LG G2 and G Flex will be first ‘older’ LG devices to get Knock Code

by: Jonathan FeistMarch 26, 2014

knock on feature focus-20140308-024-6

LG will be pushing a firmware update to the LG G2 and G Flex starting in April that will bring LG’s innovative Knock Code to the devices. LG made the announcement earlier today, stating that the LG G2 and G Flex would be the first to get the update, implying that others may follow.

LG’s Knock Code is their take on turning on your device and unlocking it on one action. The basic idea is that a user creates a custom code by knocking on the screen. Once set up, the user can then repeat that code on the device with the screen turned off and it will turn the device on, bypassing the Lockscreen. Users can even set up customized codes that navigate to assigned applications.

NFC Ring

We’ve seen other ideas for speeding up the log on process without compromising security. NFC rings are available, and some manufacturers provide NFC Tags or Bluetooth devices that signal to the phone that it is in a ‘safe zone’. We must admit that, although the NFC and Bluetooth solutions help bypass the need for authentication, they do not necessarily turn the device on in the same action. Leading us to anticipate LG’s Knock Code will be a huge hit with consumers.

Making Knock Code accessible to a wider audience is consistent with our direction to differentiate LG mobile devices on the basis of user experience.

LG says they are beginning roll-out of the new firmware in “specific countries,” but do not mention which ones. Android Central has the full press release posted, you can check that out. Details of availability for the firmware release with Knock Code will be announced in the coming weeks. Of course, April is only one week away, let us have it LG.

Are you looking forward to LG’s Knock Code on your older LG device? What is your most innovative way to log in to your device – NFC, Tasker, Bluetooth, geo-fencing… all of the above?

  • Shane Amerman

    I just want kitkat on my lg g2.

    • Peerpressure

      I just barely got it, T-mobile. They promised an OTA update, but I finally downloaded the LG PC Suite and downloaded the update that way. So far, loving the full-screen versions on some apps, and the fact that an issue with wifi and data on at the same time is resolved. Knock-on seems to work better, too.

      • John Garlits

        I did the same, but be warned that there is (as far as I know) no way (yet) to root from the official update (TMo version). There are rooted LG kitkat ROMS, however, that can bypass this problem. I was impatient, so it’s too late for me and I’m stuck for now. I mostly like the changes, but it messed up Google Play Music so there are constant playback errors. Battery life was all over the place for a while, but after I made some adjustments, it is now consistently great.

        • Robert

          You can revert back to 4.2 if you want it’s not too late.

          • John Garlits

            Yeah, I actually tried that but couldn’t get it to work for some reason. Followed the directions on the XDA thread to the letter, so maybe there was a typo or something, and I didn’t know enough to recognize it and know what to do instead? Not sure. I may try again sometime or just wait to see if the new update where they are adding Knock Code will fix the issue.

    • pm555

      I just want kitkat on my lg g flex, I bought this phone 31th of May, and I haven’t got any updates until today.

  • supaflychris

    I am waiting for Kit Kat too.. I read somewhere that the update could help with the knock on feature… I’d love a snappier feel

    • shinu

      Kitkat update is already seeding across different countries

  • John-Phillip Saayman

    Loved the idea of knock-on

  • bla

    KitKat fot lg optimus G E975!!!!