LG Exec denies plans for an LG Nexus 6: what this means for the future of Nexus family

by: Andrew GrushJune 18, 2014

Nexus 5 Android 4.4 KitKat Hands On

With all the recent talk of Android Silver and whispers of the death of the Nexus line, there’s many a Nexus fan out there wondering what Google has in store for us. There’s also some of us that are hoping that the Nexus series will continue on into the forseeable future, despite the rumors.

With both the Nexus 4 and Nexus 5 proving to be extremely popular compared to past Nexus phones, it seems that LG would be a natural choice for partnership when it comes to the next-gen Nexus handset. Unfortunately, this might not be the case. Speaking to the Dutch publication Draad Breuk, LG’s Communications Director Ken Hong claims that they have yet to be approached by Google for a new phone and that they should have been contacted by now, at least if the Nexus 6 (or N5 2014?) is in fact slated for release this year.

[quote qtext=”(Rough translation) I know at least not yet. Normally, we were informed. That can mean two things: Either I got ignored, or we simply won’t be making ‘the next Nexus phone’.” qperson=”Ken Hong” qsource=”LG Communications Director ” qposition=”center”]

So what do Hong’s remarks mean for the future of the Nexus line? While can’t say with any certainty, there’s a few possible outcomes that can be theorized here.

The Nexus family is in fact dead, at least when it comes to phones

We’ve been hearing about the death of Nexus since late last year. More recently the rumors have picked up momentum with the claims that the series will be replaced by the new Android Silver program in the first half of 2015. But what about 2014? With no Android Silver ready, surely Google won’t pull the plug on the Nexus family just yet.

Unfortunately, if a series of tweets from Evan Blass (evleaks) back in May prove correct, they just might kill the line and make us wait for something to replace our current Nexus products — or at least that could be the case for the Nexus phone family.


In the tweets, Blass claimed that the Nexus 6 wouldn’t be happening and that there was “a silver lining to this cloud”. With LG now denying its involvement in the next-gen Nexus, perhaps it’s really true?

Google Asus Nexus 10 Logo aa 1 1600

The Nexus phone will be built by another manufacturer

Of course, just because LG isn’t involved in the Nexus line doesn’t mean the whole program is being thrown out the window just yet. In the last few months we’ve heard a number of rumors claiming HTC might be involved in a project to create a new Nexus tablet, the first time the company has been involved in the Nexus program since the Nexus One back in 2010.

With HTC rumored to be going with someone different for the tablet line, who is to say they won’t try a similar tactic for its next phone? As to who this partner could be? That’s harder to say. In the past Google has worked with Asus, Samsung, LG and HTC. LG is supposedly out of the picture and it seems unlikely that HTC would build both the Nexus phone and tablet.

With HTC rumored to be going with someone different for the tablet line, who is to say they won’t try a similar tactic for its next phone?

Doing the math, that means IF another Nexus phone is coming this year, we are either looking at Samsung, Asus or someone new. While not always the case, the Nexus line has often been a way to bring attention to lesser known brands. In turn, these lesser brands are willing to sell their devices at extremely aggressive prices in return for the boost to brand recognition.

This leaves the question: what brands could do with a boost in rep? Considering Lenovo’s plans to expand its global recognition, Lenovo or Motorola seem like obvious choices. On the other hand, Sony could also do with improved U.S. recognition, and even brands like Asus and Oppo could use a bit more exposure when it comes to smartphones.

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LG is simply being coy, or speaking in half-truths

Another possibility is that LG is being coy. After all, a semi-similar situation happened with the Nexus 5. While LG never actually denied its plans for a new Nexus, a mistranslation mishap sure made it sound that way.

The main difference here though is that LG isn’t giving us a “maybe, maybe not” stance like they did with the Nexus 5, instead they seem to be flatly stating that the Nexus 6 isn’t an LG project. That said, the traditional timeframe for a Nexus launch is in the fall, so there’s still a chance Google will approach LG soon and throw something together for release this year.

There’s also the possibility that LG isn’t working on a Nexus product, but is instead working on an Android Silver device

There’s also the possibility that LG isn’t working on a Nexus product, but is instead working on an Android Silver device. This stance is backed by an earlier May tweet from Evleaks, which claims a Sprint LG handset will be among the first of the Android Silver phones.

While current reports claim that Android Silver won’t happen until early 2015, there’s a slim chance that Google could move quicker than expected and release the first fruits of this effort in 2014. Or Google could simply have decided that in order to successfully transition from Nexus to Android Silver, they needed to let the Nexus line go cold in 2014.

Regardless, we wouldn’t give up on the possibility of a Google phone in 2014 just yet, even if it ends up from a different vendor or with a totally different branding other than the familiar Nexus moniker. Would you be disappointed if Google holds off releasing a new phone until early 2015, or is the Nexus 5 more than capable of holding up as Google’s flagship gem until then?

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  • deanerick

    With lower cost unlocked phones coming to market, do we even need one? Nope…

    • AndroidBoss

      Yes we do to get all the Android updates and to get the best Android experience.

      • Andrew Grush

        Exactly. I’ve been tempted by lower cost devices like the OnePlus One and even moderately priced devices like the Oppo Find 7 (or F7a). But it’s the quick updates that keep me interested. Of course Moto also gets pretty damn fast updates, so I’ll be curious as to what the X+1 brings to the table.

        • AndroidBoss

          Yeah for sure. I like some features in the Cyanogen Mod for One Plus but still nothing competes with stock Android and the official Google devices. Updates are the most important thing in Android smart phones.

  • AndroidBoss

    I’m indifferent as long as they make another Google phone idc what it will be called. I hope the Android silver has nice build quality as well at low price. So basically everything we see in the Nexus lineup but with an even better design and build quality.

    • Andrew Grush

      Do you mind waiting until 2015 though? I’d like to see something sooner than later.. but do I really need it this year? No. My Nexus 5 is more than good enough to make it through the year. But I like shiny new things!

      • AndroidBoss

        I feel the same way man. I’m pretty excited for whatever Google will be releasing and I like to see new things especially from Google.

      • Xavier_NYC

        I agree.. I buy phones often.. I’d say every 6 months or so maybe longer if I like that phone a lot..

        • A Skylit [S]unjΔy

          You sound rich.

          • Xavier_NYC

            I wish but no I just sell them for about 300 or more and put that towards the new phone I want.. I take very good care of all my devices..

      • JD

        thats why there is a Nexus 6, Fall is android 5.0 Google has always used new Hardware to showcase major updates.

  • monkey god

    Well if we don’t get a Nexus 6 this year, i hope the Moto X successor comes out. That should hold some people over.

  • Corey Watford

    Doesn’t anyone remember LG saying this exact same thing last year?

    • AndroidBoss

      Yeah but you never know…

    • MasterMuffin

      They mention it in the article

  • Adude

    I thought ken Hong was a chef

  • MasterMuffin

    One word: Sony

    • Jayfeather787

      Hmmmm. That would be interesting.

      • MasterMuffin

        Wrong word, try amazing ;)

        • Jayfeather787

          Ok. Hmmmm. That would be amazing ;)

          • Corbin Crutch

            Yes. It would

    • wezi427

      Or One+1, just kidding.

    • DDT

      Two words: NEXUS DEAD

      • MasterMuffin

        NO YOU

  • alacrify

    An entire article of speculation leading to a “we really don’t know” and bringing LG up at the end to invalidate the title of the article. A request: don’t fill column inches just to follow the other sites. If it’s worth just a quick note, just do that. Don’t turn in a TPS report.

  • anonymous

    I was so eagerly hoping to buy the nexus 5 tomorrow until this caught my eye…now I’m in a dilemma whether I should get the HTC one mini 2 or the nexus5, both of which have similar price points at my place..please suggest one of the 2 anyone!

    • Mur

      Nexus 5 is waaaay better spec wise.

      • anonymous

        I know ..that’s why I had my heart set on the nexus 5..but I’m really disheartened after reading this article..not sure if its the right choice..I would also like to bring light to the matter that I own a nexus 4

        • Mur

          I also own a N4 :D. Getting an htc one mini would be a downgrade, the S400 is weaker than the S4 Pro in the n4 and the screen remains. You do get that build quality and front facing speakers though with the one mini. So yeah go ahead with the Nexus 5 it’s awesome and it’s getting sales left and right.

          • anonymous

            Thanks..I guess I’ll go with the nexus 5 then..s800 is truly a monster

    • JD

      don’t listen to all the rumors there is more proof for a Nexus 6 than against.

    • Simon Belmont

      Good, God. Don’t get a mini 2 versus the Nexus 5.

      The Nexus 5 is a much better deal for the hardware and performance it affords. Hell, I’d recommend getting an HTC One M7 before recommending the mini 2 (better performance, specs, and cheaper than the mini 2).

  • John Hamernick-Ramseier

    Silver is the new phone moniker, and tablets may keep the nexus name.
    That’s my theory.

    • Glenn Mossel

      That could be a possibilty because otherwise next year there would have been a nexus 7…

  • JD

    Evleaks is wrong 50% of the Time.

  • Timmy

    Maybe Nokia will make the next Nexus device as part of Google’s ongoing effort to resurrect dying tech companies.

    Nexus 6 – Nokia
    Nexus 7 – Blackberry
    Nexus 8 – Dell
    Nexus 9 – Sharp

    • Davetube24

      Probably not because Microsoft owns most of Nokia

  • dnice

    Google has hundreds of thousands patents to make their own devices but they enjoy pushing software to make devices work. The ChromeBook Pixel was a Gold Standard reference to what device makers to use when making their versions of Chromebooks. The same can be said about Google’s Nexus One by HTC. Nexus has always been a pet project to help device makers to follow Google’s list in design to make hardware running their vanilla Android OS.

  • Yaritza Miranda

    One word: Led Lampen

  • Olivier Störmer