LG Nexus 4 runs Android 4.2 Jelly Bean – pre-orders page and release date mistakenly revealed for UK

by: Chris SmithOctober 25, 2012

Just when we thought we couldn’t tell you anything new about the LG Nexus 4, one of the worst kept secret in tech history, we’re going to show you the pre-order page of the device that got already listed, a few days ahead of Google’s media event, thanks to the sloppy job of Carphone Warhouse employees – or do they pull these sort of things on purpose?

We’ll immediately notice that the image used by the retailer is exactly the same one we showed you yesterday, and we’re also going to point out that Android 4.2 is apparently still part of the Jelly Bean family, as previously rumored. So much for those Key Lime Pie rumors!

Curiously though, “LG” is hardly noticeable on the page, although “LG Nexus 4” does appear in its URL. Getting back to the new Android OS version, here are some of the Android 4.2 highlights, as presented by Carphone Warehouse:

  • Google Now – automatic info updates on your homescreen
  • Amazing 360 camera & state of the art quad-core processor
  • Powered by the fastest & smoothest Android yet, Jelly Bean

But then, when you look at the specs and features of the device, also listed on the page, you’ll discover that the device supposedly runs Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean. But also Android 4.2. So which is it?

In case you were wondering, the page also lists all the other features of the handset – not that everything is new – and we’ll point out that this particular model is an 8GB LG Nexus 4 without microSD support. If you’re curious about 4G LTE connectivity, given that EE will turn the switch on UK’s first LTE network in a few days, you’ll have to know the Nexus 4 will not offer any. Then again, maybe Carphone Warehouse is still working on these online store pages, and we definitely expect more clarifications on the Android version of the handset.

We don’t have any official pricing details for the LG Nexus 4, but we can tell you that you’ll get the phone free of charge as long as you’re ready to sign-up for a new contract of at least £31 per month. However, if you try to pick up a plan for the new Nexus, you’ll only get to choose from 25 O2 and Vodafone offers, with EE not showing up anywhere in Carphone Warehouse’s tariffs page. The price of the device can go as high as £219.99 when purchased with an O2 two-year contract with a £16.50 monthly charge.

The page also reveals that pre-orders should start on October 29, with deliveries scheduled to take place a day after, on October 30. After all, some reports did suggest that the release date of the new Nexus handset will be set around Google’s media event.

Anyone ready to buy the LG Nexus 4 in the UK?

  • zevral


    • SuyashSrijan

      Maybe Google changed the location of the time on the status bar?

      • zevral

        doubtful, this looks like AOKP or something. also, look at the 3rd party batter indicator apps. another clear sign that its fake is that Google Maps is not fully loaded (upper left corner of google maps).

        this is the render image that was released yesterday by evleaks.
        im pretty sure someone is trolling here!

  • Matt Jones

    Interestingly the in-store product cards do state LG Nexus 4, not just Nexus 4.

  • zevral

    phone warehouse just copied the leaked render image from @evleaks
    this is most likely a fake, just please take a look at the status bar on the device.
    there is no way that this is a real render of the new nexus.

    • Matt Jones

      Don’t really get what the issue is here. Yes, it’s a render but that’s what the device will look like, and the site has the full device specs.

      • zevral

        look at the AOKP status bar, the 3rd party apps, unfinished google maps.
        also, androidpolice looked into those renders and found some discrepancies

        so why would carphone warehouse use these weird leaked press photos instead of real ones? also, how do you know these are the actual specs?
        s4 pro, 2gb, 4.7″ and 8gb storage were all rumored weeks ago, everything is is pretty much standard stuff in recent android smartphones.

        also, they list android 4.2 as well as 4.1.2 in the specs, which seems kind of weird. oh, and what is a 8+ MP Camera?

        just my thoughts, i do not think that everything on their page is true.

        • Matt Jones

          Yeah, you’ve already said that. Because they’ll build the page early and then drop the confirmed information and press pic on the page when it’s released.

          You do know the stores already have the point of sale information for the handset, right? By which I mean the stores have full spec information.

          • zevral

            thats my point. why use leaked images and unconfirmed specs, if you have point of sale information? and why release it too early?

            i think they released all that stuff to get as many people as possible to preorder this phone, as is said: i personally do not trust these information at all.

            but i guess we ll have to wait for monday to see, whos right. i certainly hope i am, because i NEED 32gb storage – so 8/16gb would be a dealbreaker.

          • Matt Jones

            A) Can’t tell you when the page was built but can tell you the POS material turned up today.
            B) You used the example of ‘8+ megapixel’. If you look through other listings on CPW’s website you’ll see other handsets the same, the Galaxy SIII for example.

            If I consider what I’ve seen on the website compared to what I’ve seen on the in store info, it all ties up and matches each other.

  • tomn1ce

    If Google announce it on Monday and release it the next day or within a week of the announcement that would be great. Hopefully they keep up that schedule with all their future devices. People tend to loose interest when a device is announced and then released a month or months later. Release the darn thing while people are still buzzing about it….

  • Alex13809

    for the love of god! we need more storage!

  • Jon Langevin

    Well, let’s see, the specs screenshot that was supposed to show the phone as having 4.2 as well as 4.1.2, actually just shows 4.1 and 4.1.2. Someone either posted the wrong screenshot or was over-eager when reading…

  • Jason84134

    Not a fan of this phone. Once Samsung HTC and Motorola present their nexus devices, we’ll see how this one stacks up against theirs. LG is the worst of the 4 so yeah wait for the others to come up.