Since Google had to cancel its New York media event due to Hurricane Sandy – although we expect it to take place at a latter date in the very near future – it just means that we have time for even more Nexus-related leaks.

In fact, today we’re going to show you new LG Nexus 4 images that come our way via Carphone Warehouse. According to xda-developers user adamski123, these LG Nexus 4 promo images have been spotted in a local Carphone Warehouse store, as the UK retailer has apparently created display adverts for Google’s upcoming product.

We’ll remind you that just earlier this week, the retailer mistakenly, or purposely, posted the LG Nexus 4 page on its online store, and then pulled it hours later. We even saw some strange reports detailing the whole thing, with some of them suggesting that the LG Nexus 4 image used by Carphone Warehouse was fake, and that the phone will not run Android 4.2 out of the box but Android 4.1.2.

Today’s images show us a Nexus 4 image that we’ve seen before in recent @evleaks tweets – the image used on the Carphone Warehouse site a few days ago was also revealed by the same source.

According to the display advert, the LG Nexus 4 will sport a 1.5GHz quad-core Snapdragon S4 processor, 8-megapixel camera with LED flash, and Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.

Pricing details are also revealed. The phone will be free with new contracts with a monthly tariff of at least £31, or £389.95 when purchased at full retail price.

Has anyone seen similar LG Nexus 4 in-store promotions?

Thanks, tipster!

  • Phones keep evolving and sometimes are influenced by cupertino :( Im presuming battery is non removable and No MicroSD Expansion :(

    • Nessim

      I agree with you and I’m hoping all those leaks were made on purpose by google letting us dream of a Nexus device with SD slot, removable batterie and greater inovations in the next android version :'(

  • Nick Schiwy

    12 hours of talk time caught my attention

    • commonsense805

      “Talk Time”. I like how they still say talk time to determine how long a phone lasts when most people don’t talk on them anymore lol. They should change it to “surf time” or something more relative.

  • If it is also free with a new contract from AT&T in the US, obviously I know what my upgrade will be in December…

  • cipher

    i hope it has 4G LTE if not then i might not buy it

  • cipher

    and it has to come to ATT with 2 yr contract

    • AndroidBrian

      Don’t buy it through AT&T! Buy it at the Play Store. Verizon’s Galaxy Nexus didn’t get updates nearly as quick as the international version. If you say you cant afford (or want to) buy a phone for $400, simply use your upgrade and choose a phone in AT&T’s catalog were you can sell for maximum value (buy and sell).

      Right now through T Mobile uprade I can get a GS3 for $150. Sell that for a little over $450. It will be like I only spent $150 on the Nexus. You do that and sell your current phone probably wont end up spending a dime on it.


    major fail, hope it is really cheap.

    • AndroidBrian

      It is. $400 bucks no contract is very cheap. No removable battery and no expandable storage isn’t a deal breaker for me anymore. Besides the lack of these 2 features this phone is a stud. Not to mention, its a Nexus!

      If you have T-Mobile 4G doesnt matter. So this phone is perfect for me. So major success.

      • Kelly Caffrey

        So you mean this would work perfect with Tmobile? I don’t want to switch carriers :(

        • AndroidBrian

          What carrier do u have?? If u have T-Mobile o AT&T it will work

          • Kelly Caffrey

            I have Tmobile. Just wondering because for official release its not going to be on Tmobile, which sucks

          • AndroidBrian

            No it doesn’t. The phone only cost $400. International phones are always better than the carrier version. They get updates much quicker.

  • Elias Lugo

    Am I misunderstanding the symbols or is this Nexus going to be available in Black and in White ?

    • Ya I see black and white as well, makes sense, the LG Optimus G comes in white and black.

  • adil

    By the way, it isn’t $400, its $500…it’s 400 pounds.

    • including 20% value added tax.

      • commonsense805

        With VAT tax it comes up to approximately $631 US Dollars. So without VAT tax, it comes to around $500 US Dollars, IF the pricing stays exactly the same.

        • casinrm

          No, it is 389 pounds with the 20% VAT included. So it’s much cheaper than $500, especially considering that often the pound sign is just swapped for a $ sign rather than converting the currency completely.

  • Kok Hean

    I don’t understand, the one on the online store clearly states that it will have 4.2 but this promo shows that it has 4.1.

  • De

    its only £390(US$630) sim free….!!! wow

    • already including 20% value added tax in England. It´d wager Google will sell it direct via play store for 499 USD.

  • I took those pictures!! :D

  • Jesper_SB

    And that’s the second time CPW mess up the lauch. What a cluster beep. LG and Google gotta love this guys…