LG Optimus G Pro named king of the large-screen jungle, takes the Galaxy Note 2’s throne

by: Adam KoueiderMay 29, 2013

Big props goes to LG for beating Samsung to the 1080p punch with the epic Optimus G Pro

Samsung spawned a new market when it released the Galaxy Note, and while it has taken a while for other manufacturers to catch up, LG looks to have hit a homerun with the LG Optimus G Pro.

U.S. consumer magazine Consumer Report has stated that the Optimus G Pro is both better and cheaper than the current king of large-screen smartphones, the Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

LG held an event where it invited 182 participants who have had previous experience with large phones, to participate in a one month trial where they tested the user experience of the Optimus G Pro and compared it to their previous experiences with other smartphones.

Incredibly, 95% of the participants chose to replace their current devices with an Optimus G Pro, and 80% of those who chose to swap were coming from a Samsung Galaxy Note.

The features that participants saw as the most interesting were the Full HD front and back cameras, as well as a feature we’ve also seen on the Galaxy S4, called dual recording mode. This allows both the subject and the taker to be in the video, and uses both the front and rear camera simultaneously to shoot videos. Unlike the Galaxy S4, it can not take still shots.

With a 5.5-inch Full HD display, a Quad-core Snapdragon 600 clocked at 1.7 ghz and a 13 megapixel camera, the Optimus G Pro has specifications which rival and even exceed the Galaxy Note 2 in some aspects.

However, some would argue that it isn’t the Galaxy Note 2’s size that makes it such a great device, but rather it is Samsung’s software optimizations and the S-Pen, which allow you to fully utilize the screen space.

If you still can’t decide if the LG Optimus G Pro is for you, check out our “By the numbers” comparison of the Optimus G Pro and the Galaxy Note 2 by clicking here, or check out the video review of the Optimus G Pro below.

Do you think the LG Optimus G Pro is the best large-screen device? Or are the software editions of the Galaxy Note 2 enough to continue its reign as king?

  • zachary Kew-Denniss

    I have a Galaxy SII so I’m going to be objective and tell you which I’d rather upgrade to. After experiencing S-Pen on my Note 10.1 I would say that the Note II is still better. S-Pen is something I want more of. Planning on getting a Note III when it’s released.

    • Jeff Burns

      I just upgraded from a SGSII to a LG Optimus G ProE980, since I couldn’t wait 6 more months for a SGS4 class device in Phablet form. (my vision took a bad turn). I haven’t regretted it though. The Optimus G Pro right now is the best high end Phablet out there. At least until the Note3 releases. :) Spec wise, the E980 is a SGS4 with a bigger screen, so its really nice/FAST hardware. The lack of S-Pen (or similar) is a definite disadvantage though.

  • EvenInTheDarkestHour

    Took its thrown? With sales? Did the fewer than 200 participants say that they would switch, or did they actually pony up, sign a contracts, and put money down? Last…so a new release is taking on a soon to be replaced, near EOL device, and won? Pardon the sarcasm. Cheers!

  • Kris Kyle Pansan

    not until note 3 arrives :)

  • simpleas

    um.. spen is what differentiates the note from all other androids.. either way, i like that lg phone, looks great.

  • kascollet

    “With a 5.5-inch Full HD display, a Quad-core Snapdragon 600 clocked at 1.7 ghz and a 13 megapixel camera, the Optimus G Pro has specifications which rival and even exceed the Galaxy Note 2 in some aspects.”
    Except the stylus, ALL of the specs exceed the Note 2’s.

    • Jeff Burns

      I’ve got it, and this thing is turbo fast. And yeah, I want the stylus too. But that seemed to be a reasonable compromise, since my eyes were requiring the bigger screen with higher resolution, which at the moment leaves only the E980 as the ONLY option in the phablet category.

  • Ivan Myring

    Needs Sammy’s multi window

    • shadowdriven

      It has LG’s multi window which also allows transparency.

  • ppi

    As usual the Note 2 fanboys are the most butthurt, defending this outdated device with all kinda invalid arguments. I had Note 2 and there is nothing great about it anymore, especially since the LTE version was never sold here for some unknown reason. The display is where you really see how outdated it is, you fanboys would have to admit that if you had already seen a G Pro, it is every bit as clear as S4 and Xperia Z, very hard to like note 2 after you tasted full HD.

    And then again I know that note 2 fans are not what one would call objective or receptive to alternatives even when the alternatives superiority is obvious, it’s useless to say something to people who are that deep in denial.

    • societyofosiris

      A survey of 182 people is hardly a litmus test for which phone is the best. To see an actual survey with thousands of participants on a weekly basis gauged in real-time, look at phonedog.com and tell me which has the #3 spot and which one is ranked #9? The Note 3 is only a few months away and you can bank that it will take the number one spot again for just as long as the Note 2 did against every other phone on the market.

      • Jeff Burns

        Its a safe bet that the Note3 is a sure thing for taking the top spot back. Presumably with a Snapdragon 800 or equivalent for proc. Kinda like we presume/hope the SGS5 will be better than the SGS4. But that’s months away, and the phablet equivalent to a SGSIV – the LG E980 is released right now. :)

        • societyofosiris

          Actually the Galaxy Note 3 is slated to have the world’s first 2300 mhz DRAM and, as Samsung has done in the past, unleashing the Exynos 5 Octa Core (Really Quad Core Big Little Architecture) at easily clockable speeds surpassing the 2 GHz limit while reducing the low band to around iPhone 5 speeds of 1 GHz in order to sip battery when you aren’t hammering your phone. The Galaxy Note 3 will easily compete against most netbooks and still fit in your pocket.

    • Ivan

      Outdated? LOL. Sure thing. What do you do… look at text with a a mircoscope? That must be why Lisa Gade from mobiletech says this:

      “Honestly, you have to own a pair of sharp eyes to see the difference in
      resolution. Color saturation is the most obvious difference, and this
      comes down to personal preference: do you love better than life That pop
      colors, or do you prefer natural tones and sharp text. Do you read
      black text on white pages often or more often do you watch movies and
      view photos? The LG is the better choice for text and the Samsung is
      great when viewing videos and photos.”

      And some reviews say the the G Pro is poor in sunlight…as poor as the Note 2.

  • LogicBomb

    optimus g pro is definitely the better device. When is it coming to canada?

  • Jay

    I have a Note II and love it. But the G Pro is definitely the better device IMO.

    The only thing that would really bother me is the opposite positions of the back and settings buttons compared to Samsung devices. That would take a bit of getting used to.

    That, and the lack of development on xda.

    • Jeff Burns

      ACK on both points. The back and settings buttons being reversed drive me batty.

      The lack of XDA Dev is a big problem for me as well. There is interest in it, but its not at the top of the list. The locked bootloader is creating most of the lack of development problem at the moment, or at least that’s my understanding is that folks are holding off until the bootloader gets unlocked, and then start in on the ROM’s. Luckily the default ROM doesn’t seem to be too addled…

  • john

    I find it funny that I have trouble holding this device when I can use my Note 2 with ease.

    Time to do some forearm exercises!

  • Joshua Hill

    ‘80% of those who chose to swap were coming from a Samsung Galaxy Note.’

    Is that a Note 1, 2 or both combined. Either way these figures don’t really tell us anything. I mean come on the survey was done by LG.

    BTW you should have released the G pro in Australia LG.

    • Adam Koueider

      Both combined, and yes, LG should have released the Optimus G Pro in Australia, we miss out on so many devices down here.

  • Cris Tiri

    Never tried the Note 2, wanted to try Android so just switched from iPhones to the Optimus G Pro because I like LCD over AMOLED screens. Love this phone! Everything works beautifully, this phone is a dream to work and play on. So cool that I can replace icons with images from my gallery.

  • Slimjak1

    The Galaxy Note is about 3 years old and Note 2 a year old. Comparing apples and pickles at a LG event done for LG by LG

    • Jeff Burns

      When the Note3 releases, it’ll have the same effect over the E980. That’s life in the Tech lane. Right now the E980 has the undisputed top crown in the phablet category since it has the same innards as a SGS4 with a full HD 5.5″ screen. The Note3 presumably will kick this thing to the curb like the Note2 did to the Note, but for right now, its available TODAY, and the Note3 is months away.

  • Finally I bought Galaxy Note II. It is better than anything… :)

  • LG

    I was all for LG when I bought the optimus g until dropped it from my pocket and shattered the screen. getting it fixed was a nightmare. due to the screen design, zero gap blah blah blah. well because of this stupid technology that no one cares about, it is more likely to break. it is also more expensive to fix and in the process I realized how poorly constructed it is.
    their promised updates are always delayed. every feature they brag about as revolutionary is just copied from samsung and it is so blatantly obvious.
    Why is it that every article you read about LG sounds like they wrote it? the booklet in my LG box says “rated the best phone by one of the leading mobile magazines”…doesn’t even say which one. 90% of 2000 people “randomly” “invited” chose this phone over the note 2. well I did a poll with randomly selected children that I birthed and they all said I was the best dad they ever had.
    LG comes across as so pathetic,samsung’s ugly little brother.

  • Jack

    when LG Optimus G Pro will be in egypt ?? and how much ??

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  • Rodriquezpr

    I have a Note I close to over a year, and have rarely used the S-Pen. If the LG Optimus came with 64GB with up to 64GB microSD, I would jump on it in a heart beat!