The LG Lucid 4G finally reveals its specs

by: Will G.March 23, 2012
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LG Lucid 4G

Those of you that have had LG Android-powered phones know that, while the Korean manufacturer does entertain its audience with regularly-released new devices, LG’s efforts don’t really impress. Unfortunately, this general peception will not change with their latest 4G LTE device, the “Lucid”. At least not if the specs revealed by a supposed leaked image are accurate.

Yes, the LG Lucid does have 4G LTE capability, a dual-core processor and an 8 megapixel camera, but the phone is not what you would call a showstopper. Moreover, the Lucid’s latest leaked specifications clarify that it will not have Android 4.0 running out of the box, but the outdated 2.3 Gingerbread version of Android.

The Lucid comes with a 4-inch touchscreen display running at 800×480 resolution and protected by a sheet of Gorilla Glass, and offers a tight 8GB of internal memory. Long story short, the LG Lucid seems as standard as they get. And the people who have  “superphones” like the Galaxy Nexus or the Droid RAZR Maxx would probably call the device mediocre.

Droid-Life claims that the phone will be in the below $200 price range and will be be available starting March 29.

So, what do you think of the LG Lucid? I would love to hear your comments.

  • Dfsfs_d

    this is last year phone since it dosent have quod core prossecer. dual core is last year

  • Guest

    Small 4.0″ screen? Why would I move down to a smaller screen than I already have in my hand today????

  • its a general phone specification nothing interesting …

  • EpicTech

    It’s actually only $79,and at that price, who really cares if it’s ‘mediocre’. It thrashes phones that are twice it’s price!!! :)

  • talonace

    Why would you want QuadCore? Get on a PC if you want that. Sorry but my Lucid is perfect. It never lags or feels sluggish. I don’t play massive games on it to warrant a QuadCore so what’s the point? Oh wait i know, it’s to get dumb people to buy a product that is maybe a split second faster but not noticeable. The Lucid can hold it’s own against Droid Razr and others like it. 4.0″ screen is plenty enough.