LG Nexus 5 coming to Sprint?

by: Andrew GrushOctober 29, 2013

sprint-nexus-5The end of the month is almost here, and still no LG Nexus 5 in sight. While we might not know exactly when the next Nexus will actually be unveiled, we do know quite a bit about what to expect from the device. For starters, the handset will allegedly be powered by a Snapdragon 800 CPU with 2GB of RAM. Other specs include a 4.95-inch Full HD display, 16 or 32GB storage and Android 4.4 KitKat.

Based on what we’ve seen with the Nexus 4, we also know that the handset will at least support GSM networks such as T-Mobile, AT&T and the various U.S. MVNOs out there.

What about CDMA networks in the United States? As it turns out, the handset might also be coming to Sprint. Word of the Sprint Nexus 5 has arrived to us via a Google+ message from[email protected], which includes both an image of the Nexus 5 and the words “Coming to Sprint”.

Of course this is still just a rumor at this stage, and speculation is advised.

IF Sprint really is getting the Nexus 5, it’s still unclear whether they will sell the phone directly or if you’ll be able to buy a Sprint version via the Google Play store.

The new rumor also makes us wonder if Verizon might also finally be getting a new Nexus. After the disastrous way that Big Red handled the Galaxy Nexus it seems less likely that Google would be willing to work again with Verizon, but you never know. Either way, @evleaks certainly has our attention with this one.

For Sprint and Verizon customers, if the Nexus 5 comes to your network would you be interested in picking one up or not?

  • John

    Yes!! First time ill be able to buy a Nexus phone. Im on the Sprint Network.

    • Willie D

      Actually, it would be the second if it launches. The Nexus S 4G launched years ago on Sprint. I have it.

      • holdthiscat

        They also had the Galaxy Nexus…that’s 3.

  • Jason Nelms


  • michael

    not yes but hell f%^&king yes…

  • David Mitchell

    i sure hope sprint gets it. I soo want to get this and use it on Ting!

    • Eric Jumper

      Yeah buddy

    • Cal Rankin

      What would make it even better if this is an unlocked phone that can be activated on Sprint and gets the Ting whitelist approval. Then you still get instant updates.

  • Demi

    Doesn’t anyone remember the FCC leaks with the bands listed? Why is this news?

    • wade

      It’s not news, it’s just more hype (read: website hits, free advertising, and speculation)

  • bigknowz

    Plain is to move from Verizon GNex to T-Mobile N5 once contract is up end of year. Seems a lot simpler to use stock ROM and custom kernel. It’s unfair to developers to take AOSP and apply to Verizon.

    • Oli72

      i left sprint to tmobile in feb.2013. nothing like getting updates NOW.

  • Norbert Grosvenor

    OMFG. At first sight, i read ” LG Nexus 5 coming to SPRING ?” xD I was just scared to death x’)

  • Oli72

    good luck with sprint and vz. thats why i jump ship to tmobile.

  • ladoman

    Yes I would get one on Sprint.

  • Tylerstravis

    Well shit… if it comes to Verizon, I may just stick with them!

    • Luka Mlinar

      Why? it’s 350 off contract.

      • Tylerstravis

        I am not on contract and I have unlimited 4g data through Verizon… I also need to have good service as I am in the mountains :)

  • Dana Munn

    heck yes i want a sprint nexus 5!!!

  • Wezi427

    If it comes to Verizon, I’ll be buying.

  • poop

    Ah, you’re fucking with me. I settled and got a G2 a week ago for two reasons:
    -Regardless, the N5’s battery will not be as much of a beast as the G2’s is.
    -The N5 will not be coming to Verizon…or so I thought.

    I’m still hoping it comes to Verizon for all you guys holding out for it, but damn, I’m mad I didn’t just wait (even if it did mean sacrificing BB’s epic deal allowing you to get the device for a cool ~$50).

  • Genji199

    Was the Nexus 4 sold through carriers like T-Mobile and AT&T or did we have to get it through Google?

  • Cal Rankin

    Supposedly, if the old FCC docs are true, this is an unlocked device that will support T-Mobile and AT&T, plus the ability to work on Sprint. If that’s the case, this would really help consumers.

  • The LG-D820 does have support for ALL bands required by use on Verizon – Band 13 is listed in another document I was looking at yesterday.

    The Phone uses the RF360 as well as a new multi band LTE chip… Which just so happens to come with support for:

    LTE: band 4, 5, 13, 17, 25, 26
    CDMA: bands band class 0, 1, 10

    and all the rest of the GSM proprietary bands.

    The only problem is that it is not FCC certified for use on LTE band 13.
    I do not know why, but this wouldn’t be the first time a phone supports all major US bands, flies through the FCC, then gets a driver update later, is resubmitted to FCC, then certified for use on said network’s bands later on.

    Not saying that is what is going to happen – I am saying that the US Nexus 5 actually has full support for Verizon.. technically speaking.


    if I can get this phone and use it on Ting that would be awesome

  • sibu

    I’m so glad that I live in Europe and don’t have to check if the phone is available for my carrier… I just buy devices from an independent reseller without SIM-Lock or Branding so I can use it with any carrier I want and I get updates directly from the manufacturer. Correct me if I’m wrong, but in the US you have to buy the device from your carrier and it only works with those sim cards of Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint, AT&T or whatever.

  • Raleigh

    I would of never gotten the g2 had I known the nexus 5 will be on Verizon

    • Raleigh

      Had I known if I might be I should of said

      • Raleigh

        F it… You know what I mean lol

    • trwb

      I highly doubt it’s coming to Verizon

    • Richard H

      I’m in the position of waiting to see; if the N5 is on Verizon (I need decent coverage) then I buy it day one – if not, then it’s the G2 for me. ALTHOUGH, I may still choose G2 over N5 if the rumored 2300 mAH battery is true (the G2 has 3000 mAH).

  • John Bailey

    I’m on Sprint and you bet your sweet ass I’m buying it the first day, actually no, the first second it’s available!!! Take my damn money already!

  • Jay555

    When will people using Sprint and Verizon realize that they are on a carrier that keeps their network locked down. You want to connect a phone with them (assuming it has the proper bands to begin with), you still have to call them up, give them the ESN number and hope that it is on their list of approved devices.

    There is no such thing as an unlocked CDMA phone that can get its updates directly from google. Any updates must first be approved by Sprint/Verizon….sigh….and 6 months from now if the N5 does go to Sprint, you’ll be hearing everyone who got one complaining about how it’s a “fake” nexus cuz it’s not getting the latest updates…people never learn that CDMA and unlocked don’t mix

    • Cal Rankin

      Sprint is a member of the open handset alliance, and after the Nexus S and Galaxy Nexus had to go through the certification process, and Google then kicked Sprint to the curb with the Nexus 4. Maybe Sprint will allow Google to push updates directly to the device, similar to how they allow Apple to do so with iOS