LG KizON wearable makes it easy to call and track your kids

by: Andrew GrushJuly 9, 2014


A lot has changed in the last couple decades. When I was a child, communication largely meant one of three methods: in-person, through the mail, or using a landline. Sure cellphones and email existed, but neither were that commonplace for average individuals until the later part of the 90s. Today’s technology has made it a lot easier to stay in touch with others, and that includes your children. Hoping to expand on the idea of letting parents communicate (and track) children when they aren’t at home, LG has now announced the KizON, a new wearable designed specifically for younger kids.

In short, the device uses GPS and Wi-Fi to pinpoint a kid’s location and 2G/3GB mobile internet for reporting back to parent’s Android devices. It’s also possible for parents and other approved individuals to call the KizON. After 10 seconds, the KizOn will automatically answer allowing you to check in on the child. The calling aspect works the other way around as well, thanks to a single button that will dial a parent or guardian.

Turning to the hardware, the device isn’t exactly impressive with no screen, 64MB RAM, just 125MB ROM and a 400 mAh battery. Of course, the purpose of the wearable is to keep parents connected with kids and so specs aren’t exactly important here. The device reportedly offers 36 hours of use before charge, and will alert parents automatically if the battery life goes below 25%.

Of course not everyone likes the idea of tracking kids, but it’s up to the parents to figure out if such a device is right for their family. On the downside, the wearable is pretty bulky and could be a pain to wear for your kids. The LG KizON is expected to arrive to South Korea this month, but will also be available in the United States and Europe sometime in Q3 of this year. No word on pricing just yet.

What do you think, is using a device like the KizON overly restrictive, or a good way to keep children safe?

  • droid123maverick

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  • SBDutchie

    That isn’t an LG G3 right? If it indeel isn’t, it has to be a new G Pad. I love that design!

  • toboev

    I don’t get it. I can’t see how this helps keep your child safe. Are you going to leave them in a situation where they could wonder off and disappear from sight? So what, the device helps you find the location of where they came to grief?

    • sammyl

      A lot of kids walk to school. So such device may be useful for some parents. But I think such device may look better as a kid watch rather than a block of plastic.

      • toboev

        fair enough i suppose. But to be honest, if the kid is abducted on the way ti school (which I guess is the fear here) the miscreant is going to ditch the tracker. I just think it gives a false sense of security.

  • nishantsirohi123

    more than kids, i think these developments like this needs to be made for the elderly and people with disabilities.

  • Maxx_75

    That thing is so loose it’s more likely to get caught on the swing and rip her arm off than save her from wondering.