LG Nexus 4 and accessories now available to purchase in Japan

by: Brad WardMarch 7, 2013

LG Nexus 4

It’s been an exciting few months for Japanese Nexus fans. Those in Japan that are looking to expand their Nexus collection beyond the Nexus 10 and the 3G Nexus 7 will be excited to hear that Google has just launched the Nexus 4 in Japan.

The Japanese product page for the Nexus 4 is up if you’d like to get a full rundown on the device. Japanese customers will also be happy to hear that they won’t have to wait as long as the rest of the world for the Nexus 4 wireless charger, as it is also available alongside the Nexus 4 bumper (the latter is currently out of stock though).

As for the hardware of the device, it’s pretty much identical to any other Nexus 4 out there. It should, by now, also be common knowledge by now that the device comes in 8GB and 16GB. It will cost interested customers 27,977 yen and 32,656 yen, respectively, and according to the current exchange rate.

Still unsure whether or not to get the device? It’s not for everyone, but one of the most appealing factors of the device is the fact that Nexus devices are always the first to get a firmware upgrade. In other words, you get the next version of Android before anyone else. It’s good enough for me!

The device’s current shipping time is 1-2 weeks. Will you be getting Google’s newest flagship device and maybe even a few accessories to go along with it? You may want to hurry on over to the Google Play Store if you’re wanting to get it. No doubt this bad boy will set out quickly!

  • bugs

    are you sure? i live in japan and so far, no sign of nexus 4 in playstore. in addition, japanese sim is always locked to the corresponding phone provided by the network provider.

    • shonangreg

      I’m in Japan too, and I don’t see anything about the phone on the play store or on google’s list of device availability: http://support.google.com/googleplay/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=2462844

      Regarding the SIM, that is an issue google can work around. If you bring a Nexus 4 into Japan now, you can use it. bMobile/AEON SIMs will work, I think. And docomo’s LTE accounts (red SIM) will work too. Buying/renting a SIM from docomo, though, costs about the same as getting a phone and the SIM, if I understand correctly.

      The Nexus 4 phone would technically work on Softbank’s network too, though I don’t think they are set up yet for that to happen (softbank has the worst network anyway…)

  • bugs

    whoever wrote this article should do some searching before publishing.

  • mba
  • nexus4.5

    this writer is not even living in japan. he may be confused between japan and jamaica. no nexus 4 in japan at the moment, period!

  • lancebukkake

    The page reads: この商品は現時点では販売されていません
    Which means that this product (Nexus 4) isn’t currently sold!!!

  • 7-10 split

    Now July and it looks like docomo will never sell the nexus 4. The Galaxy nexus was an abject failure in the eyes of docomo. They couldn’t load all their bloatware on it. There was no Japanified version with one-seg and felica and (the horrendous) sp-mode mail. It was only popular among tech geeks and foreigners.
    This is the very reason why docomo don’t have the iphone, they cant load it with their bloatware.