LG announces L Series III budget line a week before MWC

by: Jonathan FeistFebruary 17, 2014

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A week ahead of Mobile World Congress, LG is letting us know about their L Series III line, a selection of decidedly mid-range devices that do not compromise on style and design. The LG L40, LG L70 and LG L90 range in size and specifications, ideal for those that do not desire the size and power found in LG’s G line of devices but still want a beautiful phone that runs Android 4.4 Kit Kat.

The L Series III line will get you 3.5-inch, 4.5-inch or 4.7-inch screens for the L40, L70 and L90 respectively. A number of further specs are listed as “depending on the market,” but all come with various 3G radios only, ideal for emerging markets, or the casual international traveler.

LG L40. L70, L90 Series III (3)

The LG L40 gets 480 x 320 resolution on that 3.5-inch display. It packs a 1.2 GHz dual-core processor, 4GB of internal storage over top of 512MB RAM. A1700mAh or 1540mAh removable battery keeps it running with a 3MP camera on the back.

The LG L70 steps it up to 800 x 400 resolution on a 4.5-inch IPS display. Also runs a 1.2GHz dual-Core processor and 4GB of internal storage, but gives you 1GB RAM, 2100mAh removable battery, an 8MP (or 5MP) rear shooter and an unspecified front facing camera.

The  LG L90 is comparatively high-end, with 960 x 540 screen resolution on the 4.7-inch IPS display. The device bumps it up to a 1.2 GHz quad-core processor and 8GB of internal storage, but keeps the 1GB RAM and 8MP rear camera. A 1.3MP front shooter and 2540mAh removable battery complete the picture.

For official details we’ll have to wait for LG‘s MWC presentations, but LG Mobile Communication Design Lab has put out a short video featuring Vice President Chul Bae Lee telling the story of the L Series III Design, check it out below.

Before you write these phones off as unworthy, I will admit that I still have an active LG Optimus One P500 in my collection. There is no question it is unable to handle KitKat, seeing as the L40 would be a significant upgrade, but it travels very well as an unlocked GSM phone and is my goto device when I go out hiking. It somehow takes very impressive photos for its tiny 3.2MP camera, has immensely impressive range as a WiFi hotspot and is still in near pristine condition despite a significant number of drops and spills. At home, it connects to the stereo to play my music, and does so better than my Nexus 7. I suspect that the performance of the L Series III devices will far outdo our expectations, despite their relatively lower-end specs.

 What do you think, are these devices capable enough to satisfy users’ needs? At what price will these need to be priced to adequately compete with the Moto G?

  • Jaun Lombard

    Spot the LG between the Samsungs!

  • AndroidBoss

    These phones suck…

    • Aniruddh

      People in the developed markets can buy high-end phones on contract at a cheaper price. Not so in developing markets, where mid-range phones are in high demand.

    • Jonathan Feist

      We’ll see what the price point turns out to be. These may be the best new under $100 phones available for those that just need a phone and don’t care about the rest. Whoever those people are.

      • AndroidBoss

        Who cares about the price. Even the Asus Zenfones have better specs.

  • vickeiy

    i really don’t like the new design, this kind of rounded body looks much better on bigger phones imo (like the g2), and why bringing back the physical home button? the specs sounds pretty good for their forthcoming price range, but i was kinda hoping for a 720p screen on their biggest midranger. maybe they don’t want another 720p device besides the g2 mini, we’ll see

  • Gerard

    3.5″? Way too small. Even the poor would rather pick up 4 inchers and larger…
    LG should focus on a smaller, easier-marketed range of devices rather than spam the market and hope these sell themselves.

    • Jonathan Feist

      I admit that we have become adjusted to larger screens, but consider my scenario for my P500, 3.5-inch is more than large enough if all you need is a music player/camera/hotspot. If I dropped a brand new LG G2 off a cliff while hiking, I’d totally kick myself for not having used a cheap 3.5-inch or smaller device.

  • Winston Purnomo

    Same, I also have a P500 in my collection! Was my old phone, but then when I switched I used it as backup.

  • I will say I had the first generation T-Mobile L9 on Solavei as my second phone, and it was quite nice compared to my S3. I’m really glad they made the 4.7″ one have 8gb of storage instead of the easily crowded 4gb, but they should have also gave it the 720p screen, then I would have considered buying this phone.

  • Jayfeather787

    512 MB of RAM? Barf

    • districtjack

      They are cheap phones, but they are destined for teenagers or entry level. Probably half of all teenagers lose or break their first phone. I wouldn’t give a 14yr old kid a $600 phone. An L5II on the other hand only cost $150 and is surprisingly a very good phone for the price.

      • Jayfeather787

        I’m 13. Can I have a $600 phone?

        • districtjack

          Ask your mother.

          • Jayfeather787

            She said no…

          • districtjack

            I guess that settles it then. You’re old enough to get a job now anyways. Until then, you get an L series.

          • Jayfeather787

            I have an HTC Sensation. 1.2 GHz dual core Snapdragon s3 and 786 MB of RAM. OC to 1.5 GHz, running CM11 with 3.4 kernel.

          • Jonathan Feist

            I think if you understand any piece of what you just said (or even care in the first place), these LG phones are not for you – “how does the OC tv show get so many GHz’s into your phone?” “3.4 Kernel, is that like 3 pieces chicken and 4 fries?”

          • districtjack


          • Jonathan Feist

            I wonder also what role the screen resolution will play. You free up a lot of RAM and processor cycles by only pushing 480 x 320. I mean, this text box is bigger than that.

          • districtjack

            LG makes a good phone. They may not be quick to update but they know how to put things together and make them run very well. I’ve seen this in the L5 II and the next series should be just as good if not better.

          • Jayfeather787

            3.4 kernel is special. It shipped with 3.0.1 kernel, and someone ported over a 3.4 kernel from the HTC villec2 or something. That really helped.

          • districtjack

            Actually,….Android does a great job of managing RAM. Some people may scoff at 786MB but you can do everything you want with that…unless you are into huge games that require 1GB+. Then there’s the fact that you are rooted, which I know little about.

  • Boris Blagojevic

    Will LG L III series will have WiFi internet connection like L I and L II series?Everything is ok but WiFi is mising and in LG L4 III L40 instead of 512 MB RAM should install atleast 768 MB RAM Memory.Don’t you agreed?

    • Jonathan Feist

      Hey Boris, we expect that these devices will have WiFi, but we really can’t be certain until official launch next week. The 512MB RAM is a tough call. I cannot deny that a minimum of 1GB RAM should be the new minimum standard, but I’ve been absolutely impressed by the performance of low spec LG phones in the past… I can only hope that they’ve done some magic to make this work too.

  • johnson

    i will go L40.
    Getting bored of BIG screen phones.
    L70 is still small to see or read news. Better go for a tablet.
    looking for a basic small phone, just to talk and lisetn spotify on the go.