LG Nexus 4 gets USB OTG feature added manually via mod

by: David GonzalesFebruary 20, 2013

LG Nexus 4
The LG Nexus 4 may be considered by some people as the latest and greatest Android-powered device to date, but the truth is it’s far from perfect. In fact, it has a number of flaws that many users have gripes about. One such flaw is the lack of support for USB OTG, an important feature especially for all those who frequently rely on third-party accessories and external storage drives. Since neither Google nor LG plan to fix this USB-related issue, user CaptainMuon over on the XDA-Developers forum has taken matters into his own hands.

After putting in a bit of manual labor, CaptainMuon succeeded in enabling USB OTG on the Nexus 4. And now he is sharing the results of his work with the rest of the world. Apparently, all that’s needed is to supply the necessary 5V to power whatever USB device gets plugged in and then to activate USB host mode on the Nexus 4 manually. It sounds simple enough, but it still requires a bit of careful tinkering and the ability to follow instructions.

Here’s a video that explains the USB OTG hack for the Nexus 4.

If you have an LG Nexus 4 and would like to try out this unofficial USB OTG solution for yourself, simply check out the official steps listed via the source link below. But be warned, the author of this small “hack” has absolved himself of all responsibility should you “brick or blow up your phone.” So think twice before you proceed.

  • Peter Bognar

    You make it sound like other modders could be held responsible for bricked phones. Ot’s the law of the west… I mean rooting… once you go off stock, all you have to lean on is good advice from forums

  • victor

    Why is this a flaw? This is by design. OTG is out of fashion. You have the cloud nowadays.

    • arcwindz

      It’s a flaw. Yeah you are lucky enough to live in a country with good data connection, unfortunately it’s not so for the rest of the world

    • mali

      I hate cloud space… Its never 100%

    • Josh York

      It’s a flaw. I live in the US, somewhere between urban and rural. I absolutely could not manage using only the cloud. For me, OTG is far from out of fashion.

    • Rambir

      It was advertised to have USB OTG, but when Google realised it didn’t have it, they got rid of it on the specs sheet. It’s a flaw and one that was supposed to not happen.

    • pilipili

      NAS at home, cloud on the go.. Most of file managers come with cifs shares/cloud support. You can even mount any cifs share. I agree that usb attached storage is old fashion or better say not interesting for mobile or tablet use. Third party accessories? Bluetooth.

  • wulfritz

    For me no cloud.No trust.The memory card is safe.

    • Jeff Martinez

      Why not both? If you lose that physical memory card or phone and memory card, all is pretty much lost…that is when having access to the cloud (if you do that is) becomes relevant to everyone.

  • Bruce Gavin Ward

    always keep in mind the cyberDevice code of ethics [CDCE]; i you were a nexus4, would you want to allow this hack, and accept possible “bricking” = death?

  • bobsurankle

    How can I transfer files from my camera to my device (and then into the cloud) without USB host mode? Cloud is all well and good but you still need a way to get the files there in the first place.

  • roy hide

    I stay in hotels and usebtheirbtv to connect as USB to watch stuff I’ve downloaded. TVs don’t support the media transfer protocol nexus 4 and others use. USB mass storage is supported. So I need to transfer from phone to USB to plug in to TV as nexus 4 won’t behave as a mass storage device.

    • roy hide

      *use with their TV
      Sorry not used to the swipe keyboard in the N4.

  • Gundeep Singh

    Video doesn’t explain anything
    It just shows OTG working on the phone