LG Optimus 3D To Launch In The UK Soon

by: Aerol BibatJune 15, 2011

LG has been pretty quiet about the Optimus 3D for awhile now. The last that we heard of this hands-free smartphone was when LG announced it back at the Mobile World Congress. However, its time to get our hopes back back up, because Amazon UK has recently put up a pre-order page with a release date for it.

The listing on Amazon puts the UK release for the Optimus 3D next week, specifically June 20. That’s pretty close. However, don’t go and gallivant off to Amazon UK just yet. The e-retailer has the pre-order through KingofGadgets and it may be a little steep for some people. The current price tag for LG’s latest baby is at £600 – which in American dollars is about $900; that’s a pretty high price for a smartphone nowadays.

Still, possible price changes maybe in the air – after all, it’s still  a pre-order. If it doesn’t change, there’s still nothing to worry about. T-Mobile UK is scheduled to start selling it with contracts this month, while Three UK will follow suit in the next month.

Right now, the Optimus 3D will be the first 3D smartphone in the United Kingdom – that’s a pretty good advantage in the market, not to mention the specs that it can boast. Packing a 4.3 inch display, it has a 1GHz dual-core processor, runs on Android 2.3 Gingerbread, along with dual stereoscopic cameras that can capture 3D video and 1080p video in 2D thrown in, and support for DLNA and HDMI.

That’s a pretty solid spec sheet, though it might not be worth the $900 price tag. Or is it?

Source: Android Central

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