LG Nexus 4 may be sold directly by the Google Play Store in Australia

by: Andrew GrushOctober 25, 2012

LG Nexus 4

Australia has often received Nexus devices quite a bit later than many other major markets such as the United States. This pattern changed when the Nexus 7 debuted, and is likely to continue with the LG Nexus 4. Hoping to get your hands on the Nexus 4 in Australia right away, without a contract? The Australian Google Play store seems to have released a small hint suggesting that the highly-anticipated smartphone will be sold directly by Google.

The evidence of its imminent arrival onto Google Play comes in the form of a very subtle change to the site’s “Devices” icon. Originally the icon only showed the image of the Nexus 7 tablet, now there is a tablet and a phone. Up until now, the only device sold or mentioned on the site was the Nexus 7.

While this is far from an official confirmation from Google, it certainly looks hopeful for those that don’t want to buy the phone on contract from a carrier. Any Australian readers interested in the LG Nexus 4? If so, will you look for it on-contract or would you prefer to buy it directly from Google at full-price?

  • I plan on buying it directly from Google

  • RellikZephyr

    please please please have immediate Play Store availability in Aus. if it does….Shut Up And Take My Money!!!

  • Duri

    I would buy for reasonable price

  • Peterson Silva

    How interesting it would be to wake up one day and see this on AA headlines: “Nexus 12 may be sold directly by the Google Play Store in Brazil”

  • Thorben

    It shows that in the US version, too. The German play store also features the new icon.

    • AndroidBrian

      It shows that in us version for awhile. Its a icon for a cell phone and tablet. We (USA) have been able to purchase both for half a year now. Google play better sell the Nexus 4 @ playstore,!

  • Matty

    It’s the same in the UK too!

  • Nick Schiwy

    My problem is I don’t have a huge desire to trade 4G for straight from play store Nexus. I might buy it from the carrier if that’s the difference.

  • nik

    ..throws wallet at the screen..

  • Same changes at the German Play Store. The only device being sold there is the Nexus 7, but the devices icon now shows a smartphone next to tablet.