LG Optimus 2X ICS update once again delayed, Q3 2012 is the new ETA

by: AdrianMay 12, 2012
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While LG seems to be looking towards the high-end smartphone future with great ambition, the company’s high-end devices from back in the day are being ignored big time. The Optimus LTE2, unveiled last week, looks pretty great on paper, and the LS970 Eclipse, leaked yesterday, has some out of this world specs, but what about the Optimus 2X?

Released more than a year ago, the Optimus 2X was a pretty cool gadget at the time, coming with a dual-core processor, an 8 MP rear-facing camera and a more than decent 4-inch IPS LCD screen. However, the phone didn’t find its way to an Ice Cream Sandwich update and for a long time it seemed like it wasn’t even due for an upgrade.

LG finally announced back in December that the Optimus 2X will receive ICS sometime in Q2 of this year, but unfortunately the Koreans failed to deliver on the promise. Although Q2 is not yet over, the handheld is now slotted for a Q3 update, according to a Facebook comment from LG Singapore.

The interesting thing about this information is that it’s quite old (the Facebook comment is from April 26), but for a while it was kept on the down low. That means that either this is not a 100% certain information, which is not very likely, or LG was simply hoping that no one will notice the Optimus 2X’s delayed update.

On a different front, it will be interesting to see what will happen with the LG phones that were scheduled back in December to get ICS updates in Q3 2012. Will those updates be pushed back as well or will LG finally deliver on a promise? There’s no way to know what LG’s exact plans are, both about the Optimus 2X (Q3 could mean July or September after all) and other older phones, but one thing is sure, nevertheless: LG has once again managed to disappoint its faithful users and their ICS update scheduling is becoming a major annoyance for anyone who’s refused to jump ship to Samsung or HTC.

Do you guys agree? Are you willing to wait an additional few months for Android 4.0 on your Optimus 2X? How upset are you with LG right now?

  • cbstryker

    I’ve been quite upset, nay, royally pissed with LG for a while now. This just makes it worse.

  • No more LG

    As a former G2x owner, all I can say is never ever buy an LG phone. Ever. They all look great on paper but it will always end in frustration. Guaranteed.

    Sent from my regularly supported and updated Galaxy Nexus.

    • Nery Jr

      This guy knows what they said… and totaly agree with his coment. This define LG mobile phone division.

  • SamsaraGuru

    I wonder why no great “marketing genius” ever seems to realize that ultimately what is going to build a loyal and repeat customer clientele, an incredible word of mouth groundswell of people seeking you out, is not whether or not you have the latest doodad, but rather IF YOU ARE GOING TO sell something – YOU do the homework; YOU do the research; YOU do everything damn thing possible to make sure that I, the consumer who is placing his trust in you will not be made to look like the proverbial ASS?

    Of course, such thinking and comprehending it does mean one must have the mental abilities of a rocket scientist; capable of “brain surgery” and also, most difficultly of all of CARING that what you and I buy is actually going to serve us well for at least as far as it can reasonably be expected – given their current level of knowledge and that of the industry – as long as possible.

    Of course, THAT would require that they truly care about us and think of us as individuals; human beings who have more important purposes here on earth than to simply lust after the latest – equally ill conceived and callously thrown out there wham, bam thank you mam boy toy designed to attract and cause those who have little contact with reality or responsibility to buy the “latest and greatest” simply because it is the newest and “most sexy and you know it” device?

  • Wasique_1219

    I am done with this BS, The optimus 2x was my first Lg phone and its gonna be my last.

  • OnlyAKorean

    Completely and utterly sadened. I have a P990, it worked fine, a little choppy but fine. Then it broke, and going to LG they didnt know what the problem was and didnt take my help. I had to manually install apps and such, install a whole new OS just to get it working. In which they didnt help. Maybe i was unlucky, BUT THEN! all the commotion of the 4.0 OS and information about improvements with ui and such. and yet they still dont deliver. This was a great phone, just LG provided a very bad service.

    Having your mind set on the goal is not always great, you could lose the world.

    I really hope they just step up and throw it out there. I am sure many will have a smile on their faces, right?
    If not that, then atleast the community should develop a stable mod, even if it means getting data or whatever from LG themselves.

    PLEASE GOD! make something happen….

    from a Self Proclaimed Korean

  • TommyNYC

    I own an Ally still (LG’s first android phone [or second?]), the day i bought it i was told the 2.2 update is maybe 2-3 months away, that quickly turned into 4-5 months, which turned into 6.. and so on.
    LG blamed it on VZ, VZ blamed it on LG.. bla bla
    Granted at that point i just rooted the damn thing and installed a rom with 2.2 but thats besides the point.

    I was offered the Optimus as an upgrade to the Ally not too long ago, the deal itself was quite a catch, of course there was a promise that ICS will be soon available.

    Needless to say i didn’t fall for it this time, i’ll be quietly waiting for the S3 to hit VZ before i upgrade.

    LG likes to forget about their phones once they are out of factory. updates ? dream on.

  • LanceMiller

    I’m done with “LG”. I will not be buying anything that they make. Just bought a new $1200 tv & it was not an “LG” but it coud have been if they had proven to me that they cared about their customers & appreciated my loyalty. I never thought that there could be anyone worse that Samsung but I was wrong, LG takes the prize.

    • Snap. The damage they are doing to their brand is staggering.

    • marek1111

      Compared to LG, Samsung is god…

  • Ianbeefyburt

    It is v dissapointing as i specifically bought this phone on the basis the 4.0 was due soon. It does seem that only Google with its Nexus phones deliveres its updates promply and without fuss. All the others stutter and mumble and act like they didnt know about the concept of android updates- happy to take our money and treat us like fools.

  • great phone but like any android battery life is horrible, when i had that phone i had replaced the battery and put an extended one, since then my phone lasted 2 full days, i had tried a few batteries but some are really cheap, the best i’ve found was http://www.superbatterypack.com

  • http://www.superbatterypack.com , only way i have an android.

  • Never again an LG phone! :( Buggy software, no updates. The only reason I can still use my 2x is because I could get a 3rd party unofficial ROM.

  • Cynosure_manav

    Alwz liked LG. Don’t loose ur customers. Update g2x with ics4

  • typicalAsianGuy

    haha.. what do you expect? It’s fucking LG.. buy more popular phones from Samsung and HTC or Nexus devices.

  • LGOwnsUs

    This was my third and last LG phone. Never have I been more disappointed with the service provided as I have with my p990. LG has your money already so they really don’t have any motivation to make the updates available any time soon if ever. If they ever do give us ICW, we will all have to wait for our providers to make their mods to the rom image. That will probably delay it by another quarter or 2? By the time p990 gets ICW, phones will be shipping with gingerbread.

    My next phone will be a Samsung or an HTC, so long LG thanks for nothing!

  • The failure to support their products is the reason I won’t be buying LG again.

  • RA

    This will be my last LG phone for sure

  • matt

    i wont wait that long fuck LG

  • Who gives a F if I have to wait longer, it works fine as is.

  • Forwars42

    Korean users call LG as Hell G for it’s roughly made hardware, clumsy software.

    • OnlyAKorean

      hahaha i think i will get Samsung Galaxy Note

  • P Dobson

    No more LG for me – I was promised a Gingerbread update would be released within 2 weeks of the phones release by LG support staff this was over a year ago and still waiting. The really annoying thing for me that I opted for this phone over the galaxy 2S which had not yet been released yet becuase of this duff information. LG will never be able to hack it with the big boys due to this pathetic after service.

  • Gazwolds

    I felt forced to root my phone for cyanogenmod 7 – which while great and all that still crashes a lot. I’m up for a new phone in july and i’m afraid i’m jumping ship for a galaxy S3…. i doubt i’ll ever get another LG phone.

    • OnlyAKorean

      dude, you should get ‘Temasek CM7 Kang’ and get ‘Etana OC’ kernel. Made it so much better, no crashes, everything seems to work :D

  • Aris

    Despide the negative comments I read in this forum, I like the LG optimus 2x and I would buy again an LG phone. OK… they failed on their promise but it’s a business jungle out there. All major companies do not always have the customer in mind. What is more the previous upgrade was flawless and the phone works just perfectly with android 2.3.4. So why should we depend so much on the upgrade? I do not understand…

    • luis

      You are right 2.3 on my LG 2x seems to work fine no problems yet. I am satisfied with the phone i got, the update can wait anyways just be patient.

  • Disappointed2X

    I love the H/W its well designed, I hate the S/W, O/S (Froyo really?). I’m done I was willing to wait until Q2 but until Q3 that’s the limit of my patience. Now its just a wait and see as I want the next iPhone. The shame of it all is I switched from my iPhone to the 2X.

    How you stay in business is beyond me.

    buh bye

  • Tom

    Never, ever buying LG again. I bought it on the promise of OS updates, and they have effectively broken that contract. I was so close to getting a Nexus S, too. Whyyy did I ever trust LG?

  • Script101

    LG = Really bad service… My last product from them is this Optimus 2X (and i’m at my 4th in 3 months).

  • Guest

    I Really don’t understand why everyone is so annoyed about the delay, I think lg are excellent, there support is fantastic, every query I have asked them they have answered promptly, having to wait till September for an update so what?, if everyone is that annoyed then install cyanogenmod or change the phone simple

  • Davide Quattrucci

    Samsung here I come

  • Sind

    I am sad but have any ovf you wondered if the optimus 2x is able to run ICS, I am nu an android wizz b so I can not say for sure, but becausr it only has 512 Mb of RAM and just 372Mv that are actualy used, ICS might just turn off your phone faster than it did while runing. v10b for example Anyway it works just fine and I coud se that by running Passmark , wich gave hires scores than other high end well known devices I wish all enough money to buy whatever device you might like tech eut remember tech develops fast and everithyng gets old with time! I like it just the way it is I don’t want a. aICS if this will make my phone run slower…

    • pedro97

      I run ICS (CM9) and is faster than GB (stock), and considering that uses not official drivers, no h/w acceleration… etc. Imagine how an official version would work.
      LG programmers sucks!! LG marketing sucks!! LG customer service sucks!!
      In two months I buy a new phone… likely HTC One X.

      • Sind

        Thanks a lot Pedro, what you are saying comes as a real surprise for me! I can not root my phone because I am afraid of losing my warranty. I was more than certain of what I said in my comment because I watched for a long time the way apps consume RAM. I believe you , and I am glad you can make the most of your LG.
        PS. My English was bad because while writing the comment the page kept going top/ bottom/ left right every time I touched the space button

  • Kamui

    LG? Nope never again. And NEVER NEVER NEVER again phones based on nvidia chipsets

  • nathan

    This sucks’!

  • Ricardo Santos

    LG phones never again

  • customer

    it still reboots,I want to report them to any media that they used to deceive us the customers!!!

  • I do not recommend anyone buy an LG phone. I am tired of my buggy and lagging LG Optimus 2X

    • michal

      I am satisfied now, but only after reflashing, rooting and installing MIUI android.
      Its ok now.
      Original LG android has many problems, including sending lot of MB suspicious data dont know where..

  • Dillon Donovan Van der Merwe

    Regarding the L7…Thats GREAT and all.

    But i am very disappointed with LG and will think twice before buying a LG Smartphone again…I HAVE a LG P920 (Optimus3d) which is Lg’s Flagship Smartphone still now as The L7 is not yet available in all countries…I bought the Optimus because of 3D AND LG officially stated in END of 2011 that they will upgrade the P920 3D to ICS Android 4.0…The first release date was set for Quarter 2012 then not even Gingerbread was released for the P920 by LG and very late too…Gingerbread was released only in March/April 2012 by LG for the P920 while Samsung was already giving ICS with their smartphones….
    I just feel that LG IS ONLY THINKING ON SELLING and profit rather than also service and keeping their big spending customers happy and up to date…

    I have searched everywhere online and still no recent news regarding
    this release of ICS for Last years LG smartphones…
    Thank you and please give me your opinion if you own a LG smartphone..Hopefully we will have a LG moderator check in and give some solid answers….
    Kindest regards

    • I completely agree with you. The LG OPTIMUS 3d was not a cheap phone and it seems to me LG want you to shell out and live with the glitches. My web browser still crashes contiually and I still suffer ghost calls. I could have brought 5 budget Android phones for the money and not suffered at all. I have been banking on the ICS fimware update to fix these issues but still we wait. If they miss another date 3rd quater 2012 meaning end of sept dead line I will never return to LG and will simply move back to HTC. Sort it out LG its about time!!!

  • Peter

    Getting smsu g. Lg sucks

  • Chandra Sekhar

    If it continues disappointing customers, then it will be in line next to Nokia

  • Chandra Sekhar

    LG developers suck the armpit of samsung developers

  • i am happy me and my Samsung G 3. And my optimus x2 is out.

  • kanodroid

    Next time i will buy the samsing galaxy s……

  • Atul

    I am definitely eager to get the update and don’t want to wait any longer

  • dennis

    Only after installing. Cyanogenmod 7 this phone has been usable. I definitely won’t buying an LG phone again

  • 一个死磕LG到底的倒霉蛋


  • Amer

    Some LG 3D P920 users worry that ICS update will make their phone run slower…… but they should fear not….because this phone has a great hardware under the hood and ICS will run smoothly on it.

  • currently is Q3 2012, so no information of ICS for LG OP 2x

  • Amar

    Never going to buy another LG phone. Bought this phone in June 2011 expecting GB, in September. Its now July 2012 and i’m still running Froyo. The phone is great, but needs an OS update badly. Pure google, nexus phones here i come!!!

  • Aki

    I am fed up of both LG AND Samsung……..
    LG isn’t giving ics update(thanks to them as gb not hangs as ics does)
    My Samsung galaxy note, SII hangs as hell(after i updated note with ICS, it started hanging a lot).
    I will buy only htc, moto or lumia………..A big no to Samsung/LG

  • MR.Q


  • Anonymous

    Fail is the only word that can describe them. I got the phone veeery cheap but still I want my money back.

  • Badmood

    LG, you keep disappointed me. I dumped your phone at garbage!!!!!. And I swear never ever buy your garbage phone again. Shame on you LG.

  • al larsen

    I tried to stick with my p 920 3d but no support from lg… back to iphone at end of contract if not before… shame on you lg… big let down

  • Amer

    Never buy LG agian…….Life was good before I made the mistake of buying LG P920 3D…Bettery perfomance has improved significantly after the 2.3.5 GB update but ICS update is no where in sight…If you want timely update then other better options are available.

  • AhardcoreG4M3R

    It really doesn’t matter if its to the 3rd quarter the 2x works pretty amazing on a bad firmware imagine if they make a good 4.0 update then it might beat the s2 (apart from the ram) I just think that people nowdays r to spoiled u get what u pay for. Also the 2x runs on a tegra processor which makes it rather unique and may be more complex to get a wellworking Os for but in the end it makes all graphics look way better than for example the s2 but then again tegra is made for gaming

  • letsreboot

    LG 2x user here – the e-mail app was so buggy I had to find the one for the nexus S (thumbs up to the folks having posted the apk and to those writing the Astro file manager which allowed me to install the zipped apk without further ado).

    White on black is not the best for non-AMOLED screens IMHO but at least it is able to fetch the mail consistently (yahoo + exchange).

    The lack of real support /updates does not make me want to consider owning another LG device.

    I wish LG stuck with stock Android – I don’t give much about custom GUIs anyway.

  • Kentkent

    I love my LG 3D phone….on the garbage floor. Never here buy any products from LG again. FU, LG!

  • its 09.10.2012. and still no info about ICS update.. LG never more…