LG Nexus 4: wireless charging and ‘final design’ mockup spotted

by: Chris SmithOctober 13, 2012

The LG Nexus 4 is going to be unveiled in late October according to recent reports, but we already know pretty much everything there is to know about the device. A leaked prototype has been in the hands of a tech publication for days now, and we have been able to see the device in crystal clear pictures and virtually take it for a 360 degrees spin in the process.

There’s even a “preliminary review” of the LG Nexus 4 prototype out in the wild, that you can go through while we wait for Google and LG to unveil the final fourth-generation Nexus.

But today we have one more Nexus 4 detail for you that was missed so far. According to the FCC (see images), the handset will support wireless charging, a feature some of you will certainly appreciate. Don’t expect any details about the LG wireless charging pad that will go with the device because we don’t have them for you at this time, although we’re certainly going to tell you everything there is to know about official LG Nexus 4 accessories once they come out.

The FCC refers to the device as the LG E960, albeit we’ll keep calling it Nexus 4 for lack of a better alternative. The same product number can be observed on the back cover of the prototype that’s been in the wild for several days now. In fact, based on that model, Android and Me has photoshopped what could be the “final design” of the LG Nexus 4, just take a look at the top image.

Getting back to wireless charging, is this a must have smartphone feature for you these days?

  • ANdroid4ever

    i don’t think this device would let me get away from my Galaxy S3

  • WC isn’t a must have feature as long it doesn’t operate from a distinctive distance/charging the device without laying it on a charging pad.

    • Bobby Phoenix

      Exactly. No use for wireless charging if you have to still put the phone down in a certain place. Now if you could be 5 feet away, and have it charge, then that’s something to write about. Then you can still use it. Having to put it on a charging pad just to use wireless charging is actually a huge disadvantage since you can have your phone plugged in to a wall charger, and still hold it, and use it as you want.

    • I see it as very usefull in cars. You take the phone from your pocket and drop in the charging pad. Without having to connect any cables. When you arrive at your destination. You only have to take the phone and put back on the pocket.

      And in the car charger you don’t have to care about waste of energy from the charger plugged in the outlet.

      • mikeym0p

        This combined with bluetooth via the TuneLink Auto would be great. Plugging and unplugging from the car all the time with my first GNex is probably what wore out the weak USB port on the thing. I’d love to reach a day where I only have to use it to transfer data and was disappointed the GNex wasn’t capable of this.

    • Kok Hean

      It’s not as if it can’t be charged through a cable anyway.

  • alien_x

    Cool… I’ll be upgrading from nexus s :)

  • Chris Keller

    I was the one that found that information yesterday, on the 12th, on the FCC’s site. Look at the time mark at the bottom of my blog if you don’t believe me. I even tipped Android Police last night about this. How about give the credit where credit is deserved? http://technophilia1.blogspot.com/2012/10/the-lg-e960-nexus-4-will-have-wireless.html

    • MasterMuffin

      :no: :D

    • Sorry, but those FCC documents leaked way earlier, blogs reported about them on the 5th/6th October. Some “eagle eye” bloggers spotted that feature in that document too, but they weren’t 100% sure if the LG E960 was the Nexus.

    • I spotted it as well, I have a G+ post on the matter…but I cba to argue.

  • I’m fine with my galaxy nexus.

  • Don’t fucking care. As it wasn’t enough that it’s LG, they put 8GB of unexpandable storage in it. Still waiting with 40$ Samsung “xyz” for something worth buying.

    • aery

      Good for you, but all the rumored specs of this mostly-rumored device are just that — rumors. You haven’t seen any kind of official announcement or statement of the specifications of the device, so I think it would behoove you to keep your mouth shut with the bitching about what essentially amounts to nothing at this point before you dig yourself a deeper hole, you twat.

  • significat.corruptionem

    Don’t buy this phone , just look at how BAD LG treats their Optimus 2X
    customers, they can’t even upgrade their phones to ICS 4 . If you buy this crap you will be lucky if anything will get upgraded after jelly bean in the future. Buy the Samsung galaxy 3 or somethingelse I promise you , you will better of with somethingelse than crapy LG products.

    • significat.corruptionem

      You can go to the LG Singapore Facebook site , just read the comments and see for yourself


      • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Google_Nexus

        “Google Nexus is a line of mobile devices using the Android operating system produced by Google in cooperation with selected hardware manufacturers. The purpose of the Nexus series is to offer a “pure Android” experience,[1] in which the devices come free of carrier or manufacturer modifications and with an unlockable bootloader[2] to allow for further development and end-user modification.[3] Nexus devices are considered the “flagship” Android devices and are the first to receive updates to the operating system.”

        LG has nothing to do with keeping the phone updated.

      • h4rr33

        Why Singapore, go to LG main facebook site. Everywhere is the same: STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM LG! They’ll find a way to F you. LG CEO on updating phone: “We don’t update our refrigerators why should we update our phones”(or something like that). Seriously! Stay away!!!

        • Kok Hean

          That is because Singapore is ranked among the highest percentage of smartphone users.

        • shaurz

          LG should stick to fridges and washing machines…

    • aery

      Are you mentally retarded? This phone is supposed to be a NEXUS device. That is, it’s a Google Experience device which means that it will be among the first devices (if not THE first initially) to be given the newest upgrades to Android. LG has no hand in that, since Google will deliver the upgrades OTA. Furthermore, you look absolutely ridiculous telling people to NOT buy a Nexus device and then veering them in Samsung of all company’s directions in the exact same breath. Samsung is KING of device abandonment and obsolescence

      • h4rr33

        STFU, I don’t care if it’s a Nexus device LG doesn’t deserve anyone’s business. At least companies like Moto tells it to peoples faces that they’re NOT going to update(after promising). LG just strings you along indefinitely and updates practically the same(less popular) phone(SU660) to ICS. F*#@ LG!

        • blitz4075

          Don’t be a bitch. Learn how to root.

  • endfinity

    Notice it’s wireless charging BATTERY COVER with NFC. Will there be a chance for removable battery?

  • Lyn Scott

    Bring it on baby! Wireless charging is not big deal but is appreciated.. My current nexus lack of accessories. Why Samsung didn’t make a couple of accessories? We never know

  • Lyn Scott

    Wireless charging is not a trivial feature, I heard that Nokia’s will be able to charge your phone over the speaker while transfers music through bluetooth and NFC.. Image a phone holder for your car that change and sync your radio..

  • Cedrik Portugues

    I like this design more than the sparkly back although the sparkly back isn’t terrible though the nexus logo sets it off and gives it personality. As for wireless charging think its pretty neat nothing groundbreaking although it does push for more accessories. Got a killer idea for the charge pads. I really hope this thing gets tons of accessories maybe a nexus q dock except it having speakers Google tv, chrome browser,NFC, google fiber etc. a stand alone product that communicates with all my devices at the touch and acts as a sound bar for my tv as well as a means for it to connect to the net and having all my content without the need of my other devices through Google tv. How’s about a case like Samsungs double sided case for gs3 but it also includes a stylus.

  • Cedrik Portugues

    You know what would push this design over the top a glowing X in nexus that also pulses for notifications ; )>

  • so fukin ugly … why don’t they made it to look like … say L9 / Optimus G