Two Korean news agencies, Yonhap and Aju News, are reporting that LG’s next new flagship will be called the Optimus G Pro. Said device will have a 5.5 inch full HD (1920 x 1080) screen and it could hit the market as early as this quarter. Earlier this month we heard some rumors the G Pro, and these reports pretty much confirm them.

Without even knowing anything about this phone, we’re going to say the market will not give it any attention. This is a smartphone that’s being intentionally rushed out so that it can compete against the Galaxy S4 and the iPhone 5S/6. This isn’t the Optimus G2, the true successor to the Optimus G, this is just the old Optimus G we already know about, but with a 1080p screen.

Does anyone remember the Optimus 4X HD? That was “the world’s first quad core” smartphone that LG announced at Mobile World Congress in February 2012. When did it start shipping? During the summer. What device did LG announce in September? The Optimus G. Can you spot the pattern here? LG likes to announce a phone that they think the public will like in the first half of the year, fair to deliver a compelling product, and then finally come out with a tweaked device during the second half.

Think about it for a second. The Optimus G, the device that’s the best LG has to offer, at least according to their public relations team, only now broke the million units sold barrier. It took two months to hit that figure.

Can LG genuinely come out with something that’ll make everyone start taking them seriously again? The Nexus 4 clearly proves that LG can make something people want, but it’s such a shame that they didn’t make enough.

  • mohdamr1

    There is nothing special that defines lg phones, they are just another competitor in the Samsung/apple dominated markets. Maybe they should stick with making nexus devices.

  • Darknut

    LGs devices are more compelling than Samsungs or Apples products, in terms of design and in the overall package LG surpassed the two mobile heavyweights with the Optimus G and Nexus 4.

    The G Pro is NOT LGs new flagship device. The Optimus G still is. This is literally just a power users version of the G, bigger higher rez screen and beefier battery at the cost of looks and weight. Its just establishing LGs phones as the top of the different classes. Its a strategic move. LG makes a profit off the Optimus G which is their first entry into the real ‘high end’ class of devices. They will continue to make great phones in the G seriesand will eventually gain market share and recognition. Phones sell if they are popular. Not if they are the best package around. The Optimus G or Nexus 4 are clearly leaps and bound better than an S3, the only thing holding it back at this point is 4.0 vs 4.1..

    IMO LG will be the fastest growing mobile OEM this year, and will have the best devices on the market. That doesnt mean their sales will instantly beat Samsungs or Apples. But they will make strides.