LG’s first Jelly Bean-running Android device will be the upcoming Nexus 4 – which will run Android 4.2 out of the box, a software version that will still be part of Jelly Bean according to rumors – but what about other LG Android handsets, especially high-end ones?

The South Korean company has apparently shared more details about its Jelly Bean plans and there are a few of interesting surprises there.

First of all, the company’s latest flagship device, the Optimus G, will receive its Jelly Bean love in December, while the Optimus LTE 2 will get its Android 4.1 share a month earlier. The Optimus Vu and Optimus Vu 2 will be upgraded in the first quarter of 2013, but for some reason, the Optimus 4X HD is not mentioned in LG’s official press release. The updates will be rolled out sequentially, starting with South Korea, but there aren’t any actual release dates for the software revealed at this time.

If you own any other LG Android device, you won’t be happy to hear that LG has not mentioned yours in its immediate Jelly Bean upgrade plans. Sure, there are always other ways to enjoy Google’s latest Android version on devices that have not been updated yet to run it, or on devices that will never get it. But that doesn’t mean that all Android users out there is ready to perform the necessary steps to get these unofficial ROMs on their device.

Any thoughts about LG’s Jelly Bean upgrade plans?

  • LG’s plans and LG’s actual updates usually do not match!!! Doesn’t matter which LG device you have. Do not count on updates. I wouldn’t even trust the LG Nexus 4 to get the updates. LG will find a way so that even google can not create the update.

  • Lmao all i have to say is remember the Lg Optimus 2x? it was suppose to be updated but noooo they left it out

    • Yep. I’ve got myself a G2x. Never again with LG.

      • Joes

        That’s why there are xda devs

  • Carlos Morales

    What a joke they can’t even get ics right!

  • myfirstlgphone

    if my LG 4X HD wont get jelly bean update, I´ll never buy lg again, and I will say all to people who I know that my 4x HD was floppy, and it get broken in month… and if 4x wont have jb update, think what happens when the next gen android shows up -> lg nexus wont get that update… there is not even cyanogenmod for LG 4X HD P880

  • WeeDy

    fckin sux , if lg doesn’t update the 4x then it well be the worst company ever , samsung s II will get the jelly bean and it a dual core i mean wdf

  • peterwwww

    Wish you guys would chill, LG are slower than samsung for releasing updates, due to one main reason: budgets. Marketing and Tech departments for the mobile phones/tabs parts of the company are far smaller than that of Samsung: For one reason. Second, releasing the update straight away and then smashing it onto the handsets immediatly isnt always a good thing. Samsung galaxy S3 suffered loads of charging issues only resolved in ICS from updating to jelly bean. Its 4.0.1 > 4.0.3 update in ICS was rushed out and caused this. Chill your bean. Jelly bean IS coming to LG 4X in January 2013 for most handsets on Vodaphone and O2, not 100% on the others.

  • LgUK

    If LG descides nog to update the 4xhd, toen thell do bankrupt. De because that Will destroy the last bit of respect left for de LG. Nobody shall buy LG after they have heard that they wont be updated. Of course, there are other explinations for the 4X silense. It could also be, that lg is secretly working on an 4,2 update, instead of 4,1, and that they dont wanna tell people about 4,2. Lets hope for the last one.

  • Arda Yazar

    Guys, calm down. This schedule was announced in korea, which was surely for koreans, and you know what? Koreans do not even got a phone named 4X HD. Next update for 4X will “probably” be around Q1 2013. (I said probably becouse they may delay announced updates which we saw in the history) Have a nice day!
    By the way,sorry for my bad english, its just my 2nd language and im still learning it.

  • thats a shame – seems like 4x aint getting jb updates anytime soon , lg is gonna screw up big time next year .

  • 3 days left, where is the Optimus G Jelly Bean Update?

    • I see your post was a month ago well I just got one and its still ics so it looks like a waiting game not cool for me I was told by the store manger out of box was JB not happy about that.

  • travelbug

    I got this email this morning from LG Customer service in the UK

    Thank you for your email regarding the P880.

    Based on the information you have provided me with and reading through your query, I can advise you that unfortunately we have no information with regards to confirmed release dates for the Jelly Bean update, nor whether or not it is confirmed to be released for this handset. I can advise that we currently have a handset already running on the Jelly Bean version, which is our Nexus 4 (E960). I&#39m sorry I cannot be of further assistance.

  • I have a optimus g and its ics so december of what 2013 this must be a old post