LG Optimus G Nexus camera photos spotted already on Picasa

by: Chris SmithOctober 9, 2012

Earlier today we showed you the first leaked images of the LG Optimus G Nexus – the name isn’t official yet, but most rumors agree that the first LG Nexus handset will be largely based on the LG flagship handset – and we told you everything we know about the upcoming device.

But it looks like we’re not done with the leaks for today, as the first photos taken with the camera of this LG Nexus handset have been spotted on Picasa. According to EXIF data, assuming it was not tampered with, the pictures were taken with a “Google mako” device that sports an 8-megapixel camera.

You’ll say that “Google mako” sounds nothing like “LG Nexus,” and that’s true. Mako is a codename and represents a type of shark. How is that relevant? Well, previous Google devices also had fish-related codenames: HTC G1 “trout,” HTC Nexus One “mahimahi,” Motorola Xoom “stingray,” Samsung Nexus S “herring” and Samsung Galaxy Nexus “tuna.”

Furthermore, the users that have uploaded the images to Picasa “seem to be LG Korea employees,” according to Androidos.in.

We’ll be back with more details about the upcoming Nexus handsets in the coming days and weeks. Meanwhile, let us know whether you are excited about the LG Optimus G Nexus or not?

  • AndroidBrian

    Say what!? Google downgraded the camera form the original LG for its Nexus device. SHOCKER!


    that looks awful Google again showing they are not a hardware company. Apple will still be king when it comes to best camera which is a deal breaker for me :(

    • Nope. Best smartphone camera award goes to Nokia.

      • MARCIO A.

        if you are talking about the video comparison by slashgear, I like the image stabilization but looks at the colors like the guy in purple you can’t even tell it’s purple on the 920 or look at the leafs and the building at the back, the 920 is really dark. For my money quality wise I think the Iphone 5 has the best camera followed by HTC One and Nokia 920 which is not even out yet but does look promising.

    • why does google need to prove they are a hardware company when LG makes the phone?

  • SuyashSrijan

    Camera quality looks quite bad. But then, this is just a prototype phone. I hope the final device has a good camera, GS3-like quality or above m/