more appeal than whatever LG brings to the table.

Can LG ever relinquish their underdog status? Sure, but they have to be bold. They need to stop coming out with phones that look like clones of Samsung devices. They also have to show off what makes their software special.

That or dump their skin altogether to attract the hardcore crowd.

  • MasterMuffin

    Apple is going to sue LG because LG makes phones that look like Samsung’s!

    • Samsung and LG are now good friends, next up they’ll join forces and simply decide to both stop supplying Apple.

      • In a business there is no such thing as friends , its only business relationship , every company is one another enemy , and every company is gonna backstab each other

        • Businesses forge alliances all the time. Microsoft and Intel had an alliance going on for decades, blocking out all competition and that profited both Microsoft and Intel for all those years while it hurt all other competitors. Same thing here, Samsung, LG and some other Asian suppliers are soon going to agree to stop supplying Apple with screens and processors, and thus Apple will be dead, and all new sales will go exclusively to the Android camp.

          • Than thats fraud practices and its illegal , if u do not sell to one supplier but you sell to other supplier its fraud practices it will leave a very bad image on company , unless apple dosent meet condition or lg dosent supply its part to other supplier , it cant stop apple.and did you forgot about windows RT which is ARM , which is intel enemy still microsoft made arm based windows.

          • That’s just not true. Companies can sell to whomever they want. The only thing LG and Samsung need is for the South Korean Government to mandate that they cancel all contracts with Apple. That is easy because the South Korean Government easily want to do whatever LG and Samsung asks them to do. LG and Samsung make up more than 20% of the GDP of the whole country. South Korea can simply make it a retaliatory move if the stupid and corrupt US court system actually proceeds to fine and ban LG and Samsung devices from being sold in the USA. Then there is zero reason that LG and Samsung wouldn’t jointly decide to stop all components supply to Apple. Most importantly for stricly business reasons it makes little sense for LG to provide screens and Samsung to provide processors to Apple, since LG and Samsung make way more money using the screens themselves or selling those components to other Android manufacturers who pay much better prices than Apple pays in bulk.

          • Apple was largest vendor to samsung than any android manufacturer in the world, but you are right they can do it if they want to, but there are large consequences like first of all it will have very bad image to company and than lower in profit which is not good for company and only samsung and apple are making huge profit , so its a total loss for lg , samsung can survive because of loads of cash , even nokia will be not buying chips and screen from samsung , and every vendor are moving away from them because of this fear.

          • LG and Samsung make nearly no money making the screens and processors for iphones and ipads. LG and Samsung make 10x more money using those same components in their own phones and tablets and keeping all the device profits to themselves. Other Android clients pay much better than Apple too, so it’s better for Samsung and LG to sell their screens and processors to all the other Android manufacturers instead of Apple.

          • You are not seeing my point if lg and samsung stops giving supplies to apple due to competition it will affect there image greatly and than other vendors will think if they can do that to apple they can do that to us also which is not good for both samsung and lg , as vendors will start searching new suppliers. Thats why its a total loss for both company , and this company not only make smartphone they make every electronic device on earth, even if they can earn huge money from selling smartphones but the reality is only samsung is making huge profit other vendors are still making very low profit specially lg and i think in 2011 apple order 8 billion dollars of supplies from samsung which is huge profit for samsung tell me one vendor that has order this much.

          • Nobody else is suing Samsung and LG. Only Apple is stupid enough to sue their suppliers like that. Apple is run by a bunch of morons who seemingly do not care if Apple’s supply is put to very serious direct risk of being totally blocked. Samsung makes very little profit supplying Apple and Samsung has no reason to continue to supply Apple. Samsung makes 10x more profits keeping the supply to themselves and simply making and selling more Samsung phones instead.

          • jawbroken

            Wow, LG and Samsung must be pretty stupid and incompetent to keep supplying Apple all those years when they could make so much more money otherwise. Explains their incompetently produced phone products, I guess.

          • Smartphones were a small market until recently. LG just didn’t have as good a smartphone strategy as Samsung early on in Android, which means around 3 years ago. But otherwise both LG and Samsung are doing very well in Android world. Samsung makes 10 billion dollars a quarter thanks to Android, and LG also pretty much subsidizes all of their losses in HDTV and other money-loosing consumer electronics markets with their rapidly growing Android smartphone business.

            Samsung and LG would be completely moronic to continue to supply Apple if those complete morons at Apple (Tim Cooked) somehow find it to make sense to continue their completely out of this world wacko stupid range of bogus lawsuits trying to ban Android device sales in the USA. Apple can just try. Apple can try a bit more to see how stupid they can be trying to ban Android in the USA. If Apple gets to just one more stupid corrupt Cupertino area bogus court to somehow fine or ban Samsung and LG in the US market, it would make zero sense for South Korea, thus Samsung and LG, to not immediately invalidate all supply contracts with Apple, stop supplying all screens and processors to Apple, and make sure no other Asian countries neither Taiwan, Japan or China do any supply dealings with Apple at all whatsoever. IF stupid and corrupt USA wants to ban smartphones in their country, let them ban the smartphones and Asian smartphone companies can replace the USA with easily supplying all that capacity instead to the rest of the world which unlike the US market is seeing explosive growth at the moment.

          • jawbroken

            Well, I mean, if even you can work out that they’re losing money supplying Apple, with presumably no access to the details of their finances that isn’t public information, then they must be pretty stupid and incompetent not to work it out themselves.

            Interesting that you know how much money Samsung makes from Android, did you work that out yourself? They don’t publish it so you must be very smart to calculate it. Care to show your working somewhere? They must lose $3.4bn+ on their other Samsung Electronics business, wow, that also seems stupid and incompetent. Sounds like you think they’re succeeding despite being a bunch of morons with no business skill or sense, interesting take.

          • All HDTV makers loose lots of money. That’s pretty much a fact of the consumer electronics industry. Samsung is the number 1 in HDTV thus they loose the most on HDTV, and LG is a pretty large HDTV maker too and thus LG looses a lot of money on HDTV too. The losses that they have on HDTV and other non-money-making businesses are subsidized by the hugely profitable Android business. That is the same for every other large consumer electronics company that does smartphones too, like Sony also. Sony pretty much looses Billions of dollars on all their other segments, but makes it all up and more by selling a large range of very profitable Android smartphones.

          • jawbroken

            Hmm, none of this seems to be data or a reasonable line of estimation. Again, care to show your work somewhere? Everyone would be very interested.

          • The huge losses of the HDTV industry are clearly well documented pretty much everywhere. If you didn’t know that HDTV business was loosing billions of dollars every month you’d be the only person in the world not informed.

          • jawbroken

            Still doesn’t support your estimate of $10b a quarter for Samsung. You’re just making up numbers.

          • Officially Samsung makes $52.6 billion revenue per quarter of which $6.6 billion per quarter is profit. If you cannot make the basic calculation that HUGE HDTV LOSSES are being subsidized by HUGE SMARTPHONE PROFITS, thus about $1 Billion PER MONTH in HDTV losses being subsidized by their huge Smartphone profits, then I dunno, go do something else. Go play with some kids somewhere about something else.

          • jawbroken

            Okay, so if HDTVs lose $1b a month (which, again, is a number you just made up) then they would still need to lose another $2.4b in the rest of their electronics business to make $10b on phones. How are you making these estimates and where else are they losing money?

          • Samsung looses billions on their Super AMOLED business, again, fully subsidized by their huge smartphone profits. How does $6.6 Billion + $3 Billion for HDTV subsidy need another $2.4 Billion to make $10 Billion in quarterly profits? Samsung looses money on Laptop business, all things related with Windows are either break even or money loosing businesses. Also, if we’re talking profits, how large a part of the $52 Billion revenue per quarter do you think is smartphone related? More than half, you’ll see. Sop Samsung is making upwards $10 Billion in revenue PER MONTH on their Android business alone. Samsung makes $1 Billion every 3 days on their Android business.

            You seem to forget Samsung is by far the biggest smartphone maker and Samsung is also the biggest HDTV maker in the world. ONe subsidizes the other. Without Android, Samsung wouldn’t be making displays anymore.

          • jawbroken

            Another set of made up numbers isn’t more convincing.

      • MasterMuffin

        That comment really started a comment war, look at dem comments!

  • fegwaf

    That looks exactly like a Samsung phone. Right down to the icons. Not a bad thing though in my opinion.

    • MasterMuffin

      that’s galaxy note not optimus g pro

    • Steve Rodrigue

      For me, it’s a disappointment. I don’t want to buy a Note 2 knockoff, I want original design!

      And in 2013, still having hardware buttons on an Android device, are you kidding me!?!?!?!?!

      NOTE: I own a Nexus 4, and I love the LG build quality. I just don’t like the design of this phone.

  • fegwaf

    Nice bezel though.

  • sungdroid

    hahaha galaxy note 2 FTW

  • JellyBean

    To all the blind $amsung fanbois, it does not look like an ugly Galaxy phone. LG did a good job on this and it’s not fair to compare it to a plastic Galaxy crap. Well done LG. This will be my next phone.

  • Rodpe

    I really consider Thaís overdose s4 , HTC One and xperia z

    • Rodpe


  • It’s beautiful, I don’t care if it looks like Samsung’s GALAXY Note. Don’t under estimate it, it could surprise many in terms of sales.

  • looks like samsung copied LG’s design…..years ago

  • Thomas Vales

    got to admit this looks nice, but thats just because it looks just like my note 2 lol.