Confirmed: quad-core Krait-equipped LG LS970 comes with removable battery and NFC

by: Bams SadewoMay 18, 2012
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lg logoWe’re still out of breath from marveling at the awesomeness that is LG LS970 — aka the Eclipse — and its mind-blowing specs. It looks like the excitement won’t end there. Brief Mobile has received yet more details of the phone that’s enough to seal its place in our heart as “the next phone to be fawned over for the next couple of months” – now that both Samsung and HTC have released their flagship offerings.

While earlier pictures showed the back of the LG LS970 and had folks making assumptions that it’d come with an embedded battery, a new image reveals that it might not be the case after all. The image, as you can see below, confirms that the Eclipse’s 2,100mAh battery will be a user removable one. Aside from that, it appears NFC will also be present in the phone.

We can argue about the importance of NFC and whether it’s something that people would use in common phone actions, but if you look past the “tap to pay” function, it can be quite a neat way to beam data or exchange files to and from your phone. As for the battery, there’s no denying that shipping the LG LS970 with a removable battery does make the phone that much more attractive in our eyes.

Want to know why LG has suddenly moved up a notch or two in our list? Here’s why. The LG LS970 is set to come with a 4.67-inch WXGA display with 1280 x 768 resolution, 16GB internal storage, 2GB RAM (!), 13MP rear camera, 1.3MP front camera and the aforementioned 2,100mAh battery. Oh, and it’ll come with a quad-core 1.5GHz Krait S4 processor. We rest our case.

It looks like the LG LS970 is heading towards Sprint’s direction in the US, but it’s the “when” part that we still don’t have enough information on. Stay tuned, folks!

  • AppleFUD

    That would make a nice addition to the Nexus line. . . otherwise, I’m skeptical of LG’s ability to have a smooth version of Android on it and keep it updated.

    • SatyaChowdary

      If lg’s android skin lags on this kinda hardware they might as well close their shop…

  • Lekamed

    Great phone, hope they will now screw with software and will support it better than current their phones

  • I hope it will have the Adreno 320 GPU, this will be a beast with CM9

    • bob the builder

      it does :)

  • S.Owsky

    Would love to get this phone, but if the galaxy s3 comes out in June then there’s no way I will wait for the Eclipse. Besides, the true WOW factor about the quad core is that it supports LTE. Sprint will only have LTE in a few areas by the time the Eclipse comes out, so the WOW factor is mitigated by that. But of course, if the LG and Samsung phones launched side by side, clearly the LG phone would tower of Samsung’s. LTE is just way too important. All hail Exynos, but even a 2 core Snapdragon beats it out in the consumer’s mind with LTE considered. LG definitely considers the U.S. market much more than Samsung does as far as phones go.

  • Meowmix

    A lot of folks are complaining about lg’s software. If you don’t like the oem software just flash your own rom? idgi

  • ben

    wow thats better then the samsung galaxy s 3 that has only 1gig of ram and is only 8 megapixel camera

  • MartinTran

    The specs look amazing. I’m assuming miroSD expansion as well?

  • KC

    Yes, great specs. Will definitely consider it, esp. with ICS v4.0.4 or even better with Jelly Bean v5.0. So when is it arriving?

  • SamsaraGuru

    Yeah! LG is using their heads and thinking through situations and circumstances that may confront we, ‘the little people”, out here who deign to favor them with the purchase of their lovely devices by investing hard earned coin of the realm for the privilege, unlike the designers at HTC with the One X who created a great phone but hamstrung it (and us) with a non-removable battery, and not even a very powerful one at that.

    If anyone is out there listening; here are the real deal; the “esoteric, ineffable, below the surface quality, the X Factors” that will make me buy your and wax poetic about the power that emanate from its loins.

    Paying attention?

    Here we go.

    1. I am not a boy; I am not interested in having a device to impress my girl so she will think me “cool”.

    2. I am not someone who give to s…s about what anybody – except the people I love think.

    3. I am someone who doesn’t have time to give credence to B. S.

    4. I demand, and regardless of how much you think I can be tempted by the imparting the useless affectations of life may possibly cause me to desire your phone, will be in the slightest moved by your lame brain marketing and design departments say is “what ‘they” are going to want’.

    5. I want you to do my thinking for me. I do not want to be forced – because of your stupidity; your greedy desire to try to force me to buy your next “latest and greatest” iteration of what is basically the same but different piece of re-cycled crap.

    I am someone who wants true value; who when (and before) I buy something has to feel that those I am buying it from care as much as I do about making sure I am happy; so that I am not forced to buy a new version of what they are offering, but who is really happy that I have been able to get a good return on my investment for longer than what the “average” purveyor of cell phones actually hopes will be our life expectancy.

    I am also someone who literally fasted for 40 days on water, and who I can assure you do without your product for the rest of eternity, if I am not please with the efforts you have taken to actually, truly care about myself and others.

    Aside from the above, I am the easiest person in the whole world to sell!