LG announces the Optimus L Series II family, but is there anything new here?

by: ŠtefanFebruary 11, 2013

Does anyone remember LG’s L Series? It was LG’s midrange portfolio consisting of three devices called the L3, L5, and L7. There was an L9 in Asia, but forget about that for a second. LG managed to sell 10 million L Series phones during the past 10 months, so people seem to like them. Today LG is announcing the second generation of these products, the LG L3II, L5II, and L7II. Yes, those are the official product names, copy pasted straight from LG’s press release.

At this point in the article we’d normally run you through the specs, but this time we’re not even going to bother. Why? Because the L Series II family is exactly the same as the original, except that these new phones run Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. That’s it. They look the same, they have the same weak specifications, which today are even more outdated, and … there’s really not much else to say here.

If you want to save yourself money, do yourself a favor and buy a flagship phone from a year or two ago. Samsung’s Galaxy S2 has the exact same specs as the LG L7II, but you know it’s better supported, almost all the bugs have been ironed out, and Samsung is even issuing updates to that phone so it gets Android 4.1. And if you can’t find the S2, there’s always the S2 Plus, which ships with the newest version of Android right out the box.

Let’s also not forget that as soon as the Galaxy S4 hits the market, the price of the Galaxy S3 is going to fall through the floor. Used ones are going to be even cheaper.

Look, we want to like LG, we really do, but midrange devices like the ones announced today don’t really help their reputation as “just another handset vendor” that makes Android phones.

  • FrillArtist

    Like most of their phones.

    • Boobearboo

      Too bad, that they need ro relise new handset for running the latest android version. I was among the first ones buying one lg most innovative dualcore device from lg ,p990, i had to wait 3 years for my ics official update!! The reson why i will never go back to lg. Never! (Lg, learn from your past errors)

  • Just_Trolling

    Uhm, you do know the L7II comes with a 2,460 mAh battery, 768 MB of RAM and an 8 MP camera, right? While the first-gen L7 only had a 1,700 mAh battery, 512 MB of RAM and a 5 MP cam… I’m not saying it makes a world of difference, but “they have the same weak specifications, which today are even more outdated”? Not exactly.

    • Mark phillips

      He is Samsung fan I guess that’s why licking its back end!

    • Stefan Constantinescu

      Oh man, that extra RAM is going to make the L7II FLY!

      • Just_Trolling

        That’s right, don’t even think of admitting your mistake, just keep on with the cheap sarcasm.

  • Mark phillips

    Oh my god what a douche he does not knows what are specs etc dumb a**

  • Fremen567

    I am not trying to root for LG here, I am Samsung S2 user but maybe you should wait to get hold of an actual device before bashing it, namely L7 II. New one has more ram, an extra core, new look,bigger battery, better camera, software tricks and etc. and in my opinion justifies II moniker. What is Samsung or HTC or whoever offering in this mid range category that blows LG L7 II away?