The Nexus 4 is a wonderful device, but it has a fatal flaw. It’s damn near impossible to purchase. If you’re lucky enough to get through Google’s broken online checkout service, then you may find yourself waiting at least four to six weeks to get your new smartphone. Who do we blame for this? At first we said Google, because Google should have been smart enough to know that demand for a $349 premium handset would be off the charts. But then Dan Cobley, the Managing Director of Google UK and Google Ireland, pointed the finger at LG, saying that supplies of the Nexus 4 from them have been “scarce and erratic”.

According to a report that was just filed today in the Korean publication Chosun, an official LG spokesperson told them that production of the Nexus 4 was running “without a hitch”. Are you confused? Because we are.

Here’s what we think really happened. Google told LG to make X number of Nexus 4 handsets. LG said no problem and setup a small section of their phone factory to do just that. Google, assuming no one would want to buy the Nexus 4 unlocked and unsubsidized since most people are afraid of paying a lot of money up front, didn’t optimize their online shopping software to cope with the additional demand. Put another way, we’re still blaming Google.

The LG spokesperson also said that the rumors that were published earlier today about a Nexus 5 were “unfounded”. That’s not too surprising. Why would LG tell a news organization that the rumors floating around the internet are true?

Given that Google I/O is in May, we’re halfway done through January, and a boat load of 1080p phones were announced at CES, do we still think the Nexus 4 is the best phone to buy right now? Absolutely. And you know what, some of us here even think the one year old Galaxy Nexus from Samsung is still more than adequate.

  • Lucky?

    I ordered mine mid December and it arrived two days later.

    • dan laycock

      i ordered mine december 9th and still havnt got mine, your one lucky person

      • birchbaydad

        Ordered mine December 6, got it four weeks later. Nice phone (16g). Worth the wait.

  • n900mixalot

    *This* is why I love Android Authority.

    • Stefan Constantinescu

      Thanks! :-)

  • Xom

    I ordered mine on the 3rd of December, and am still waiting.

  • mali

    Love my n4.. ordered day of.. 9:10am.. I was on it!.. wish I would of forked over the extra $50 for the 16gb tho…dangit

  • Ordered mine on december 3rd also. Still waiting. Still keeping hopes up although the rumored Nexus 5 is taunting me.

  • The reason Google’s nexus 4 is having problems with production is probably due to the fact that they are getting pretty much no profit from it. They pretty much have to continuously fork over the same amount of cash for production of the Nexus 4 until their next quarter funds come out, which then they’ll be able to increase their production towards the millions. By then they will be forking money into their next set of devices, so don’t expect too much more for production for their nexus 4 devices. They will pretty much have to get some small profit –$15 to $50 per device — if they want to continue their device production at a large scale.

    Seriously, why wouldn’t you just wait for the next gen of phones to come out? If it really has a Snapdragon 600 – 800 or Tegra 4 processor(my favorite), with soft modem LTE, 72 graphics cores, and a bunch of new stunning camera features, I say that it’s worth the wait.

    I personally am just expecting them to finish their order set then move on to a new series. It’s more logical.

    • Nixon

      If we just wait for the next generation of phones with Snapdragon 800 and full hd, which will come out in 8-9 months, then why don’t we wait for 9-10 months for the next Nexus 5 or actually why not wait even after the release of the Nexus 5 for the galaxy s5 which will come out 7-8 months after the nexus 5. Or no let’s wait for 5-6 months after the galaxy s5 for the nexus 6? If you wait for a better phone to arrive you will end up like me – with a D600 for almost 8 years.

  • I ordered mine December 3rd in Canada and was quoted 3-4 weeks. It’s been 6 weeks so I called today and they said it will ship within 2 weeks and that they are refunding my shipping price

  • Google has no control over Nexus manufacturers manufacturing capacities, retail pricing, conditions on unlocked availability etc. You guys need to learn from obvious facts. HTC decided EVERYTHING on Nexus One (HTC decided to focus most shipments on HTC Desire/Droid). Samsung decided EVERYTHING on Nexus S (Samsung decided to focus mostly on selling Galaxy S1 and S2 FIRST) and Samsung decided EVERYTHING on Galaxy Nexus (Samsung decided to focus mostly on selling Galaxy S2, S3). IN THE SAME WAY, Asus is deciding EVERYTHING on Nexus 7 (Asus prefers mainly only making higher capacity $50 more expensive skew available in ALL retail stores, limiting the $199 Nexus 7 availability only to few online and barely any offline stores). In the same way, LG is deciding EVERYTHING regarding the Nexus 4 availability, sales distributors etc. LG mainly wants to ship more of their same spec Optimus G phones. Simple as that.

    Manufacturers perfer selling more expensive hardware with more profit margins, that is the only truth about the Nexus history, You should stop blaming Google about the existing Nexus, if you want to blame Google, you should instead ask Google why Google hasn’t yet released their own hardware directly to consumers yet. How soon can we finally get some Motorola Nexus? Motorola Chromebooks? How soon can we get Google’s huge mountains of cash into the Asian components supply industry and have them decide to not only make PERFECT $199 and $99 Smartphones, Tablets and Laptops, but also Google can EASILLY afford to make plenty enough available in EVERY SINGLE STORE worldwide. Never do the Google products need to get out of stock.

    The truth is Google has to be careful not to anger their long-time Android hardware manufacturing friends by undercutting them too obviously with cheaper and better hardware. Google is going to do it. The question is when. I think 2013 is the time. $99 to $199 Google-branded Smartphones, Tablets, Chromebooks, Google TV boxes, E-readers and combinations thereof are to be expected. Google can afford to demand Pixel Qi LCDs, Flexible displays, White Spaces modems, Solar panels, waterproof/dustproof designs, unbreakable form factors (stopping the manufactured obsolescence). Google can reach the majority of the next 5 Billion people and make it happen faster than anyone can yet imagine.

  • patrick

    well, google might not have enough money to subsidize nexus 4.
    or they don’t want to.
    just saying.

  • Bertie

    No, here’s what has happened. Google is trying to say it’s phone is only £279. But that’s only if you buy it from Google play. Anywhere else and it’s £400+.
    The spiel goes – google nexus 4 is much cheaper than rivals which makes it more appelaing than rivals, so get it, but it’s only cheaper at google play. Now google play obviously only placed a minimum number of orders while the bulk of the phones went to other retailers who charge full whack for the phones. Full whack = more money for google.

    I smell a scam.