LG Nexus 4 serial numbers reveal that less than half a million units were sold

by: ŠtefanJanuary 3, 2013

Just about everything that’s mass produced, even food, comes with a serial number of some form or another. Back in the day, companies used to issue serial numbers that were quite easy to understand. The first unit to roll off an assembly line had the serial number 0001, the second was 0002, and so on and so forth. Due to the competitive nature of many industries, serial numbers have become alphanumeric strings that are damn near impossible to decipher. Thanks to some talented individuals at XDA-Developers, they’ve cracked the Nexus 4 serial number code, and they’ve made an incredible claim. They say that using their system, it’s estimated that less than half a million units have been produced.

To be more specific, they say LG made about 70,000 Nexus 4 units in October, 90,000 in November, and finally 210,000 last month. Add up the numbers and you get 370,000 units. There’s no other word to describe that figure other than horrible. Just to give you some perspective: Google, the company that pretty much runs the internet, had problems processing Nexus 4 orders due to the demand their servers encountered.

Speaking about Google, they’re not commenting on the accuracy of these figures, obviously, but you have to think they’re pretty pissed at LG. First they give LG the Nexus contract, only to have them fail to make enough units. And now it’s been discovered that they make their serial numbers easy enough for just about anyone to read!

How many Nexus 4 units should have been made? Ramping up takes time, we get that, but LG should have had a million units available at launch. That’s not a lot of phones in the grand scheme of things. To have made less than half that in 90 days says a lot about LG’s priorities. There’s probably a glut of Optimus G inventory getting dusty in some South Korean warehouse, meanwhile the unlocked unbranded and stock version of said phone is in such high demand that it’s being sold for nearly double the retail price on eBay.

Face, meet palm.

  • Ryan MORGAN

    I’m sure they would have sold a lot more if they had the stock to sell!

    • Stefan Constantinescu

      Exactly! :-(

  • DeadSOL

    That’s just really, really stupid. Well, at least they’ve learnt their lesson for 2013’s Nexus.

  • cycad007

    If that’s true, I’m utterly *PISSED*!! As a GOOG stockholder, I’d want LG to make as much of these as possible so more people would buy apps and use Google services. To hear LG has only produced 370k units to date is F***ing ridiculous!! This better be the LAST time LG lands a Nexus contract.

    • MasterMuffin

      Next time Sony, or even better, Motorola!

      • Hello xPhone!

        • MasterMuffin

          Nexus Maxx with Super Amoled Full HD screen, I’m having an nerdgasm o.O

    • Hejsan

      Maybe you should blame Google, because it’s they who tell LG how many to manufacture.

  • LG doesn’t deserve to be in Nexus Program! This is their comeback plan?

  • My question maybe out of topic. Does anyone know why the price of Nexus 4 16 GB in Netherlands is so expensive (€ 529)? :(
    I saw it here –> http://www.belsimpel.nl/lg/lg-nexus-4-black/specificaties

    • Harmen

      Because it isn’t sold in the Netherlands and belsimpel is importing the devices and are sold, ofcourse, with profit.

  • n900mixalot

    I’m still not convinced that LG is to blame. It was up to Google to decide how many LG should manufacture. End of story.

    This is Google’s phone. They don’t know what they’re doing. Look what they did with the Q. All LG ever does is manufacture phones, day and night. They know their business.

    LG could have made far more available at launch but they’re not stupid enough to exceed the demand as it is presented to them by Google. That’s basic business.

    • cliff

      really make sense.
      thumbs up for you man

  • Sam Gilbert

    Google may be the brand, but they are not the manufacture. That said Google should have planned ahead and put in a request for more to be manufactured. I don’t think it would have hurt too put it off for another month to meet the demand at first.

    • xoj_21

      its using s4 pro newer LCD screen, they choose to sell only from store now to control the shipment,

  • AndroidBrian

    That’s horrible..specially in the cell phone world, where your old news after 3 months. I’m sure they lost a boat load of sales.

    Maybe they didn’t want to sell a boat load of these. I read Google loses $100+ for ever device sold…

  • It really doesn’t matter how many are sold. Are people really enjoying it that have it? Maybe Google did not have faith in LG to begin with, and they ordered a small amount to see the demand! Galaxy Note 2, all day!

    • “Are people really enjoying it that have it?”

      Yes. Yes, they are.

    • jay555

      As the owner of an N4, I can tell you that it is hands down, without a doubt, the absolute best android phone I’ve ever used. The user experience is unparalled and it pretty much makes every other android phone out there (with their worthless skins and bloatware) look like complete garbage. My only complaint is the battery life which has been pretty disappointing but other than that, I LOVE IT!

      • Actually, for what I have been doing …. the battery life doesn’t seem to be bad at all. I take my phone of charge at 7 am with 100 percent and I got to bed at night around 2 am with 25%! I play games for an hour, text people maybe 10-20 times, check social media and news, have a live wallpaper running, browse online maybe for an hour, listen to music via ear phones for maybe an hour and so on!

        • jay555

          Really? My day starts around 7am too with 100%. After about 30 minutes of browsing, 2 hours of stream Pandora, and a couple dozen text messages my phone is usually between 55 to 60%. That’s usually when I plug it in again since I never like letting my battery go below 50%. I can tell you that when I’m browsing the web it seems like my battery is draining at almost 1% per minute. Maybe my battery is a dud :(

      • That’s definitely your opinion, and I respect it. However its not the best Android phone, because it lacks in to many areas. Not just the battery.

  • ordering 5 million units like Amazon does for products would have been smart

  • Mali

    I love my nexus 4..but agreed!.. lg pick ur shit up and leave.. if it wasn’t for this being a nexus device I would never buy lg.. chumps.. but because.. it’s Google…nexus and made for to Play with/root has a quad core snapdragon pro 4.. and the newest version of android.. I am with it… same as my nexus 7.. but Ya long as these phones go $299 no contract ill nevermiss a nexus.. but lg.. firstly ur wobbly power button.. then rumors of changing the backs to a straight black back for better protection… my ass!.. those backs are taking to long to make. .so ur cutting corners!. .. Google. .I love u like a fat boy loves cake.. so take this nexus 4 delema.. and be really really smart next nexus and choose a good company!.. plz.. and a sterdy phone company.. and go 5in sxreens plz

  • thi ha

    Just avoid whatever LG made. Seriously LG OPtimus 4X HD is one of the most stupid phones i have ever own. Built quality is bloody poor and hardware design especially the Home soft key which is very close to the bottom of the lcd and can be touch accidentally very frequently which is super annoying.