LG Optimus 2X Released on Wind Mobile

by: Darcy LaCouveeJune 25, 2011

Good news Canadians! The LG Optimus 2X is finally available at WIND Mobile. It’s a wonderfully appointed handset featuring a large 4.0 inch display, dual core 1Ghz processor, and 1080p video recording, and it’s being offered for the very reasonable price for $445.

The Optimus 2X is able to hold its own with some of the best Android phones of 2011, and is, hands down, the best phone Wind Mobile has put on sale to date. It also comes with Android OS 2.2, and is upgradable to Android 2.3 Gingerbread. Plus, don’t forget, it will come with a a 1.3 megapixel front facing camera along with an 8 megapixel camera that shoots/plays back 1080p HD videos. The Optimus 2X can be had for the awesome price of $445 with no contract, or for 295 on the Windtab.

Check it out if you’re interested: LG Optimus 2X at Wind Mobile

  • Roman

    Just got the phone, but I cant seem to update it. I’m running 2.2, but the lg update tool says that its the latest firmware. How do I update??

    • labnewf

      for now that is the latest update for the phone . but the 2.3 gingerbread update is to come in the next few weeks . I have the g2x from t mobile (same phone) on wind network. this update is to fix the known issues with the phone

      • Guest

        Untill today Jan 3, 2012 No update from Wind

        • me

          still no update 2013 and they told me that lg has not sent them anything to update it. so lg totally disappointed and will never buy anything from them ever! and google went and use them for there new phone line sorry big mistake! no nexus till they get other company to make it next time!

    • Fake

      I got the google nexus s last week because the wind rep told me the LG X2 will not support 2.3 ever and doubts it will support android 4.0

  • Magnaman

    I just got this phone, There is now the WinTab+, I got it for 95$ only. Plus Windmobile have a promotion on their super smart plan, usually 45$ now only 29$ for the first year, all included unlimited call, unlimited data, voicemail, caller id, call forwarding etc.

    Plus they have what they call the “Extended Local Calling Areas” which give you unlimited local call in that area.

    I’ve switch from Telus, I was paying 65$ a month for a way lesser plan! I even pay 100$ because my contract was only over in January, but this is completely worth it.

    As per the phone it’s only running 2.2 but the 2.3 update will be available soon, I heard in September

  • Nastya30

    I got this phone with Wind plan back to school promotion 2 weeks ago, guess what happen, every time anytime phone turns of itself, the time you are waiting a call from someone (and I am a hairdresser clients call me during the day) the phone is off most of the times, to get back on, you need to open battery, even after that it is still difficult to turn on, so , I call to custom support, they told me to exchange, So, I spent time on driving and got a new another device, it does the same, turns off, so now I am trying to get the working pnone, Wind does not have them in stock, basically I can not use the pnone, Customet support of Wind hang up on me every time I called them, saying that they do not have the solution on my problem other than wait till new stock arrives, strongly I would not recommend anyone to get this phone or deall with Wind mobile, if you will have any problems they would not help you…..

  • Larry

    Wind is not able to service this phone. I’m told they can’t upgrade to 2.3. Right now I would not buy this phone and you should avoid Wind. Wind customer support is pretty useless.
    That will teach me to buy the cheapest product on the market. Don’t make the same mistake.