LG Nexus 5 to launch in October, Korean report says

by: Chris SmithOctober 17, 2013

Google LG Nexus 4 aa 2 1600

Talking about LG’s upcoming mobile plans, a South Korean report has confirmed that the company is making the Nexus 5 smartphone for Google, with the phone expected to launch at some point later this month.

An actual release date for the handset is not offered, but this is one more confirmation – if we still needed one – that Google and LG have partnered up for another Nexus smartphone following last year’s Nexus 4 (in the image above).

We’ll note that we’ve seen plenty of rumored launch dates for the Nexus 5, all of them saying the phone will be available to consumers in October, but we’re yet to see Google officially announce the device.

Other details about the Nexus 5 aren’t offered either – then again, existing leaks have revealed almost all there was to know about it – but the publication has mentioned other upcoming LG mobile devices.

The company will reportedly launch its smartphone with a flexible display at some point next month – again, a release date was not given. Commenting on the flexible display handset, whose image we have recently seen, a “high-ranking” official from a local carrier said that LG’s device is likely to “receive better responses in the market.”

According to the same report, LG will also launch Firefox OS-based devices in Central and South American countries through Telefonica.

  • Dusan

    How come mobile phones are released on such short notice? They like, announce it, and then say “available worldwide in 3 weeks”.
    Like Nexus 5. So much secret around it until lately and suddenly “it’s going to be released at the end of this month”.

    • Ben Edwards

      What’s wrong with that? I’d rather have the device announced and then released not long after than have to wait for months before being able to purchase it.

      • Justin Rebar

        Id like a two month notice

        • Ben Edwards

          Really? The only benefit I can see from having a month or two notice is that it gives you time to gather up funds before purchase.

          • etiggy

            and to continue Ben’s thought the only benefit of such money gathering would be what?
            to be able to buy it on the first day or week?
            because thats important why exactly?

          • Ben Edwards

            Your guess is as good as mine tbh. It was about the only reason I could think of where having a lengthy amount of notice before the phone release would be beneficial.

          • etiggy

            actually i do agree with your reasoning, i just wanted to continue your though.
            from the point of the customer there is no reason to have a product announced before it is actually released. it is a marketing tactic of the producer to decrease demand for the competitor’s products. such marketing campaigns are often show an idealised and glorified abstract, not the actual product itself so they are totally unreliable to be a base for any kind of purchasing decision. people who pre-order or buy stuff based on these campaigns are actually buying the brand promise, not the product itself.
            i dont wanna blame anybody here, we are all slaves of our emotions and shit happens from time to time, but come on, kids nowadays are being proud of the fact that they made a decision based on obvious manipulations. i think thats just sooooo not cool.
            (well, at least i hope they are kids)

    • NeedName

      because people bitched endlessly about companies announcing a product and saying, “available soon” which would be six months later OR “coming by ___” which was several months later.

      People didn’t like not being able to, at the very minimum, pre-order an announced device as companies were announcing devices far too early.

      Also, you want to be able to capitalize on the hype. . . which would die down if people can’t order it for months from when it’s announced.

      Not to mention avoiding your new device/features being aped by competitors.

    • DMario

      Because if they didn’t, all their sales would dry up. . . aka The Osborne Effect.


  • If the KitKat clues are right then we should see the Nexus 5 this Monday!

  • Crowd_Sorcerer

    The Nexus 5 is becoming like the Yeti. Photos appear, yet nobody’s actually seen one.

  • Balraj

    We already knew October was the month