LG Nexus 5 (LG-D820) receives Wi-Fi certification, two versions spotted

by: Chris SmithSeptember 17, 2013

New LG Nexus renderVovicon/reddit

Two LG Nexus 5 versions have apparently received Wi-Fi certification – previously the LG-D820/LG-D821 smartphones have been seen in FCC and Bluetooth SIG documentation.

This time around we’re looking at two LG-D820 versions, the LG-D820_C and the LG-D820_S, although it’s not clear what the difference between the two devices is at this time.

LG Nexus 5 Wi-Fi Certification

While these particular model numbers are yet to be confirmed to be Nexus 5 handsets, we’ll note that the Wi-Fi certification documents mention that we’re looking at two LG smartphones.

What the documents also reveal (see Source links below) is that the two Nexus 5 versions will have dual band Wi-Fi support (2.4GHz and 5GHz) and offer Wi-Fi a/b/g/n/ac and Wi-Fi Direct support.

The LG Nexus 5 is rumored to be unveiled on October 14 alongside Android 4.4 KitKat, although Google is yet to actually issue press invites for said event.

LG Nexus 5 Wi-Fi Certification

That said, we’ll remind you that we’re seeing more and more Nexus 5 leaks as we get closer to the phone’s announcement – just yesterday, we saw videos and pictures of an alleged Nexus 5 test unit left unsupervised in a bar by a Google employee.

  • lithuania

    Looking forward to it if it has 13mp camera, snap 800, 32/64gb memory, 1080p screen and less then 400GBP iam taking it !

    • makapav

      All that with a 2300mAh battery = 2 hours usage time. Bastards.

      • ericf

        Ya but with the new os and the new snapdragon batt efficiency will be way better.

        • makapav

          That will only help screen off standby time. In case you haven’t figured out as yet, when you are using your phone, 90%of power is used by your screen, everything else doesn’t even matter.

          • Christian Koch

            bogus nonsense! The screen is not the greatest power consumption, period.
            Number one is connectivity, which includes 3G, Wifi, LTE bla bla
            Number 2 is either the screen or the processing components (CPU, GPU, voice processing chips etc) if they run at full speed, which they usually don’t. Naturally, the kind of screen and internals matters a lot, Though, it won’t consumer more than wireless connectivity.
            LG already made some great progress with the LG G2, which according to Engadget has great battery life. We will have to see how much Google is capable of altering Android to consume less power, though I don’t think they can do that much. Though, with 30%less battery than the G2, the Nexus 5 will probably be somehow on par with other devices, and easily better than the Nexus 4.

          • makapav

            Charge your phone fully. Then turn your phone on and set the screen to practically never time-out. You will get max 3.5 hours of screen-on time on the Nexus 4 set to auto-brightness and ~3 hours if you are actually using your phone – browsing or playing back Netflix, say. On the contrary, everything else will give you well above 5-6 hours if they are continuously running with the screen off. You can be connected and transfer a torrent for more than 4 hours (with the screen off) over WiFi and HSPA (unsure about LTE) so it definitely does not beat the consumption of power by a display. The single largest and fastest power drain to the battery when measured against time is the display. If you didn’t know that, follow my described experiment to educate yourself otherwise congratulations, you’ve won yourself a troll card.

          • Christian Koch

            Here you go http://www.google.com/events/io/2009/sessions/CodingLifeBatteryLife.html
            The google IO from 2009 (go to the slides, Slide 4 gives a good overview) largest power consumers: Wifi,EDGE, 3G, GPS
            Second is Game sensors and CPU(at 50%), then comes screen.
            I agree that 2009 is a while ago, though LTE was introduced and drains heavily on power, since both screens and internal components of modern phones became more efficient and effective, the relation should hold at least roughly.
            And why would I keep the screen on for 4 hours, I do not intend to destroy it. Besides, your “experiment” is far from the real world.
            Effectively, the screen will be turned off most of the time, literally every time you don’t actively use it. If Google manages to cut down energy consumption from stuff like Email syncs, keeping the wireless connection, standby energy consumption, they might surprise us all.

          • Nanchi

            Remind me again the average screen size and screen resolution in 2009

          • powderday

            I have been using the G2 since it came out on Verizon and I can’t believe how good the battery life is! Coming from a GNex, I’d use 1.5 battery charges on an average day. With the same usage, I’m only going through 40-60% of a single charge. A combination of a larger battery and more efficient OS is great!

          • Ugslick

            Ewww, the Verizon G2?? I love the G2, but not the Verizon version!

          • jimv1983

            The screen is the biggest power draw. The GPU is pretty high but a big part of that is due to having to render so many more pixels that you have with a 1080p screen. So #1 power usage is the screen and #2 biggest power usage is because of the screen.

            With everything else being equal a 540×960 screen would have WAY WAY better battery life than a 1080×1920 screen.

            Regardless of what the biggest power usage is a 2,300mAh battery still won’t provide good battery life. Just look at the Galaxy S4. The Galaxy S4 has a 2,600mAh battery and it has HORRIBLE battery life. So, even if a 2,300mAh battery on the Nexus 5 could provide the same battery life as the Galaxy S4 does with a 2,600mAh(or even a little bettery) it would still suck.

          • Epic Tea

            you do realize a lot of battery life factors not just in size but software and hardware optimizations right?

          • makapav

            All other battery sinks are marginal when you are USING the phone – i.e. the screen is turned ‘on’. The screen-on time is mostly dictated by the power drain from a lit screen.

      • Moonister

        I agree! if they release another great phone with terrible battery I’m out and buying G2 instead of nexus 5. My nexus 4 seems to be connected to the power source all the time! As you say if you get 3h of good usage I feel lucky! that’s just wrong.

  • Jim

    They are obviously the Nexus 5C and Nexus 5S. Lol.

    • IDontKnowMyName

      I had a bit of a laugh too when I saw the S and C at the end of the model number :)

    • mark

      Nice :)
      Sent from My Nexus 4

      • Trevor Kinsie

        Sent from My Microwave Oven

        • Krs

          Sent from My Ass

          • Lyes Merriout


          • LTE1

            Sent from My Cunt

    • jimv1983

      What would be awesome is a Nexus 5 and a Nexus 5 Mini. All the same specs accept the Mini would be a reasonable overall size so it would be easy to use with one hand and comfortably pocketable and have a 540×960 screen with about a 2,600mAh battery so it would have decent battery life. That would be a perfect phone.

      • Epic Tea

        what would be awesome is support for sprint, my service just jumped from non existent to LTE almost everywhere i go just in the last 3 or 4 months. I heard according to FCC filings that one of the features is support for Sprint, AT&T and T Mobile, but no verizion due to their horrible GNex experience.

        • Daniel G

          The Motorola X is coming to Sprint. Republic Wireless will be selling it for $300.
          No contract… $40 a month….just a great price- Oh and did I mention if you aren’t happy
          with the phone or service(in 30 days) you can return the phone and receive a full refund? Cause thats
          kind of important. You could take Republic Wireless for a spin with a Motorola X, and see how good
          their service is to where u live. If its good keep em if not cya later.

  • Luka Mlinar

    Could it maybe be the 16GB and the 32GB model. -.-

    • bozzykid

      No. They wouldn’t be different model numbers.

      • Luka Mlinar

        The aren’t. The are both LG-D820. It’s like MIG-29S and MIG-29K. You won’t see the “_C” or “_S” on the box. Not in big letters anyway.

        • OMGgary

          Be funny if they did make a Nexus 5S and Nexus 5C. Apple would throw a fit: “We invented the alphabetz!”

          • Luka Mlinar

            Jobs would roll over in his iGrave. :D

  • Klein Tamás

    Whatever, it looks like a crap Sony phone…soo disappointed

    • Valtheus

      Why people care how “premium” a smartphone looks like, will always puzzle me. HTC One “looks” premium but they don’t seem to get a huge market share. On the other hand Samsung with their “crap” plastic designs, dominates the android market.

      How much different a smartphone design through the years can be, really…

      • Klein Tamás

        Nahh it is not that i was thinking of. I meant to say every nexus phone was kinda unique. This one is not.

        • Epic Tea

          i don’t see any other phone that has this build with a matt finish and unique camera what more do you want? There are plenty of cases you can buy now days to make a phone look unique.

      • Epic Tea

        what makes it even funnier is the iphone users who brag about quality but then slap a ugly otterbox case or plastic cover on their phones, truth is 90% of people put cases on their phones even the HTC One

        I understand protecting your phone, but if you would simply take good care of it you would have no need for a case, I like using smartphones Naked, I hate cases, the only time I use them is if I know I am doing some kind of outdoor activity or going to the gym.

        The build is the same as the Nexus 7 2013 I like the matt finish I think it looks clean and professional.

    • Surya Prakash Manchikanti

      dude you’re gonna put a case on it anyway lol

      • Klein Tamás

        Haha i never put cases on my phones:)

        • Epic Tea

          same here all natural, I’ve even used super thin cases and I still hate it, I like using the phone like it was meant to be used.

  • Subhojit

    Since the promising KLP troll, I dont believe these “LEAK” shit anymore. Go take a break, have a KitKat.

    • actually its true, they suppose to release KLP, but changed it after several discussion.

  • Dibin A

    It is clear from leaked picture thathis nexus has a round speaker grill on front(top center) which looks like camera or sensor. thats intresting

    • turdbogls

      some people are speculating that this uses bone conducting speakers…so maybe this is part of that……I’m not much on top of my bone conduction tech, so i have no clue…but its a possibility.

      that said, it looks funny and out of place to me…hope that either:
      a. this is still pre production
      b. the camera flash makes it show up more than it typically would.

      either way, i hope it is less visible on the production model.

      • makapav

        The pinnae has no bones for bone conduction to work >.>

        • turdbogls

          you got me there…..the technology is available though as seen in the link below from 2012. i guess “bone” was the wrong word…cartilage conductiing maybe :)


        • Justin W

          Glass uses bone conducting IIRC, but I’m not sure of the practicality in a phone that’s typically held up to the ear. It would be interesting to see people holding their phones behind or in front of their ear to answer a call.

    • acras

      would that be the phone speaker ? You know , so you can use it the old fashioned way to make calls , up against your ear?

  • tomn1ce

    It could be the gsm and the cdma (sprint) version…..I don’t see vzw getting the Nexus 5 and sprint is the other US carrier which uses cdma…If vzw get it this time around that would be nice, but I highly doubt it.

    • funkilla

      GSM version contains CDMA bands for Sprint already. It could be a version that operates on band 13 LTE pending the results of the upcoming FCC hearing on 700 Mhz interoperability.

      • Epic Tea

        wait, so your saying theres a chance for Sprint Support?

        • funkilla

          Bingo. And when Verizon turns on their additional LTE bands later this year – next year, the Nexus 5 could truly be the One Device To Rule them All.

          • Epic Tea

            i hope so, the only thing that doesn’t make sense to me is that Nexus devices seem so popular on youtube the web and among many android users, but I think I have only seen 1 Nexus 4 in person in my life, but I guess it depends on where you live. I am Excited though because than I will have a Unique device, and I am gladly selling my GS4 to pay for it.

  • Balraj

    One with snapdragon 600 n other with snapdragon 800???
    Maybe…one more month of tease…. ;-)

    • newsjunkieintl

      different memory options. both will have Snapdrogon 800.

  • mydroidhaswood

    It’s the lack of external storage that stops me from going for a Nexus device. Google’s just crazy about cloud storage.

    • lycan codex

      Exactly my thoughts. Lets hope Samsung Galaxy S5 Google play edition comes with snap 800/32GB/16 MP OIS/MicroSD/5.2 inch 1080p. That would be good!

    • MITM

      Meh if it has 32GB, thats enough for me

    • Clarkkent113

      I’m crazy about cloud storage too. I stream everything now anyway so having lots of storage space is unnecessary.

      • Epic Tea

        not everyone has blazing fast service or wifi in fact a lot of people have average wifi and decent service.

  • SunnyCalifornia

    One could just have GSM bands for overseas, the other could have a GSM AND LTE bands for the U.S. GSM bands are normally global. Sounds reasonable.

  • Tuấn Ankh

    One with soft touch back and one with colorful plastic back options? XD

  • Daniel G

    I know this sounds kind of touche but its possible one could be a CDMA model, and one could be a GSM model? Why make them different? The only thing that separates all the carriers is the phones radio. Just my idea
    1 is GSM Model for ATT/TMo
    1 IS CDMA for Verizon/Sprint/Metro?

    • funkilla

      Didn’t the last FCC leak show that the LG-D820 had bands for GSM AND CDMA (sprint)? That’s already one model… what’s the new model for? Possible Verizon-compabitible pending the FCC hearing on 700 Mhz interoperability (whether Verizon will launch/sell/subsidize the device is a different story)

      • Epic Tea

        what if they are offering two versions? Because over the last month I keep hearing a lot of different leaks and different specs and they are not a bunch of different specs but the same 2 similar sets of specs, maybe they will have a more basic mid range one and a more power house one, I think that would be a smart move giving people options.

    • Epic Tea

      yeah at first I thought it would be impossible but with every new leak it seems more and more likely. I have sprint and I really hope this is true because I don’t want to have to bail when my service has improved leaps and bounds over the last 3 months, going from almost no service to LTE everywhere.

      I think Google Realizes they need to try to mainstream the Nexus devices more, although it could be 2 different models.

  • metin

    hello der,

    Nice The LG Nexus 5 (D820) 在 FCC and I’want it.